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Version change? - 22 views

bug help inconsistency

Joel Bennett

Why can't I post public stickies? - 7 views

I've been a diigo user for years, although I have mostly used it to PUSH out content, and haven't socialized here a lot ... but every once in a while I want to post a public sticky on a page and fi...

help public stickies account

started by Joel Bennett on 15 Aug 13 no follow-up yet
Alexandre Deedler

How do you import a My Groups Group into My Library? - 37 views

Greetings, Sorry to necro this topic, but I am very interested in finding a way to export all the bookmarks associated to a group and not a user. Does anyone know if there has been some progress in...

help educator

Amy Holton

Need help with massive share - 0 views

Is there a way I can share several (600+) bookmarks with group members for my faculty without having to share them one by one? Erg!

educator help groups

started by Amy Holton on 14 Sep 12 no follow-up yet

tag overwritten? - 6 views

if i bookmark a page, tag it and share it with a group; then another person in the same group without knowing that i had bookmark the page, bookmark the same page, and tag it with another set of ta...

help group tag

started by anonymous on 11 May 12 no follow-up yet
Marie-Christine Schindler

Share Bookmark in Multiple Groups - 14 views

how can I share a Bookmark in several groups?


started by Marie-Christine Schindler on 23 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
Jorge Gamba

It's possible to extend the number of "related tags" at My Library? - 57 views

Hey! I just discovered a suggested idea at diigo's feedback, please support and vote it!. "Related tags - show more and sort by alphabet"

bug tag tags features help

Ali Nabavi

Share a doc with a mailing list - Google Docs Help - 5 views

  • If you share with a mailing list that isn't a Google Group, group members will gain access to the doc by clicking the link in the invitation email. Access to the document won't be adjusted as group membership is adjusted.
    • Ali Nabavi
      This is unfortunate.
Daniel Spielmann

Problems with adding lists to new & existing bookmarks - 83 views

And I do have problem #2 as well, which is somewhat annoying, as it takes the fun out of the lsit feature. Does anyone know a fix?

list bug help

Empathy Heals

i can't click okay in options for firefox extension - 7 views

i am opening "options" and changing settings, and then trying to click "okay". the dialog box does not close and my options are not saved. if i click on the x and open options again, the settings i...

help bug Firefox

started by Empathy Heals on 26 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
Sandy Johnson

Diigo Group Difficulty - message "Sorry for the inconvenience" - 16 views

Hi! Thank you for your answer and also the email I received. We had the same issue yesterday and I am wondering how soon this will be fixed. We love using Diigo but in an educational setting it'...

Chrome Groups difficulty performance bug help


Tags not showing up - 19 views

Global tag or public tag,these tags you mentioned above are tags can be used for searching in community library. Those tags are selected from public tags of all users. Not every public tag can be ...

help bug

Fran Riley

Apostrophe in email address - 6 views

Email addresses are assigned and would prefer to not create an address outside the domain.

help email

Estef Fdez

impossible to organize items inside a list - 30 views

Hi: i found an error inside the web, when you are in your library, viewing inside lists and you want to organize items, its impossible to move upper an item than the page top, if its on page 2, it ...

bug help website lists organize performance

started by Estef Fdez on 25 Jan 12 no follow-up yet
Kellye Crane

How to share bookmarks, etc. and view tags in a private group? - 32 views

It looks like Diigo has some nice tools for educators, and it advertises similar functions for companies, but I can't find any info on how to implement. If I create a private group, and share bookm...

diigo help groups

started by Kellye Crane on 29 Dec 11 no follow-up yet

My highlighted text doesn't get saved! - 33 views

Breaking News:

bug help


"Message not sent" error - 11 views

We have noticed this bug.It will be fixed.

bug help

Kate Pok

problem with My Library view - 25 views

@sandy_diigo thanks so much! It's been fixed for a few days...although I do notice that the problem still exists for 1 tag-- teaching thanks again!

bug help educator formatting

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