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yc c

Search groups others have made - 18 views

If you go to the group's home page you should see 'search this group' I don't think you can search specific & multiple groups at once Also check out the advanced search pages here: http:/...

searching groups

Graham Perrin

Is there a way to search or sort lists according to their tags - 51 views

> Isn't a list a tagged item? Yes and no. Whilst editing a list, you can apply a keyword. After edition, the keyword is described as a tag. Whilst the keyword may be described as a tag, it...

lists tags sort searching rss-feed RSS feed tag list help

Graham Perrin

How do I find my saved bookmarks? - 107 views

aabb aabb wrote: > works one day and then it goes away Apparent randomness may be: a) explained by some searches matching content that was cached (by any user of Diigo) before caching service wa...

search searching

Joel Liu

The last two days of added bookmarks can't be searched - 115 views

We fixed some bugs in cache server and search server. Don't worry. Once your bookmark URL is in diigo system, we will try our best to fetch the cache page.

bookmark searching lists performance bug resolved

Djiezes Kraaijst

Highlights not appearing when searching: expand/collapse feature not working - 67 views

Great, thanks for looking into this. Maggie Tsai wrote: > Got it. A new bug triggered by some latest change - will fix

collapse expand highlight search search-feature searching tags

Joel Liu

Searching on Partial Tag Strings - 63 views

Hi Geoge, Thanks for your suggestion. 1) You can find "tag-feature" by searching "tag" in the upper right search box. 2) How about showing up similar tags in the search result page? Then a user ...

search-feature searching tag-strings

Chris R

excluding tags from search results - 271 views

Chris R wrote: > Oliver, is there a list of these operators somewhere? As far as I know, there is no official documentation of operators working in Diigo available on the Web. ...

question request searching tags syntax boolean help

yc c

Quick way to copy bookmarks from search results ? - 46 views

I image there's no "copy bookmark" button on search results because of bad tagging... or is there any other reason? But still, could there not be a "copy" button.. with - I don't know - if tags are...

bookmarks copy searching spamming spam (electronic)

started by yc c on 15 May 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Browsing/Searching Groups in Diigo sidebar - 59 views

As a workaround, you could use the feed from the group as a live bookmark in Firefox, but this seems to be bugged.

browsing searching sidebar suggestion

ignt rn

Search results - 36 views

Currently, when you are browsing search results, there's no button that lets you save them as bookmarks (like the "preview/save/quicksave/comment" bar when you're browsing your watchlist or friends...

searching tools

started by ignt rn on 03 May 08 no follow-up yet
aabb aabb

Weird Search Results plus a request - 70 views

> Also a request - I'd like to know more about the search function's logic, so I can decide how to construct my searches. Should I use boolean terms? Wildcards? Quotation marks? Does full-text sear...

search search-feature searching

Joel Liu

Full text search working? - 52 views

Sorry, it stopped working for a while. We are looking into it. BTW, an improved full text search engine will be used in the next version which you can use soon.


Jim Newbold

site-specific search not picking up current site as parameter - 27 views

Hi Joel, I am using the current version, 1.0.2007.101800, and am having the same problem. Is this fixed, or is there a simple thing I can do to remedy this? Thanks, Jim

search searching

yc c

How to add Kartoo search? - 92 views

Kartoo is a flash-based search engine, so I can't do the diigosearch thing to get the URL for the customized diigo search. Is there a way to add kartoo to the search list?

search search-feature searching

Maggie Tsai

Suggestion: Bookmark=clip+label+alerts - 23 views

Thanks - These are interesting comments. Will discuss more here.

calendar-reminder hierarchies rss-reader searching view-pattern

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