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Virtual Me

the list feature - 47 views

Also, at the left of the list, we should have visibility for the most common tags for that particular list. I use lists practically for all my projects. I create lists way ahead I actually start ...

tags lists filter view


"My Library" on Android devices - 7 views

It would be nice to have an option to filter between Bookmarks, Notes and Images when browsing "My Library" on android devices or have more options to point to this type of filters on the toolbar b...

android powernote filter content type brainstorm

started by anonymous on 30 Dec 11 no follow-up yet
cappie ²

I can't switch from Delicious to Diigo because ... - 29 views

I can't switch from Delicious to Diigo because I'm missing a feature; an option to show ALL bookmarks with a certain tag (or tag set) in it... Right now, when I add 'design' as a "Quick Access Filt...

diigo convert delicious followers bookmarks quick access filter feature switch option missing

started by cappie ² on 28 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
Loc Hoang

Filter bookmarks that are not in a list? - 42 views

Is there a way to filter all the bookmarks that are NOT in listed. Kind of like a "untagged" tag, but for list instead. I wasn't using list before and want to do so know. I am going back through ...

filter list

started by Loc Hoang on 24 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
My Monaro

Quick Access Filter bug - 26 views

I have a "two arrow head" link (Quick Access Filter) on the Diigo toolbar menu to a List which contains bookmarks to locations which I regulary visit. I visit one web site. However, I click the "tw...

Quick Access Filter bug

started by My Monaro on 04 Nov 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Search operator for "private"? - 23 views

Using the hints at as a starting point, in particular > tag:word1 > find bookmarks with word1 in tags I entered in the search field of D...

search private tags filter


Filtering Options Removed in v5 (filter both private and unread at once) - 10 views

We rolled out a new version 3 hours ago. We have some improvements to enhance user experience. Now you can filter out bookmarks that are not only " private" but also" read later" as instructed belo...

Diigo filter search help

Graham Perrin

confusion with dates of bookmarks in library when filtered by tag - 25 views

Results of filtering by tag are sorted by date of edition, reverse order Bug (inconsistency) The dates to the left of the bookmark are dates of addition. Therefore, looking at the dates can be ...

bug library date tag filter sort order gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 10 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

problems with FAYT/filtering and auto-completion for tags beginning with u, v, w, x, y, z - 11 views

The problem seems to be fixed — thanks! Was it related to the growing number of tags in my cloud?

bug assigned tag filter FAYT gpd4 Diigolet

Graham Perrin

Can't find my watchlists..! - 47 views

@ yuppi c Your is read only and at my I'm trying but failing to add you to the conversation (sorry) …

Diigo help watchlist missing network tag follow orientation filter suggestion

Graham Perrin

hide public annotations from this page... not really working - 180 views

> Suggestion: seeing only one's own annotations > > Paolo Brocco wrote: > >> I want to see only my comments. > > +1 to that idea. See also Support of hiding unwanted comments an...

spam annotations suggestion hide filter wording public private spam (electronic)

Carol McWilliams

Bookmarks insist on being private, against my will - 447 views

Diigo powers-that-be, please approve the following bookmarks that are restricted to "private" status. After reading through this thread, I realize that some the bookmarks which keep switching bac...

bookmarks private public convert import Furl bug suggestion URL porn filter help workaround

Graham Perrin

Sicky Note from Unknown User on Google - 15 views

Hi Pete Please see the answer at recently reported No option to hide all public sticky notes.

Firefox sticky annotation filter hide help resolved duplicate

Anne McCormack

No option to hide all public sticky notes - 176 views

I there a way to hide or remove public sticky notes using the Diigolet with Safari (version 4.1.2)?

sticky notes annotation hide filter help resolved spam (electronic)

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