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Bruce A

Sorting lists and bookmarks - 52 views

sort alphabet

started by Bruce A on 26 Dec 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

confusion with dates of bookmarks in library when filtered by tag - 25 views

Results of filtering by tag are sorted by date of edition, reverse order Bug (inconsistency) The dates to the left of the bookmark are dates of addition. Therefore, looking at the dates can be ...

bug library date tag filter sort order gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 10 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

sort bookmarks by date added? - 103 views

This feature of Diigo 3.x was lost when services were upgrade to 4.0 beta. In Diigo 5.0 we're still without the ability to sort by date added. This loss of functionality is one of the very few thin...

resolved duplicate suggestion diigo sorting sort help

Graham Perrin

See what lists bookmarks are in, while looking at a list - 79 views

> New users probably imagine a Diigo list being a good utility for organisation and management.

diigo bookmarks sort lists tags organize help list priority view suggestion

Graham Perrin

Post to Diigo: example JavaScript modified to include the date of addition - 16 views

    The JavaScript in the paste, based on the standard Post to Diigo, includes the following tags: 2009 2009-10 2009-10-25 unread Tagging with year, month and date at time of bookmarking is a workaround to a recent issue Library out of order! - I can't find things! For the workaround to be effective, you'll need to customise your Post to Diigo once a day. Permalink for this group bookmark
Graham Perrin

Please restore the ability to sort by date added/created (was: Library out of order! -I... - 211 views

Thank you so much! I'm 99% certain that some users will prefer the Diigo 4.0 beta behaviour - sort by date edited, reverse order (most recent at top) so what I'm requesting - ...

rant regression dislike priority order inconsistency bookmark library date sort browse gpd4

Graham Perrin

sort options for 'Community library from the site…' - 42 views

A perfect example: includes three alternative URLs for the home page of the domain. From the community library, I can't tell which home is ...

suggestion community library search sort alphabet title popular hot timeline hash # gpd4

Graham Perrin

Is there a way to search or sort lists according to their tags - 51 views

> Isn't a list a tagged item? Yes and no. Whilst editing a list, you can apply a keyword. After edition, the keyword is described as a tag. Whilst the keyword may be described as a tag, it...

lists tags sort searching rss-feed RSS feed tag list help

Graham Perrin

Alphabetize student list - 19 views

If it's the issue I'm thinking of, I noted the same thing yesterday. Do you find that names are disorderly both within and without the contact lists?

order contact friend list sort alphabetical suggestion

Graham Perrin

Sort my bookmarks alphabetically - 212 views

@ Julie: sorry, I overlooked a past discussion (recently re-opened): Alphabetizing bookmarks

bookmarks sorting help list sort resolved

Soul Book

better search results? + singular/plural tags in results? - 10 views

Is there any chance of getting the search engine sorted out to be more useful? I asked a few months back, but it's still fairly useless at the moment. For example, searching for "books" returns...

search results rubbish improve suggestion sort

started by Soul Book on 25 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

List of group members: extend the options for sorting: allow group manager and moderato... - 20 views

At the moment, in Diigo V3 beta, the group manager has four options for sorting: * Activity * Bookmarks Count * Post Count * Joined Date Please add to the list of options: * D...

group members list sort manager owner suggestion gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 12 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Bookmark navigation: Next (page of bookmarks) loses the preferred method of sorting - 32 views

1. 2. click 'Next>' = Bug = Next page of bookmarks is presented, but the sort (by thumbs up) is lost.

group bookmark thumb sort navigate bug gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 11 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Can you sort lists alphabetically? - 124 views

> lists are sometimes shown in alphabetical order AFAICT the list of lists now always appears in alphabetical order. Tag: resolved

resolved list sort order alphabet suggestion noted

Joel Liu

Sort Group Names in Firefox Plugin - 71 views

Ok. I will record this feature request in our to do list.

groups plugin sort

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Alphabetizing bookmarks - 416 views

I'm looking through my records for the letter I sent, although, to be honest, at 12:45 am my time, I'm not sure of just how motivated I want to be, so I'll give you the reader's digest version of i...

bookmark alphabet order sort review 20090929

Maggie Tsai

Frequency and Alphabetical Sort Tabs Titles Confused - 42 views

Got it. A mix-up during latest update. Thanks

bug sort tag tagcloud

Graham Perrin

Sorting/ filtering the forum by author and/or author's last post - 52 views (for example) is some way towards the suggestions made by iplnts. Other suggestions (from May 2007) fit neatly with some current discussions in other ...

feature filter forum sort suggestion

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