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Graham Perrin

"Message" stuck with an unread number? - 4 views

On the Diigo website, the "Message" header at the top of the page has an unread number (2) next to it, but when clicking on that item, it doesn't show any messages. Is there any way to read/reset t...

bug website unread

Graham Perrin

Bookmarklet to replicate "read later" functionality (bookmark as private & unread) - 51 views

> bookmark as … unread My experiments with customising Post to Diigo didn't work. Please enable (and consider liking, or adding your voice to)

unread bookmarklet suggestion help

yc c

Alternative to the toolbar - User Commands Tag Diigo - 6 views

shared by yc c on 21 Nov 09 - Cached
yc c liked it
    I started using not so long ago, was a fan, and still am a BIG fan, but the fact that all the commands you create must be public and that you can't delete them makes me very prudent. With I can create as many as I want and keep them private (eg.: in case I've made a stupid mistake) PS: I still use yubnub though queriac (eg: like this one tr2 =) ... because yubnub is YUBNUB! The 1st and copied
Graham Perrin

An Educator's Overview of Diigo - 0 views

  • An Educator's Overview of Diigo
  • Russ Goerend
    HTML presentations such as this work really well in Preview frames within Diigo :-)
Graham Perrin

A private group, for you alone - 63 views

Benefits (continued) URLs are visible. A command-click (or Linux/Windows control-click) on an unread bookmark, to open it in a new tab, leaves the mark intact — depending on your point of...

workaround bookmark unread private RSS feed tag review 20091201 gpd4

Graham Perrin

rss feed for unread bookmarks? - 17 views

Please enable e-mail notifications for:

rss-feed rss-reader unread RSS feed resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

API: POST and PUT: parameter for read or unread - 136 views

A related question/suggestion: (2010-06-20), Bookmarklet to replicate "read later" functionality (bookmark as private & unread).

API parameter read unread 4.1 review 20091201 gpd4 550236 958499 988878 application programming interface

Graham Perrin

Replicate "read it later" functionality from Firefox extension in Safari? - 131 views

> JavaScript that's offered at That paste has expired. Alternative paste: As before, it's experimental. Thin...

safari read later unread not read script JavaScript API help application programming interface


RSS feed for unread bookmars - 227 views

It happened nearly a year ago, but I think that computer was somebody else's property, so I couldn't add bookmarks and extensions there.

tags unread tag RSS feed token suggestion

Graham Perrin

Edit bookmark dialogue not working (not appearing) in Diigo list - 19 views

Workaround: 1. My Bookmarks 2. Unread 3. Edit the bookmark in this context.

list unread edit bug gpd4

yc c

anonymous view of a user's *unread* public bookmarks - 30 views

My own signed-in view of my unread bookmarks is I experimented with a signed-out view of the same URL, the result is something other than the 'U... syntax tab unread anonymous public suggestion gpd4

Graham Perrin

Private/Public Unread Bookmarks for Research - 403 views

Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple groups Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple lists Natetronn Jackson wrote: > … bookmark to any of the groups or lists that ...

bookmark research private public group unread suggestion boolean

Suzannah Claire

BUG:: Converting Read to Unread - 40 views

Hey everyone, small bug tonight. having issues converting bookmarks from read to unread. I'm cleaning house right now with private bookmarks, and trying to use the unread feature, you know the ...

bug bugs read unread

started by Suzannah Claire on 18 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

"Unread" Bookmarks: Improved handling please! - 87 views

Cross referencing

bookmarks sharing toolbar unread suggestion 550236 958499 988878

Graham Perrin

RSS feed of unread bookmarks - 216 views

No separate feed in Diigo 4.0 beta. In the absence of RSS tailored to private unread bookmarks, I often apply the tag unread to bookmarks that are unread. RSS aside, compact view (...

tags unread tag RSS feed token suggestion

Suzannah Claire

Feature Request RSS:: The importance of "read" and "unread" - 52 views

Sorry for all the posts, I am just heavily working on Diigo today. I dont know if this is a feature request or perhaps a bug, so i thought i would just let you know. This request is in regards t...

feature read request rss unread

started by Suzannah Claire on 09 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
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