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Robert T

BUG: SEARCH RESULTS - Private Bookmarks Dropped From Search Results - 95 views

bug diigo search bookmark bookmarks cache index service down

started by Robert T on 05 Feb 09
  • Robert T
    Anybody else care that they may not be finding items in their own private bookmarks?
    I doubt that this is an isolated issue!!!!!!!!

    Don't assume you're not effected! Problem is....
    Finding out whether your search results are effected is difficult to ascertain.
    I've only caught this so far in one simple private bookmark. I haven't bothered to spend the time to find if others are effected.

    I just happened to do a test search and was surprised the specific item I was looking for was not there.
    I then spent a day trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.
    Bottom line - Nothing. Unless I'm mentally challenged, IT'S A SERIOUS BUG!

    I have spent a ton of time trying to figure out why the item is missing from the search, and if there are any ways to get it to re-appear through the search. The only thing I haven't done is completely deleted the bookmark, and recreated another identical one. (Because I want the developers to be able to find and correct the problem for everyone's benefit.)

    If you do have the problem (and I bet you do) and you are "un-lucky" enough to find it....
    You will quickly realize all serch attempts (even via a simple single tag, or single word in bookmarks title search) to locate the effected bookmark fails, and the resulting query does not include all items you expect.

    So if you're saving items you think you'll eventually need to find again ("finding that needle in the haystack") ... You may never find what you are looking for. (If this search problem / bug is not retroactively fixed for all preexisting bookmarks in the DIIGO system!

    The way in which I uncovered this search problem is that I was a new user. I was evaluating Diigo and learning it's features with only a small set of private bookmarks.

    (About 100 private bookmarks imported from my browser bookmarks. The one that was dropped was a bookmark I manually added using "One-Click."

    As a current user of Google Notebook, ready to migrate to something else...
    -I was trying all the different features -bookmarks versus lists, groups etc. in an attempt to find out what methods work best for efficiently saving and retrieving data.)
  • Robert T
    This problem must be related to a database record attribute / flag.
    (Which results in data being dropped / missing from query results.)

    The records are there, they're just omitted from the query.

    I sent another email to Joel Liu (support) offering the developers to actually log into my account to experience this issue firsthand.

    As of yet, they have not responded to this second email.
    (The did reply to the first one, and indicated they were looking into the problem.)

    Hope they're not "blowing smoke." I really want to commit to using this tool as a Google Notebook replacement.

  • Robert T
    One last thing worth mentioning.....

    If you do have missing things in the query...

    By accessing the bookmarks directly (through "My Recent Bookmarks" , the Bookmarks Links etc... (but not through a search) you will notice that all the highlights and notes are still there too.

    The stuff isn't totally gone, you'll just never be able to locate any of it through a search.

    When they finally fix this, I wonder and sincerely hope that the fix will be retroactive to all currently effected bookmarks.

    For the time being, I'm not saving any more bookmarks on this site, and no more posts to this User Forum until this problem is fixed. But I'll keep checking to see if the problem is corrected.

    (When and if it is, I will post back here to let users know.)
  • Sean Brady
    Maggie? Joel? Anyone from Diigo care to comment on this? I have been doing some searches, and I am finding everything I expect, but if this is true it does have some very serious consequences. It would be nice to get an official word.
  • Robert T
    I've replied to tech support, and given them the details, along with permission to log into my account along with what to look for. (I've kept the "bad" bookmark that I have found n the system. And there may be more of them. I don't know. I haven't searched for each one of them.)

    Actually, I could do a search for all tags individually, sum them up and find out if anything else is missing. I may do that next week if I don't hear back from them.

    But since Joel's initial response that they were looking into the problem, I haven't received any further replies. (I sent one addition email to support which has yet to be answered.)


    If it weren't for the fact that I don't want the bookmark (proof the problem exists) deleted... I'm at the point where I would let anyone log into the account, do the search and see for themselves.
    (I don't have any sensitive data here. And users need to know about this before they instill too much trust.)

    If you want to see it for yourself, I'll email you my account info so you can run the search and experience this firsthand - Users need to know about this.

    There are some serious implications. But the good news is that even if diigo can't find out where this problem originates within their system....... They should easily be able to look at the bad bookmark record, see why it's not appearing in the search queries, and periodically update their databases to fix records that effected. (While, of course, they search for the actual cause.)

    (Pathetic as it may be, I have always had a nack for finding previously uncovered issues and bugs so this is nothing new to me.) This nack goes back to my unofficial beta-testing days for Dac-Easy accounting back in the 80's when it was owned by Insilco. (Before Peachtree took ownership I proved to them that their debits didn't necessarily equal credits. What a mess that was.)

    Anyways, I'm kind of perturbed that I haven't received any additional replies from tech support. It's probably one of those situations where they're thinking "Wholly shit, he's found a good one. What the hell are we going to do now? (Apologies for the profanity.)

    I would have suspected that with all the emails and noise I have created here..... That an official word would have been sent out to dispute my claim if I a problem did not actually exist. But that's not going to happen.

    If by chance (ever so slight) that I am wrong... All diigo needs to do is log into my account, tell me what I'm doing wrong, and I'll humbly shut up and hide in the closet for a while.

    Because I believe that diigo offers a powerful tool that is unique in the industry.
    And, assuming this problem is addressed, I intend to become a user / supporter.
    I want to use diigo, but not if I can't find what I'm looking for!

    After all... The only reason we tag things is for someone to be able to retrieve and see the information later. That's a (the) core requirement of any system like this one.
  • Robert T
    Wanted to elaborate on one thing...

    If you select "My Bookmarks" and use the filter by tag, the missing bookmarks do appears in the list..

    (Both search box at top of diigo pages and Firefox addins do not retrieve the missing bookmarks.) Nor does the advanced search return any results for those of you who know how to find that.) Searching for a tag or a key word (even a word in the title) still brings up nothing.

    I have a lot of bookmarks in system with the tag *WEB. (It's the default tag I apply to the One-Click save option.) When I filter using this tag, (After selecting "My Bookmarks" from top of screen) I see all the bookmarks with that tag..

    But when i do a search on the taq, I only see a few of them. This is outright weird. I'm going to rename the tag from *WEB to WEB and see if that makes any difference. (Wildcard?) But this still doesn't explain why searching for a keyword (word in title) of the bookmarks doesn't retrieve items properly.
  • Soul Book
    they do seem to have gone very quiet recently, which was worrying when it happened on spurl...


    Not had this problem, but the searches are definitely not sorted in any kind of logical order.
  • Sean Brady
    I have had some very odd things happen with my accounts in the past. In fact this is the only website on the Internet I use this user ID on because the account with my normal user ID has gotten so jacked up it is not usable. In the other account the problem was that I deleted 100's of bookmarks, but the tags associated with those bookmarks did not delete.

    I will say that searching can be somewhat inconsistent. The result counts have not always been accurate, reporting that it was displaying 1 - 16 of 16 bookmarks when there were only 3 displayed. Last time I checked this there really were only three, it was just the count that was off.

    Awaiting a response.
  • Sean Brady
    I certainly don't think silence should be taken as anything bad, it is my opinion that official responses are slow in coming in the forums and through support in general. It would be nice if Diigo had someone in the forums responding daily and acting as a liaison back to the developers. No sense in having the developers up here in the front when they should be in the back developing.
  • Soul Book
    Sean Brady wrote:
    > It would be nice if Diigo had someone in the forums responding daily and acting as a liaison back to the developers.

    I thought that was Maggie? I've seen her posting on lifehacker a bit recently, but there hasn't been anyone around here. They used to be very fast at responding to every post here. (maybe too much).

    I've tried doing tag searches for a few of my tags and the number of results reported seems to match up with the number of tagged pages. I've only tried a few though.
  • Robert T

    Received this response from diigo:

    Hi Robert,
    We stopped indexing new bookmarks to prepare a hardware upgrade.

    All I needed to hear......

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