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Shibela .

Saving via "Bookmark and Highlight" as private doesn't transfer as private to alternate... - 51 views

Sandy, Yes, I did - I had that set up within the first 48 hours of having opened my Diigo account. And on testing, again, results are the same: Highlighted & Saved as Private saves as Private to ...

bug highlight


No highlight quota indicator? - 60 views

It is added to our to-do list but scheduled with lower priority.

highlight quota

Shibela .

Save image: unwanted behavior / bugs - 26 views

Hi, This actually seems to be happening across the board regardless of whether the item being saved is an image or a regular bookmark. However, I think the action is limited to the Diigo Toolbar...

bug save image image save highlight title description private public

Suzannah Claire

Can no longer highlight Images? - 26 views

It seems i can no longer highlight an image since your premium save images feature... is this the case???

images Toolbar Firefox v.4 v.5 bug features highlight annotations

Graham Perrin

Highlighting is more refined (thanks) - 4 views

> does the improvement involve case sensitivity? I guess so, looking at alongside

thanks puzzle highlight Document Object Model span and div HTML element

Graham Perrin

Feature request: Highlight images and short words - 32 views

> images An image alone can not be highlighted. A common workaround: * include in your selection some relevant words on one or both sides of the image.

Image Picture suggestion highlight resolved duplicate

Graham Perrin

In bookmark view, removal of highlights fails silently - 19 views

This bug is now (2010-09-16), In the library bookmark view, highlights can not be removed

bug bookmark view library remove highlight gpd4

Graham Perrin

Save with highlights? - 46 views

Using that product combination on Mac OS X 10.6.4, I can't reproduce the problem. See for example The toolbar of Diigolet offers subtle feedb...

highlight help Chrome bug Google Chrome feedback suggestion

Graham Perrin

speech bubble/pencil icon too far disconnected from its highlight; can not edit highlig... - 3 views

Screen shot to follow. Environment Diigo added to Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3

bug Mozilla Firefox highlight note speech bubble pencil icon edit gpd4

Graham Perrin

Highlights & Sticky Notes - 45 views

See below, foot of page, under the heading Diigo Tools: Diigolet For All Browsers Diigo Chrome Extension - those things are just two of a range of tools. You can use one, or both, but neither ...

bug suggestion Diigo Diigolet highlight sticky Google Chrome Chromium (web browser)

Graham Perrin

Diigolet/highlights missing from an http page for a PGP key server - 16 views


bug Diigolet meta highlight gpd4

started by Graham Perrin on 12 Jun 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Show notes/highlighted text without opening the toolbar first - 7 views

I guess that you use Diigolet, yes? If so, please see (2007-05-03), 'keep diigolet active'.

toolbar note highlight

Rebecca Davis

Missing option to add sticky note to highlight - 10 views

I just taught diigo in a workshop yesterday. (They loved it.) One of the participants was having an issue when highlighting. When she highlighted something and hovered her mouse over the highlig...

bug diigo highlight icon annotation note missing

started by Rebecca Davis on 10 Apr 10 no follow-up yet

Request: Editing Highlightes areas - 25 views

When you mouse over the highlight pen, a drop down menu show up and then you can delete or change the color of highlights.

highlight undo editing

yc c

Diigolet 4.0b14 not presenting highlight where cufón is used - 15 views

Didn't find any long cufon text there, only the orange sub-headings, through I found a longer example here: (sub-heading) When I triple click it selects without the ...

bug font JavaScript highlight Diigolet 4.0b14 gpd4

Graham Perrin

will my highlights remain accessible in the future? - 76 views

> seems to have been deleted @abueno1 I finally reproduced a bug that may have caused loss of your contributions to the group. draws a...

help highlight library resolved

Graham Perrin

Highlight fuctionality failing... - 20 views

> the first highlighted marking per page will stick You might find that recently added highlights: * disappear when you reload the page on which you draw them * are not in your library.

bug highlight diigo

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