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Tarih ve Tarih Yazıcılığı 2 - YouTube - 10 views

    Tarih ve Tarih Yazıcılığı konusuna ait video soru-cevap dersi
    Bán đất nền Đồng Nai (Biên hòa, long thành, nhơn trạch) Bán Đất Nền Đồng Nai
Freya Palmer

Thumbnail preview of bookmark automatically generated when bookmarking. - 45 views

Is there any fix to the problem described by @Fantleas P? I'm having the same issue

screenshot thumbnail preview bookmarks pdf save search


Batch Edit Lists - 97 views

Please choose to view in advanced mode and then you can batch add bookmarks to a list.

batch edit list bookmarks


Missing Descriptions, Missing Bookmarks - 25 views

>>>>(1) Some student bookmarks do not display a description, even though the description appears in the student's "edit" dialog. Did they select "share existing annotations" When they share bookma...

bug help inconsistency educator frustrated bookmarks descriptions


Avatars Not Associated With Bookmarks - 32 views

Do they change their avatars or upload their avatars for the first time? This issue is maybe caused by the uncleared cache. Can you please clear the cache for testing?

bug help educator avatar profile bookmarks resolved

Shaun N/A

Unable to import Firefox 4 bookmarks into Diigo Bookmarks - 58 views

So i've been trying to import my firefox 4 bookmarks as a html file into Diigo but after waiting for say, 10 minutes, Firefox throws up a blank webpage. If I go back and check in my library, none o...

Windows XP bug help inconsistency bookmarks import firefox mozilla

started by Shaun N/A on 17 May 11 no follow-up yet
Louis Thomas

Two way (bidirectional) sync or offline editing - 249 views

Did you find any service? i'm interested in bidirectional sync, and i have no succes in found one!

bookmarks diigo sync bidirectional two way offline edit organize manage library API suggestion question


Sharing via tags - 14 views

Currently we do not support sharing via tags. The workaround is to build up a list &look out for the permalink and share the link to the designated group. What do you think of supporting the list i...

tag sharing bookmarks


Delicious import says complete, but no tags or bookmarks - 71 views

Having checked in database,I found that the file you uploaded is an empty file,which contains no bookmarks. Can you please try to export from delicious again?

delicious import missing bookmarks tags Firefox Windows 7

cappie ²

I can't switch from Delicious to Diigo because ... - 29 views

I can't switch from Delicious to Diigo because I'm missing a feature; an option to show ALL bookmarks with a certain tag (or tag set) in it... Right now, when I add 'design' as a "Quick Access Filt...

diigo convert delicious followers bookmarks quick access filter feature switch option missing

started by cappie ² on 28 Jan 11 no follow-up yet

How to set certain bookmark folders to private? - 46 views

1)Please go to the specific list and click on the "edit" button. 2)select "private,only me"

diigo bookmarks private


HELP!! - 10 views

all my bookmarks are gone

gone bookmarks help


Bookmarks from the toolbar - 13 views

@Yoni Blumberg Thanks for your tips. @jplumey What Yoni Blumberg describes applies the same with diigo IE toolbar.

bookmarks toolbar question

Maryalice Westman

bookmarks imported from firefox - 4 views

bookmarks imported

started by Maryalice Westman on 27 Oct 10 no follow-up yet
Sean Brady

Share to Google Reader/Buzz - 92 views

Yea, i dont think you will get annotations that way.

Google Buzz Google Reader share bookmarks integration

Tyme 2.0

Other members with same bookmarks? - 38 views

"I can't find any "this url" tab." I use Firefox : Toolbar : it's the first icon at left, before the blue "D" of Diigo : a little white square with a green cross : here you get the Diigo sidebar

bookmarks members saved by my library

Graham Perrin

auto blog post dumps all bookmarks at one time - 40 views

as i understand, diigo auto blog post is supposed to post one bookmark at a time to my wordpress account but instead diigo posts all available bookmarks at the first time.

auto blog post dumps bookmarks at same time

Noel Reid

export bookmarks : CSV file : no email alert ! - 136 views

+1 for me - no email alert [alongside my other problem with the Export facility - 'Bookmark export getting only a small number of bookmarks']

bug export email bookmarks notification spam (electronic)

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