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Contents contributed and discussions participated by webtik M.

Graham Perrin

For you, personally: what does a star icon mean? - 39 views

icon star gpd4
started by Graham Perrin on 17 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
  • webtik M.

    Like Scott said... for me its "g" too, but for 80% about me!

    And it will be really usefull to see right away what we really care about :)
webtik M.

Why can you add a simple feature as ratings your bookmark url ? - 422 views

bookmark rate suggestion
  • webtik M.

    Honestly im used with Diigo already and i really think it miss a major feature, just to add a rate to ours urls we collect...
    So stars, numbers... whatever... as long as we can rate it.
    If Someone is interessed by this feature; please vote here ;)

    I vote for it completly :)
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  • webtik M.
    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your reply, an yes I know about the list, but it will be really practice on the fly to star our bookmark just in time ;)

    and yep you are right like you said why cant we star our bookmark like our Diigo messages... i didn't think about that ;)

    Thanks a lot Scott
  • webtik M.
    Finaly, its seems mostly people are agree to say those stars are a good idea, right? ;)

    Coz if the point is really to put what we really think when we add our bookmark at the time we are doing that... the stars should be a good option.

    I guess it has a good reason if Diigo's Team dont put interest to rate our bookmarks so easily, but i confess i dont know really why?

    Like said Scott, I use also ReaditLater... and its not the same usage...
    And highlight process is not really the same to fix this issue.

    So i just hope for that ;)

    Apologies about my english; i try to do my best :-/
  • webtik M.
    Many thanks Graham about your deep reply :)

    So ok, concerning my mind about that :

    > Would you welcome the option to 'star' in *both* of the following situations?
    > i) at time of bookmarking
    > ii) later, when reviewing your bookmarks.

    No wonder, for me its more the first purpose for sure! AT TIME OF BOOKMARKING
    however it can be used also later... but its not what i was thinking...

    Coz you know when you surf a lot and you find interresting resources... you like to store yours resources and to say to yourself, oh its sure in this field this kinda informations from this website, can be really usefull in needed... So what is the solution to sort right away my bookmark if i want to see my priority... in the different category (a star.... a special tag...)

    Whatever the solution as long as i can do it right away when im bookmarking (not later)! coz later its a waste of time... if you can do it now right;)

    To confess I use Diigo coz I like the tag system et the way to search my bookmark and share with the community...

    But the fact to thumb up a private bookmark is good but i can do it just later not just in time! :(

    So ok i understand the issue about the meaning of stars but you have maybe to let the users decide what they expect from that! coz if majority people like to think is a maner to help them...

    Anyway whatever the solution to do it, i really think it really miss something about Diigo to mark a bookmark easily that we want to make different of the others bookmarks
    The people likes do the thing more quickly ;) (as twitter) ;)

    Thanks about your understanding with my words ;)

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