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Contents contributed and discussions participated by aabb aabb

Enoch Ling

Diigo server down? CANNOT save bookmarks these two days.... - 206 views

"server down' bug save bookmark Firefox resolved
  • aabb aabb
    Suddenly two weeks ago (appr.) I can't add bookmarks using diigo toolbar with right click menu > left click bookmark. I can, however, press the bookmark button in the inline browser and add the link, but if I try to search it it can't be found.... Thus, the indexing is probably malfunctioning. But, what is equally annoying is that this actually works on another computer with IE and mozilla, but not mine. I have reinstalled the 3.1.22. both on mozilla 3.5.2 and IE 8.06100.18813, but in no vain. My friends diigo toolbar is 3.1.616 on mozilla 3.5.2 and still works on the same account. It should be mentioned that my mozilla has had some issues the last week with hangups and process that hang, but this shouldn't explain the same issues with IE.
    I'm gonna try now
  • aabb aabb
    Didn't go for the, but reinstalled 3.1.22 on both IE and Mozilla. Now I can use toolbare normally on Mozilla, but doesn't work for IE.... My bookmarks are even indexed through mozilla and can be searched...
  • aabb aabb
    Meaning if the user logs into the diigoaccount I am using and uses it, then it works fine for him, but not me.
Robert T

How do I find my saved bookmarks? - 107 views

search searching
started by Robert T on 08 Feb 09 no follow-up yet
  • aabb aabb
    Still waiting... Strangely enough it works one day and then it goes away from several days.......
aabb aabb

The last two days of added bookmarks can't be searched - 115 views

bookmark searching lists performance bug resolved
  • aabb aabb
    the last two days I've added bookmarks to my lists as usual. However, I cannot search them using the regular diigo toolbar, but I can see that they have been added on the Most recent bookmarks.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
  • ...1 more comments...
  • aabb aabb
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > Hi
    > Please, can you offer an example URL of a failing search?

    Today the problem still persists. I added to my public bookmarks just now and I got this annoted link. Not sure if you wanted this to testing?

    In this link I've added the following title:
    VG Nett - Forsiden, test, vg

    none of the terms in any searchbox or toolbar generates hits. I do get up the old bookmarks that are older than when I started this thread.

    The add bookmark function managed to pull out info on existing bookmarks if I try to bookmark an already existing url, and the information gets updated, but not on new annotations (url's or what you call them)...

  • aabb aabb
    Graham Perrin wrote:
    > @ aabb aabb
    > At your
    > in the line that follows the title of the bookmark
    > > VG Nett - Forsiden, test, vg
    > please click the word 'cached'. Following your click, one of two things is likely:
    > a) a Diigo-cached copy of the page will be presented
    > b) a message will explain,
    > > Cached page for this bookmark is not available at the moment, but
    > > caching service will resume later to save this page. …
    > Which one happens: (a) or (b)?
    > Thanks for your patience!

    Option a) happens, but I still can't get new pages to be available for search even thought they get added.
  • aabb aabb
    It seems that the issue now is fixed. I don't know what has been done, but indexing now works and url's added in the non-working period since friday can also be searched and edited.

    Thanks for your input Graham. :-)

1 bug and 1 feature request - searching user's bookmarks - 57 views

behavior bookmarks bug feature search
started by anonymous on 30 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • aabb aabb
    Max Rempel wrote:
    > 1. I guess it is standard to have search not case sensitive. And it is generally not.
    > Search Google with FileNameFixer, bookmark the page and try finding it with Diigo search. It finds the bookmark all right. Try renaming F with lowercase f. It fails to find the same bookmark. Try same with another F >f. It seems also to be case-sensitive. Try R >r. Works fine. This seems like a bug.

    BUMB. I agree.
    the searchfunction related to e.g. diigo toolbar seems flawed as it doesn't report any instance of a "keyword" e.g. ToolKit whatever the upper- or lowercase spelling of the word in related bookmarks.
Krissa Swain

Weird Search Results plus a request - 70 views

search search-feature searching
started by Krissa Swain on 01 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • aabb aabb
    > Also a request - I'd like to know more about the search function's logic, so I can decide how to construct my searches. Should I use boolean terms? Wildcards? Quotation marks? Does full-text search also include sticky notes and comments? This info in the help section would be useful.

    BUMB. Me too. also, the searchfunction related to e.g. diigo toolbar seems flawed as it doesn't report any instance of a "keyword" e.g. ToolKit whatever the upper- or lowercase spelling of the word in related bookmarks.
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