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Graham Perrin

case-sensitive tags - any chance of it happening? - 383 views

> tag case will be preserved while displaying, but ignored for search Seems to work well for the majority of use cases. Thanks :)

discussion tag case CamelCase case-sensitive help suggestion

Hanna Neuhaus

"Recent tags" do not appear in "My tags" - 120 views

Hi Hanna In as few words as possible, a) in this forum we have a few reports from Diigo users who have problems with tags b) in many ...

tags-related recent my tag cloud bug

khirnhup yeo

Changing group tags - 134 views

Tag limit? What tag limit? Please tell. Thanks.

groups tags change

Graham Perrin

Simpy import botched - 75 views

> >600 tags to edit by hand, but at least I can do it. Sort of. Tip: don't rush to do them all at once. Edit a tag only when required. I'll be less painful.

simpy import bug tags-related tag resolved

Chris R

excluding tags from search results - 281 views

Chris R wrote: > Oliver, is there a list of these operators somewhere? As far as I know, there is no official documentation of operators working in Diigo available on the Web. ...

question request searching tags syntax boolean help

Bahy Blog

What is the Alt tag and what is its effect on SEO? - 0 views

    Alt is one of the attributes of the Image tag in HTML codes and is used so that images can be understood and identified by Google robots and crawlers. The alt tag helps to better index the site's images and when the images fail to load, the image descriptions will replace them. The use of alternative text or the Alt tag to optimize site images is important for web design; Because the Google search engine pays special attention to it for identifying images. The Alt property in the Image tag makes it possible for bots to understand what this image is talking about. Although Alt is one of the features of the SEO Image site optimization tag , so called Alt tag they say. How is the Alt tag used in site images? Adding an Alt tag to images is easy and can be easily added in the site's HTML codes . The following code is an example of a complete HTML image tag : There are 3 parts in the above code, which we will examine the use of each of them in the following : This section is related to the address of the image. In order to include an image in the content of the site, the address of the image in the place where it is saved must be placed in this section . This section is related to the Alt tag . Between the quotation marks, the desired Alt tag should be placed . This section is actually the title of the image. In this section, you should put a suitable title for the image. What is the importance of Alt tag in SEO site Google places a lot of value on image alt tags . This value is due to the fact that it is easier to understand the images and determine the topic of the content around them. Search engines cannot see images on a site; Even if the text is embedded in the image, search engines are not able to crawl this text. By creating an Alt tag for each site image, you can be seen better on the web and come up in search results. In this way, the Alt tag is a great platform for using keywords and helps to increase the chances of the site being seen in image searches.
    What is the Alt tag?
Graham Perrin

diigo frustrations - 37 views

Revising tags, deleting selected tags > 11 >>> option to Revise Tags is "ALL TAGS" > that's just plain stupid > who would ever use that ? Please enable e-mail notification for an earlier topic...

Hilary Reynolds

My tags aren't working! - 39 views

Maggie, A pleasure ))) maggie_diigo wrote: > Sorry, I should have participated in the discussion earlier - was too busy with other tasks lately to answer the forum questions until now. > > Sorr...

tag tagcloud performance

Robin Powell

[Important] Furl transition update - 344 views

I am very disappointed that I did not learn of the Furl transition to Diigo until very late in March, between the 20th and 30th of March. I found out by doing some research here in the Diigo forum...

furl faq

Maggie Tsai

Summary of 4 different problems (Lists - Multiple tagging - Tag confusion - Contact inf... - 105 views

Soon. Taking longer than expected due to the amount of details and complexitiy, but it's looking very, very sharp. Thanks for your patience. We cannot wait to share the next gen Diigo with ...

bug contact error errors list lists tag tagging tags

Robert T

Toolbar Quirks - Default Settings - 86 views

Joel, Didn't hear from you after responding to the request for more info on the Toolbar Quirks / Issues thing. Just wanted to make sure you saw my reply. (& help improve this solid tool...

Diigo Toolbar Diigo GUI

Maggie Tsai

Tags being clipped - 272 views

fridemar > > The author doesn't think, that the Diigo community is happy with such a state, which appears to him only as a bug feature of the diigo software and not a missing social ...


Graham Perrin

how does "search bookmarks" (and Advanced Search) work? - 139 views

> a boolean logic "history NOT tibet" that is not currently built into Diigo. Diigo 4.0 beta introduces (at least) some boolean stuff to the groups interface. Example:

advanced_search search-feature stemming wildcards boolean help

Baxter Tocher

Tags will not delete! - 214 views

@sandy_diigo Nope, I'm still having problems. For example, the tag "firefox:toolbar" has no bookmarks associated with it (I've just deleted them all), but the tag still appears in my tag cloud here...

tags delete

Joel Liu

Bug - Two word tags OK in My Diigo tag cloud but not working in groups. 2 design issues - 103 views

> 1. If you update tag in My Diigo doesn't automatically update tags on same sites in groups - Yesterday i went and edited a number of tags in My Diigo fully expecting these to flow automatically ...

edit tags tagging tags tag cloud count

Ole C  Brudvik

Increase size of the Tags field in forum? - 30 views

No strong need. Cheers Ole maggie_diigo wrote: > Hi Ole, > > Sounds like a very interesting research. After publishing it, please share with all of us. Love to learn more. > > Q: do you real...

forum tag

Maggie Tsai

I really want to love diigo, but... - 18 views

Hi dstanford, Thanks for your input. Please see comment below. > > I hate that the tags get cut off after a certain number of characters. It's particularly frustrating when your tr...

bug features tagging

Graham Perrin

How do I search for bookmarks with "tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3..."? - 281 views

> It is useful to see the number of people who bookmarked an item.

search tags help syntax boolean

Joel Liu

Expand no. of the character input in tagging & support Chinese text searching - 73 views

>in my bookmark collection, it not only excludes all my Chinese tags due to "Tag number", but also cut >half of one tag "safety" to "saf". It could because a break-down of the whole tagging system....

performance locale tag index import count limit resolved spam (electronic)

LC Stuff

Importing Delicious Tags in 2011 - 74 views

The last time I tagged anything with "RUP" was in 2008 & it was 2007 since I used the "pocketPC" tag, yet they are listed under my recent tags. I add a new bookmark almost every day, so I doubt an...

Delicious import

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