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Chronos Veille

Impossible to manage a group's tag cloud the same way we manage "My Tags" in our library - 36 views

@ sandy_diigo or another staff member, could you please consider our requests ? Thanks.

group tag tag library tag cloud


tag overwritten? - 6 views

if i bookmark a page, tag it and share it with a group; then another person in the same group without knowing that i had bookmark the page, bookmark the same page, and tag it with another set of ta...

help group tag

started by anonymous on 11 May 12 no follow-up yet
Jorge Gamba

It's possible to extend the number of "related tags" at My Library? - 57 views

Hey! I just discovered a suggested idea at diigo's feedback, please support and vote it!. "Related tags - show more and sort by alphabet"

bug tag tags features help

Bobby White

Tags not appearing in global searches - 48 views

Wow, I'm so so bummed about this. I had no idea. Let me explain my use case. OUTSIDE of groups, I want faculty from various universities (unknown, in some cases) to be able to network around bookm...

tag tags problem


Bug with my group's tag - 57 views

Breaking News:

tag bug

Rob Webb

"has no public tags" can't see tag cloud - delicious import - 57 views

Thank you so much! That's fantastic news! I appreciate it

bug tag cloud delicious tags import public

alexis al

Cannot view tags I've added in My Tags - 49 views

The tags have now shown up under "My Tags" - it took about 24 hours. Thanks for checking!

bug tag tagging import

Alessandro Di Ruscio

Tag Blundle - 67 views

So I don't understand what's the meaning in have lots and lots of bookmarks that I can't organize... I should search anytime for the bookmark I'm looking for?!

tag bundle


Sharing via tags - 14 views

Currently we do not support sharing via tags. The workaround is to build up a list &look out for the permalink and share the link to the designated group. What do you think of supporting the list i...

tag sharing bookmarks


how to move tagged links into a list - 91 views

You can choose to view them in advanced mode and batch move them into designated lists.

tag links list


Impossible to delete a tag - 236 views

i imported my delicious bookmarks to diigo then i tried to delete those unwanted tags, but they didn't disappear. the other day i create several new bookmarks and tags, the old delicious tags that ...

delete tag help


Selecting for not having a tag - 54 views

You can filter out bookmarks without a particular tag by using "NOT tag A" .For example,you can type "NOT design" in search box to filter out bookmarks without tag "design". Besides, you can also ...

tag help

Graham Perrin

Searching within tags - 22 views

Gotcha - thanks - Update the Diigo web sites footer

toolbar tag help bug


[suggest] Add " Expand all" to "related tags" , please ! - 20 views

Currently the related tags are ordered according to the most recent 300 bookmarks. the earlier bookmarks are created, the higher priority they have. This mechanism do have some defects. We are now ...

suggestion tag search

Eric Brandenburg

Help Please. PB to find my bookmark on the public community - 25 views

PB means Problem. @sandy_diigo - yes I know and that was before the only tags for which marketest showed up in the public community search. I don't know why but it works for other keywords now. Sw...

resolved duplicate problem pb bug tag bookmark find public community

BMB Library

Save Image + add tags - 165 views

Hi, is this still in the works? It is a feature we would really really like to see, as it would potentially consolidate image researching and net links to one place... As it stands, it's too time ...

Tag Diigo image save

Marielle Palombo

Changing group tags; one item at a time - 93 views

What if I want to change a group tag, as from "case" to "casestudies"? Following your instructions above, I can batch add the new tag, but I don't see how to delete the old one. I know how to cha...

Tag Group

Graham Perrin

confusion with dates of bookmarks in library when filtered by tag - 25 views

Results of filtering by tag are sorted by date of edition, reverse order Bug (inconsistency) The dates to the left of the bookmark are dates of addition. Therefore, looking at the dates can be ...

bug library date tag filter sort order gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 10 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

changes to tags seem to be queued, not effective immediately - 74 views

The original of this topic, with 47 or more comments, is missing. A snapshot of a cached copy has been posted to If you contribu...

bug priority library bookmark edit add delete tag gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 10 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

changes to tags seem to be queued, not effective immediately - 53 views

  • changes to tags seem to be queued, not effective immediately
  • I guess that a queue of changes to tags (additions, editions, deletions) over the past two or three days is being worked through. Keyword: * patience
  • Diigo is the best, despite "some" of its problems
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • The four examples given at comment #17 above seem to be OK now but I'll leave this topic open (not resolved) pending advice from Diigo team.
  • Me too! Thanks!
  • 28 May 10  This bug seems to have reappeared. Looking at POST and PUT in the API, my sense again is that PUT (or PUT-like) operations are bugged.
  • not a word from Diigo support
  • > This bug is ancient It was reported a few months ago but to the best of my knowledge, it has not been present throughout the entire period between then and now.
  • I'll give it some time, hoping for a fix of this bug, because - as you say - the features of Diigo are really useful.
  • I still have all those problems after the update
    This group bookmark is of a Google cached copy of a Diigo topic that is inexplicably missing. A replacement topic has been created:
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