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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Nick West

Nick West

what happened to the "Read Later" button? - 342 views

toolbar suggestion
  • Nick West
    Hmm, I just noticed in the new toolbar that I can't find the "Read Later" button that I used all the time in the previous version. I see the "Unread" folder to the right of the toolbar...but how do I put items in there??

    I *really* liked the functionality of clicking once on the "Read Later" and having the page disappear!

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  • Nick West
    yes, this puts items into the Unread folder...but it also bookmarks them!

    I don't know if I want to bookmark a page until after I've read it.

    In addition, the page is still visible on my tab bar.

    I really liked the previous functionality, where *one click* would simultaneously put a page into an unread list, and close the tab in Firefox. Apparently that's not possible any longer.

    Maintaining my Unread list had nothing at all to do with my bookmarking activity -- it was just a quick (and very handy!) way to clean out several tabs that I didn't want to deal with until later.

    Any chance that we could have this functionality back as an option?

    thanks for listening!

  • Nick West
    oh, I forgot to add in my previous reply:

    adding an "unread" item to my bookmark list also means that I have to go back into that list later and delete the bookmark if I don't want it to remain on my list.

    Previous behavior:
    *one click* to both put a page into the Unread list and to close the tab.

    Now I need at least six clicks to do the same thing and simultaneoudly keep my Bookmark list clean:

    1) click the quick save icon
    2) open a new tab for Diigo bookmarks
    3) go to My Bookmarks page
    4) (after finding the particular unread page I am trying to unbookmark, if there are several) select that bookmark
    5) choose "delete" from the action pull-down menu
    6) confirm delete

    I just want to reiterate that I really want to keep my Unread pages *out* of my Bookmark list altogether. If I end up reading a page and liking it, *then* I'll bookmark it -- but not before.

    It would be really great to have the old functionality back!


  • Nick West
    thanks for the pointer to the Read It later plug-in. It will do what I want 9although I still miss Diigo's old feature of automatically closing the page when you marked it for "Read Later" -- that made clean-up at the end of a long research day very easy!

John Lewis

Gmail Version 2 - Diigo - 241 views

gmail2 hash tag suggestion
started by John Lewis on 24 Nov 07 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
  • Nick West
    Is there any update on whether this functionality might be added?

    I love Diigo and Gmail and would love to be able to bookmark specific Gmail pages!

    thanks for all your great work --

    Nick West
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