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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Maggie Tsai

Maggie Tsai

MyWeb4Ed: Diigo- A regular educators look at why Diigo is a teacher's friend - 10 views

  • I sat today using Diigo to bookmark, annotate, highlight, capture pages and pictures, and do just about anything I needed to do effortlessly.  Ya'll, this is straight from this educator's heart:  Diigo is amazing! Now look, my thinking about tech tools is that they have to serve everyone:  teachers --administrators, students, parents -- basically all stakeholders to be truly of value.  I'm into the reality of teaching which means if it is not going to improve the outcome for students academically by supporting their learning, most teachers just don't have the time to deal with it.  But, I'd like to think I'm a realist and if there's a tool that makes a teacher's life easier, then preparing for lessons, classes, professional developments and, yes, our other life is easier, and that translates to a happier educator who has more time to work on supporting those students learning
  •  Diigo has to be the single most valuable tool that I have on my computer.
Maggie Tsai

Diigo Power Note - Android Market - 18 views

    Diigo app on Android Market on the web!
Maggie Tsai

Diigo for iPad on the iTunes App Store - 4 views

    Just released! Check it out

So many little Diigo integration - 293 views

  • Maggie Tsai
    Yes, development take steps and time. So stay tuned.

    BTW, many of these new apps are meant to be single function stand-alone apps, not just limited to existing Diigo users only. Of course, when it's suitable, we will add support to Diigo integration and maybe even other selective cloud-based services, if appropriate

    Read on phone is a Chrome / Android app - already integrated with Diigo account (optional).

    In the case of Awesome Screenshot, some technology we developed has already been adapted in Diigo's "Capture" toolbar feature. While Diigo is certainly a powerhouse already, we are mindful that only selective additional features should be fully integrated into Diigo core functions without the risk of confusing users, and keep some of the new development as separate stand-alone apps with appropriate integration to allow max flexibility for all users - beginners vs. advanced, diigo users or not yet diigo users yet (once they experience how useful our apps are, it's also easier for them to discover how great Diigo platform is :-)
  • Maggie Tsai
    BTW, Google Chrome has announced very exciting development in Chrome OS / Chrome Web Store / Chrome notebook. They have limited notebooks to give away to help them test drive, so apply to get yours soon

    On top of 2 existing Chrome extensions, we just released two Chrome apps. Please check them out:

    * "READ LATER FAST" ~ Save pages to read later,online/offline.Improve browsing&avoid too many tabs

    * "QUICK NOTE" ~ quickest way to take notes in Google Chrome.

    They are both early beta version. More iterations to come. As you all know, our team continues to work really hard to deliver excellence. We'd really appreciate your kind support. Please kindly rate it favorably with a big 5-star and tell your friends!. For feedback / improvement suggestions, let's open up another thread - preferably in the new UserVoice forums.

  • Maggie Tsai
    Quick Note is now integrated with Diigo Check it out
Maggie Tsai

I really dig Diigo's "Read Later" functionality. Will start using it instead of Instapa... - 31 views

  • s a very handy Read-later feature for you. Click Read Later button on the diigo toolbar.
Maggie Tsai

Alan November Comes to Town « Ed Tech Ideas ~ Diigo Social Bookmarking - 9 views

  • Diigo is a fantastic tool. One I’ve used for quite some time now to keep my bookmarks organized and available no matter where I am.  During the workshop, Alan said something to the effect of, “In the library, Dewey did all the tagging. Today, we have to teach kids how to do this.”
  • Ed Tech Ideas: I teach 3 different grade levels, and my different classes are always researching for one project or another. Students are always finding great sites, but at best, they bookmark it to their local computer, never to be seen by others. Now with our Diigo groups (I created one for each grade level), kids learn how to tag, organize, and share their finds with everyone else in the group. Everyone benefits from group knowledge, and the students learn an important skill that will stay with them and grow throughout their academic lives.
Maggie Tsai

New Uservoice Channels available - 75 views

diigo suggestion help FAQ
started by Maggie Tsai on 15 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks for everyone's feedback. Your comments are noted.

    Indeed Uservoice and Diigo group forums are designed with a different purpose in mind. As we all use more, some useful enhancements will be evaluated against our other development priorities.

    Graham, thanks very much for all your kind help. Your attention to detail is amazing and very much appreciated.
Johan Kock

This account doesn't exist or has been marked as spammer and removed. - 39 views

bug group Account Spam removed spam (electronic)
started by Johan Kock on 23 Mar 10 no follow-up yet
  • Maggie Tsai

    There was a bug triggered by a version change earlier, but it should be fixed now. Should you still experience the same problem, please email us at info @ for further assistance. Thanks
Tyme 2.0

the price to "GO PREMIUM" - 263 views

premium price
started by Tyme 2.0 on 06 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
  • Maggie Tsai
    We very much value and appreciate the feedback that many users have shared with us about our recent move to the freemium model. As a result, we are introducing some changes to the price/feature matrix.

    In particular, the "Free" plan has been enhanced by increasing the number of highlights and enabling limited page cache, screen capture, etc. A cheaper plan, called "Basic", at $20/year, has been introduced. For details, please check out the updated product offerings table. We believe the new plans should help accommodate even greater flexibility for users of various needs.

    After more consideration weighting user feedback and our team's long term plan, we have decided that the FREE plan's highlights limit will be set at 1,000 per year. Come to think of it, that's actually a LOT of highlights, so it really should be adequate for majority of users with basic needs. Also instead of a monthly fixed quota, it allows some flexibility for some advanced users as well.

    Please see my recent comments in regard to this new change and our reflection. Indeed, there were flaws in the execution of this premium account roll-out. We could have, and should have done better! Should that cause confusion, concerns. or even misunderstanding from our users, we sincerely apologize!

    Thanks for everyone's patience, understanding, and kind support. And thanks for your trust in our team's desire and drive to excel and serve our users well! Our team will be back on track to do more great things as we have consistently been doing!

    The Diigo Team
Terrance Heath

50 Highlights Per Month? Farewell... - 115 views

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