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Tarih ve Tarih Yazıcılığı 2 - YouTube - 10 views

    Tarih ve Tarih Yazıcılığı konusuna ait video soru-cevap dersi
    Bán đất nền Đồng Nai (Biên hòa, long thành, nhơn trạch) Bán Đất Nền Đồng Nai
Leon Kehoe

File under section - 13 views

I use the Diigolet. It's great but I'd like to be able to file bookmarks under a section heading in my lists. Please add this functionality. As it stands I have to bookmark something, go to the lis...

bookmarking sections organisation

started by Leon Kehoe on 17 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Suzana S

Tagging & bookmarking - 40 views

The fix is simply to drag the bookmarking window until the tag field appears large enough. It seems to be a bug.

tags bookmarking

Scott Beamer - 10 views

  • Diigo has been an often requested addition. We have some concerns, however. First Diigo's API requires sending your username and password in the clear on each request. In practice, that may not be a problem, but we prefer to send aaccount credetials over encrypted channnels. That doesn't seem to be possbile with Diigo, currently.
    • Scott Beamer
      I hope Diigo fixes this soon....
    Capture your Tweets with URLs in them and save said URLS to your Diigo bookmarks!
Noel Reid

V5: 'More Options' drop-down when bookmarking a webpage - 6 views

V5's not so new any more but I had to register my disappointment at now having to click the 'More Option's link to be able to add a bookmark to a list or take a snapshot etc. I was wondering why le...

v5 bookmarking more options add to a list snapshot

started by Noel Reid on 02 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo Slow to Update and Inconsistently Displaying as Private - 131 views

Graham, Re your first response: Thank you, but I should have clarified that I meant within the bookmarking part of the site (e.g. when I click "edit" a bookmark and go to add tags, in the tool...

diigo bug priority bookmarking firefox toolbar private public website display help

Peggy George

Top 20 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites - 17 views

    "Top 20 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites | January 2010 Here are the 20 Largest Social Bookmarking Websites ranked by a combination of Inbound Links, Alexa Rank, and U.S. traffic data from Compete and Quantcast."
    Interesting compilation of social bookmarking sites. Great to see Diigo in the top 20!
yc c

Students Are Bookmarking But The Bookmarks Are Not Showing Up - 24 views

I imagine you have a proxy on your server... Is it also the case if you use the Diigolet or this page ?

Diigo bug help bookmarks bookmarking bookmark Internet Explorer 7

Dean Mantz

Diigo Blog » Create a new Diigo List on the fly - 9 views

    Creating new list on the fly
Graham Perrin

"Hide Annotations" Bug In Toolbar - 31 views

I FIGURED IT OUT!! This is a big bug!!! Please respond when you get to this!! Here's the problem. If you have "Hide all annotations" selected, then it shuts off the toolbars ability to recogniz...

bug toolbar bugs annotations help bookmarking

Graham Perrin

Customize bookmarking window? - 24 views

At (2010-07-20): > We … will add this feature request in our to-dos. Cross-references

Diigo bookmarking customize toolbar bookmark dialogue suggestion 550954 956252 956297 958173 1043298 1755898

Graham Perrin

Suggesstion feature: adding bookmark with tag - UX - 30 views

Ah OK, now I see the FAYT (find as you type) for the Tags field, I can't recall whether it was present in the previous version of Diigo online. Post to Diigo dialogue aside: do you use more o...

UX bookmarking tags UI GUI suggestion bookmark tag

Graham Perrin

Can't edit bookmarks - 14 views

Around eleven hours ago Henk Nouwens wrote: > I can't edit bookmarks Around nineteen hours ago I wrote: > > Diigo: A server error has occurred. > > Your data...


Graham Perrin

Diigo bookmarking application for Android phones available: DiigoDroid - 1208 views

Cross reference > I'm trying to finish a Diigo Android app

diigo bookmarking android

Graham Perrin

How does cache work? - 29 views

Use the 'cache' tag, which you applied to your topic here, to find many topics on the subject. In brief: a personalised cache service, comparable to that aspect of Furl, may become available in d...

cache bookmarking diigo feature whatis

Graham Perrin

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites! | Dr Cyberspace - 0 views

  • For some more top sites that didn't make the top 10, try, Fark, folkd, Diigo, Sphinn, Friendfeed
    • Graham Perrin
      (Diigo in the top fifteen.)
Graham Perrin

Editing Bookmarks issue again - 10 views

Henk Nouwens wrote: > Same issue as a couple of days ago: can't edit bookmarks. Did the issue previously last from 31st July until 3rd August? Again, we'll need to know at least: * your operat...


Graham Perrin

ALA | AASL Best Web sites for Teaching and Learning Top 25 Award - 0 views

  • Best Web sites for Teaching and Learning
  • foster the qualities of innovation, creativity, active participation, and collaboration
  • encourage a community of learners to explore and discover
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • Organize knowledge so that it is useful
  • Organizing and Managing     Standards for the 21st-Century Learner
  • user friendly
  • Use technology and other information tools to analyze and organize information
  • Use technology and other information tools to organize and display knowledge and understanding in ways that others can view, use and assess
  • Diigo
    • Graham Perrin
      The only bookmarking service in this top 25!
  • Sticky notes are an effective way to start a virtual conversation
  • Top 25 Web sites for Teaching and Learning   
  • Award
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