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how to delete a bookmark? - 37 views

Yes.. Just login to your account.. choose the bookmark to delete and click three dot at the left corner. Then click edit or delete to remove the bookmark

delete bookmark


Diigolet does not work on iPad - 9818 views

For me also it is not working

bug Diigo iPad Diigolet


Would you send me your feedback on using online Research tools? - 41 views

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Version change? - 17 views

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bug help inconsistency


Bar has NO BUTTONS in Firefox with Tab Center - 12 views

I don't know about Firefox. I use chrome. and it is best for me

Firefox toolbar


Either Diigo needs a "mark as read' button for Shared Bookmarks or they have one and Im... - 642 views

I don't think there is a mark as read option. if you can find this let me know

bookmarks dashboard shared suggestion


Superfish risk in Diigo Chrome extensions - 24 views

what is Superfish? will anyone tell me please?

Superfish Awesome_Screenshot


Yellow highlight color sucks - 12 views

if you are a web developer. you can do this very easily

color colours hack


Share this page not working - 18 views

refresh your browser and if you face same probelm again. first clean your browser cookies and history then your problem will be solved.


Where did the message button go? - 23 views Online Digital Marketing Courses with 100% Placement and Certification

help resolved menu hint message layout conversation friends


Stronger moderation for this group? - 17 views

I agree. There is a ton of spam and it seems that many links are potentially dangerous.

diigo moderation


the price to "GO PREMIUM" - 256 views

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premium price


Some thoughts on the Outliners feature - 49 views

PowerMTA. la mejor alternativa para enviar publicidad mediante envió de correos masivos PowerMTA Server Email | Mailing Email Server Servidor Email PowerMTA | Enviar Correos Masivos

Diigo Outliners Tagging feedback


Are Diigo groups ending? - 45 views

Aplikasi KeuanganThe link to the groups homepage is gone. I searched the blog and didnt find any news about it.

diigo groups


Tools for Google Chrome? - 1514 views

It is working here perfectly.

chrome google_chrome Opera sidebar toolbar suggestion


Followers - 239 views

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diigo followers follow help suggestion allow block remove


25 Psychological Life Hacks to Gain Advantage in Social Situations - 10 views

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Habits success

Mark Lynam

Toolbar not customizable - 37 views

Wow... a few months passing and no follow-up from Diigo HQ.

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