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Sue Cifelli

Tagging of imported bookmarks - 40 views

> exported bookmark. Exported from where, and when? The usual: details such as operating system, browser etc. will be helpful. > I marked them as private in case there was a problem with the i...

tags-related importing tag data map export import help

Exploring Life

Edit Tags: Does not work - 44 views

Exploring Life wrote: > some tags I can change and there are others that will not If the affected tags arose from an import (from a service other than Diigo), then: *...


Graham Perrin

Feature request: recent bookmarks of the same tags - 10 views

> Diigo toolbar In that version of Diigo, you'll find the feature in the sidebar. Whilst viewing a tagged page, 1. click a tag A new tab will present your recent bookmarks that bear th...

tags-related Firefox tag sidebar help resolved

Graham Perrin

Tags not "sticking" - 89 views

We're (nicely) off-topic from the subject Tags not "sticking" but this is a very good discussion, touching upon some core issues. I'll spin off to a separate topic… Approaches to working with (or...

tags-related tag group share edit add help review 20090924

Graham Perrin

Tags imported from bookmarks in Delicious not listed under my tags - 69 views

Please see At the moment, there are known issues with tags. Currently uppermost in this group's ...

tags-related tag import Delicious help resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Unsuccessful Delicious import - 85 views

Many thanks for the positive feedback! I think we can treat this topic as resolved. Off-topic, looking ahead: you may find that your imported tags (but not tags created by you in Diigo) are 'st...

delicious import tags-related tag duplicate resolved thanks thank you

Hanna Neuhaus

"Recent tags" do not appear in "My tags" - 113 views

Hi Hanna In as few words as possible, a) in this forum we have a few reports from Diigo users who have problems with tags b) in many ...

tags-related recent my tag cloud bug

Graham Perrin

Simpy import botched - 75 views

> >600 tags to edit by hand, but at least I can do it. Sort of. Tip: don't rush to do them all at once. Edit a tag only when required. I'll be less painful.

simpy import bug tags-related tag resolved

jc perl

Tags not working - 232 views

Excellent! Thank you very much! Graham Perrin wrote: > At Joel wrote: > > > All bookmarks can be retrieved though tags.

tags-related Ubuntu CAPTCHA sidebar tag bug resolved

Graham Perrin

Tags are empty but they do show the number of bookmars - 41 views

Ash Singh wrote: > exactly the same Please see

tags-related bug resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Better tagging in bookmark - 53 views

Graham Perrin wrote: > loading all tags into bookmark dialogues … could have a negative effect on performance. Sorry, I should have added that working with all tags could be more effective in d...

bookmark tags-related suggestion

Graham Perrin

Selecting any tags shows error: "no bookmarks tagged (tag name)" - 347 views

> same problem @ Bruce: whatever the problem was here, it was resolved by Diigo. Whatever problem you have, must be new or separate. Please could you start a new topic, with relevant detail? Tha...

tags-related bug resolved

Graham Perrin

Bookmarks don't attach the tags - 14 views

Please see

tags-related bookmark problem bug duplicate resolved

Joel Liu

Saving bookmark - 36 views

Ok. We will add all tags in the page.


Anish Patel

Show all my tags when saving post - 50 views

Sure, that should suffice. I'd suspect the recent 50 tags would show what I was looking for 80-some percent of the time.

tags-related post Recommended tags

Maggie Tsai

Related-tags - 95 views

How important is this to sort related tags by alpha? Often we're faced with nice-to-have feature, but "niche impact" to majority of users. Although we are very much "perfectionists" ourselves, ...

alphabetical frequency research sort-searching tags-related

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