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Never Knew

Greasemetal - an Userscript Runtime for Google Chrome - 18 views

    Cross reference (2007-05-03), keep diigolet active - maybe Greasemetal can be used similarly to GreaseKit.
yc c

Diigolet 4.0b14 not presenting highlight where cufón is used - 15 views

Didn't find any long cufon text there, only the orange sub-headings, through I found a longer example here: (sub-heading) When I triple click it selects without the ...

bug font JavaScript highlight Diigolet 4.0b14 gpd4

Graham Perrin

all windows appear blank after encountering a slow script - 9 views

Screen shot Source of an apparently blank window Pasted to Workaround As in

bug JavaScript

Graham Perrin

slow script - 10 views

Another slow script at - again, a Guardian page.

bug performance JavaScript script slow meta

Graham Perrin

user-contributed bookmarklets for Diigo - 71 views

> history tab showing a specific user

bookmarklet JavaScript

Graham Perrin

Post to Diigo: example JavaScript modified to include the date of addition - 16 views

    The JavaScript in the paste, based on the standard Post to Diigo, includes the following tags: 2009 2009-10 2009-10-25 unread Tagging with year, month and date at time of bookmarking is a workaround to a recent issue Library out of order! - I can't find things! For the workaround to be effective, you'll need to customise your Post to Diigo once a day. Permalink for this group bookmark
Graham Perrin

slow script reports for meta views of some previewed content - 6 views

Slow script reports for

priority performance load meta preview frame slow script JavaScript 976433 972987 gpd4

Graham Perrin

Installer la bookmarklet Diigo sur votre iPhone : Ergonomie web, Ruby on Rails et Archi... - 3 views

  • Rendez-vous sur cette page avec votre iPhone, et bookmarkez la
  • Vous utiliserez ce bookmark pour y mettre le code de la Diigolet.
  • un copier / coller du code ci-dessous
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • Cliquez maintenant sur le bouton bookmarks
  • éditez le bookmark précédemment créé
  • Renommez le en Diigo
  • remplacez l’URL de cette page par le code copié / collé
  • vous voulez bookmarker une page sur Diigo
  • ouvrez le menu des bookmarks, et ouvrez celui que vous venez de créer, et le tour est joué.
    Adding Diigolet to Mobile Safari in iPhone OS: a guide, in French.
Graham Perrin

Post to Diigo: title breaks where "speech marks" are present - 6 views

Title of is Replicate "read it later" functionality from Firefox e...

Post to Diigo JavaScript bug 4.2 gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 09 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Replicate "read it later" functionality from Firefox extension in Safari? - 131 views

> JavaScript that's offered at That paste has expired. Alternative paste: As before, it's experimental. Thin...

safari read later unread not read script JavaScript API help application programming interface


How to bookmark multiple links? - 416 views

Buy amazon accounts to make a strong standing of your e-commerce business. Amazon is now the sensation of the current trend. Whether it be selling any product or buying, everyone's 1st pick is alw...

duplicate JavaScript bookmarks bookmark post tab multiple help suggestion

Chris Lott

Feature Request: No CSS option in enhance linkrolls - 35 views

It would be great if the enhanced linkroll creator had an option to not include any stylesheet, giving the end user complete control over the appearance...

linkrolls css JavaScript suggestion

started by Chris Lott on 14 Feb 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Can not bookmark XHTML-based S5 presentation - 27 views

See also Diigo and Diigolet problems with XHTML at

bug inconsistency XHTML S5 CSS JavaScript suggestion gpd4


Diigo firefox extension and the firebug console - 59 views

I would like to disable anything diigo-related from displaying in Firebug. It is annoying to have diigo <style> tags injected into the html and therefore displaying in the Firebug HTML panel....

firebug javascript

Ivan Pavlov

Diigo extension install problems - 53 views

Thanks ! This solves the problem.


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