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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Cristiano Siri

Cristiano Siri

"Bookmark and Highlight" doesn't work on Firefox 3.0.4 - 135 views

Firefox toolbar bug Vista
  • Cristiano Siri
    Hi, i've Diigo toolbar installed on Firefox 3.0.4 on Windows Vista machine.

    When i select some text on a page and then click on "Bookmark and Highlight" on the menĂ¹ which appears automatically or clicking the right mouse button, no Bookmarking windows appears and the text selected is not highlighted.

    I've to do bookmarking alone and then highlighting alone.

    Why "Bookmark and Highlight" do not work anymore for me?

    Someone could help?

    Thanks a lot.
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  • Cristiano Siri
    Hi Scott,
    what you tell is true, but it was useful ("was" since now it doesn't work) because you could also give the bookmarks detail (tag... list... private or not) at the same time.

    Hope someone could help me or they would fix this.
  • Cristiano Siri
    Hi Scott,
    here my two cents:

    your idea to automatically pop the dialog box if no bookmark is present yet is really good.

    At the same time i'm sure that for certain use cases it could be very annoying, as when you just want to collect notes in a unstructured way (and pheraps eventually detail the bookmark later).

    So here my purpose:
    - to have an option in the setting to enable to pop the dialog box if no bookmark is present yet
    -- if it is not enabled you still have the chance to do "Bookmark and highlight"
    -- if it is enabled you have no "Bookmark and highlght" option


    as you pointed out is not evident to the user that simply highlighting make that page a bookmark, this my purpose:
    - Default setting is to have the mentioned option enabled
    - Every time the bookmark dialog box pops it contains the explicit option to disable it for future highlights

    This let the first time user know that an highlight automatically trigger a bookmark, but let him immediatly turn it off.


    for one of my typical use case there could be a third choice (or subchoice): this scenario is between the totally unstructured collecting notes and the "bookmark with detail every page i highlight".
    I can disable "to pop the dialog box if no bookmark is present yet", but let automatically insert every page i highlight in a List of mine as bookmark.

    Hope this help an want to know what you think.

    Scott Allam wrote:
    > Another alerted me in a personal note elsewhere, that the relationship between bookmark and highlight was implied by that contextual menu item (Bookmark and Highlight).
    > I did not make that connection myself. I thought that was a feature of convenience, i.e. two actions with one command, and not something that happened every time you placed a new highlight, or comment for that matter. Also, that command only shows in the contextual menu, no where else. Not in the Highlight menu pull down, there is no "Bookmark and Comment" command.
    > For simplicity sakes, I think anytime any new bookmark is added, (aside from the One-Click to add bookmark function) it should pop the 'Add a bookmark to Diigo" dialog box. It would greatly simplify, consolidate and rectify any discrepancies in the interface.
  • Cristiano Siri
    Anyway we are loosing focus on the fact that at the moment "Bookmark and highlight" is there but it doesn't work :)

    Scott Allam wrote:
    > In my opinion interface and usability considerations precede programmatic considerations, lest you create code that paints yourself into a corner that is hard to extract yourself from. That of course, is not my call.
  • Cristiano Siri
    Hi Graham,
    it works for me.
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