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Alexandre Deedler

How do you import a My Groups Group into My Library? - 36 views

Greetings, Sorry to necro this topic, but I am very interested in finding a way to export all the bookmarks associated to a group and not a user. Does anyone know if there has been some progress in...

help educator

Amy Holton

Need help with massive share - 0 views

Is there a way I can share several (600+) bookmarks with group members for my faculty without having to share them one by one? Erg!

educator help groups

started by Amy Holton on 14 Sep 12 no follow-up yet
Sharon Huston

API Feature Request - 21 views

I'm developing on a college classroom assignment on link curation. The goal of the assignment isn't for students to collect links, but to organize them. Of course to make this possible they need ...

suggestion api educator

started by Sharon Huston on 09 Aug 12 no follow-up yet
Kate Pok

problem with My Library view - 25 views

@sandy_diigo thanks so much! It's been fixed for a few days...although I do notice that the problem still exists for 1 tag-- teaching thanks again!

bug help educator formatting

Alexis Doval

Annotate private WordPress pages - 10 views

I am annotating my students' WordPress posts for a class. A few of their sites are protected and require logging in. I can log in and add my notes, but the link to go back and see the page only get...

bug educator WordPress

started by Alexis Doval on 03 Oct 11 no follow-up yet

Missing Descriptions, Missing Bookmarks - 25 views

>>>>(1) Some student bookmarks do not display a description, even though the description appears in the student's "edit" dialog. Did they select "share existing annotations" When they share bookma...

bug help inconsistency educator frustrated bookmarks descriptions


Avatars Not Associated With Bookmarks - 32 views

Do they change their avatars or upload their avatars for the first time? This issue is maybe caused by the uncleared cache. Can you please clear the cache for testing?

bug help educator avatar profile bookmarks resolved

Christine Freeman

How accessible is Diigo for people with disabilities? - 20 views

I'd like to use Diigo as part of an online course I'm designing. I've been looking for info on the extent to which Diigo is accessible to all, include people who are blind and use screen readers su...

accessibility suggestion educator

started by Christine Freeman on 02 Feb 11 no follow-up yet

Educator accounts in my area - 11 views

Currently there is no such feature. It seems interesting.You may see the school list when apply the eduator account.

diigo educator accounts region zipcode

monika hardy

joining groups - 26 views

thank you - i just applied. :)

group join student educator help

Graham Perrin

Creating a Diigo account to represent a program - not a person - 61 views

Perhaps it would help if I showed you exactly what I'm trying to do. I simply want to use Diigo to create lists that I can refer to from a webpage. For example, on this webpage, my link to 'our r...

profile picture name username educator

Graham Perrin

How do I add a new class? - 43 views leads to Does step 4 answer your question? > Step 4: Create A Class Group

class groups education educator help

Graham Perrin

Class Group - 38 views

I don't have an educator account but I guess that if your students (your friends) have messed with your laptop, regaining control may involved: 1) r...

educator help


Sharing a list with a group so that they can add bookmarks to the list - 675 views

Roger, Yes, the suggestion was a conceptual nesting with links, meaning upper groups linked to numerous sub-groups. There would be no formal mechanism to create a nesting structure with groups, alt...

lists groups sharing Diigolet suggestion educator help review

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