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problem with filtering by tag - 11 views

Can you please advise some tags as example?

tags groups lists

Estef Fdez

impossible to organize items inside a list - 30 views

Hi: i found an error inside the web, when you are in your library, viewing inside lists and you want to organize items, its impossible to move upper an item than the page top, if its on page 2, it ...

bug help website lists organize performance

started by Estef Fdez on 25 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
Virtual Me

the list feature - 47 views

Also, at the left of the list, we should have visibility for the most common tags for that particular list. I use lists practically for all my projects. I create lists way ahead I actually start ...

tags lists filter view


What's the difference between lists and tags? - 135 views

Lists and tags can both be used to organize items. List is similar to folder while tag is similar to label.

lists tags difference

Saul Wainwright

Is there a way to add a list to a group? - 18 views

I would like to be able to add an existing list to an existing group. How do I do this?

lists groups suggestion help

started by Saul Wainwright on 30 Nov 10 no follow-up yet

Adding feature to List UI - 57 views

Dear chronrondo, Thanks so much for your detailed description of user scenarios.I totally understand your need of more than one level of classification. It is such a common need that we are figuri...

UI Lists Tags new feature

Kyle Green

How to find Library items not assigned to a list? - 9 views


started by Kyle Green on 15 Apr 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Seeing what lists bookmarks are in... (still waiting) - 41 views

Cross reference (2010-01-11) See what lists bookmarks are in, while looking at a list

diigo organization tags lists list viewing view tag bookmarks search add delete suggestion

Graham Perrin

Nested Lists? - 218 views

An earlier discussion: Multi-level lists A suggestion in the UserVoice area: Organise your bookmark list like ...

nested lists hierarchy sublist sub-list diigo suggestion resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

Multi-level lists - 272 views

A suggestion in the UserVoice area: Organise your bookmark list like yours os, in differents folders

lists multi-level

Graham Perrin

See what lists bookmarks are in, while looking at a list - 79 views

> New users probably imagine a Diigo list being a good utility for organisation and management.

diigo bookmarks sort lists tags organize help list priority view suggestion

Graham Perrin

Bulk editing of bookmarks? - 760 views

In case this problem is still on, I had a browser extension that hide the 'More' menu by the bookmarks. (It added inline CSS display:none to all class 'contextMenu' ) About bulk editing (not sure ...

bulk diigo bookmarks edit lists tags performance bug

Graham Perrin

Lists (Diigo V3 Help) - 30 views

  • Diigo V3
    • Graham Perrin
  • Lists
    • Graham Perrin
      Help for Diigo 4.0 beta does not include lists.
  • a great way to organize
    • Graham Perrin
      In my experience, a list is not the best way to organise things in Diigo. In Diigo 4.0 beta: the focus is on personal libraries, networks and groups. In each of these areas, tag-related features are improved.
    • Graham Perrin
      Further thought: a Diigo list can be good for things that are already organised, but I wouldn't use a list as a step towards organisation.
    In addition to tags, and better than folders, "List" is a great way to organize, share and display specific collections of bookmarks. Once you add bookmarks to your list, you can easily drag and drop items to arrange the order in any sequence that you'd like to present. Best of all, once you create a list, when you click the button, you can browse, play and annotate any list of URLs as a slide show! It's great for content browsing, sharing, and creating unique presentations based on web content
Soul Book

Where to find information on Lists? - 22 views

I'm not sure the information exists, and i doubt you'll get an official answer. But I'll throw out my opinion. If you're a flickr user, then I'd say tags = tags, and lists = albums. Or if you t...

how-tos why-tos lists

Graham Perrin

Notes in Lists? Local Bookmark folders on the Quick Access Option? - 23 views

Whats going on? did a whole bunch of features suddenly happen? What are these mysterious "notes" in the Lists sections?

help notes lists Quick Access


Presentation of lists to the public should be cleaner and more focused - 92 views

Sure.that would be nice and noted. At this point, it should be part of the overall optimization of "my library". It has been added to our to-do list but scheduled with lower priority.

UI GUI suggestion list lists orientation presentation public v=p gpd4

Graham Perrin

Is there a way to search or sort lists according to their tags - 51 views

> Isn't a list a tagged item? Yes and no. Whilst editing a list, you can apply a keyword. After edition, the keyword is described as a tag. Whilst the keyword may be described as a tag, it...

lists tags sort searching rss-feed RSS feed tag list help

Graham Perrin

Lists from Tags? - 71 views

Sean Neik wrote: > during the import Consider for example point (g) at - the user feedback there was based on experience with Furl. For import...

Import Diigo Delcious tags lists export option map suggestion

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