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Graham Perrin

My Bookmarks | Non-grouped - 18 views

I'd like a selector 'Non-grouped' to present only my bookmarks that are not in any group. URL might be † If not amongst the default... boolean selector group suggestion gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 10 Jan 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Private/Public Unread Bookmarks for Research - 403 views

Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple groups Subject: simultaneous saving/sharing to multiple lists Natetronn Jackson wrote: > … bookmark to any of the groups or lists that ...

bookmark research private public group unread suggestion boolean

Graham Perrin

Links from multiple word tags not working in tagroll (and rss) - 123 views

> consensus Considering the many other topics (including import, export and interop) that relate to tagging, I'd say: * no consensus. Diigo team are working towards the next version of Diigo.

links rss tagroll tags multiple word tags bug boolean

Graham Perrin

How do I search for bookmarks with "tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3..."? - 275 views

> It is useful to see the number of people who bookmarked an item.

search tags help syntax boolean

Graham Perrin

how does "search bookmarks" (and Advanced Search) work? - 137 views

> a boolean logic "history NOT tibet" that is not currently built into Diigo. Diigo 4.0 beta introduces (at least) some boolean stuff to the groups interface. Example:

advanced_search search-feature stemming wildcards boolean help

Robert Lilly

Feature request -- Related groups (group of groups) - 34 views

Excellent suggestions +1 marbux wrote: > My colleagues and I maintain several Diigo groups. Each corresponds to a more discrete facets of the broader subject addressed by our bookmarks and annota...

feature requests suggestion boolean tag search

Chris R

excluding tags from search results - 268 views

Chris R wrote: > Oliver, is there a list of these operators somewhere? As far as I know, there is no official documentation of operators working in Diigo available on the Web. ...

question request searching tags syntax boolean help

Graham Perrin

full-text searching in Diigo forum? - 160 views

davido wrote: > good idea! do you know how long that google-lagtime actually is? No, sorry, unfortunately I don't know how long that lagtime is.

forum full-text search Google boolean help suggestion syntax

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