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Maggie Tsai

Read, Study & Highlight With Diigo and eHighlighter - 46 views

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Maggie Tsai

I really dig Diigo's "Read Later" functionality. Will start using it instead of Instapa... - 31 views

  • s a very handy Read-later feature for you. Click Read Later button on the diigo toolbar.
    • divya syal
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Maggie Tsai

Alan November Comes to Town « Ed Tech Ideas ~ Diigo Social Bookmarking - 9 views

  • Diigo is a fantastic tool. One I’ve used for quite some time now to keep my bookmarks organized and available no matter where I am.  During the workshop, Alan said something to the effect of, “In the library, Dewey did all the tagging. Today, we have to teach kids how to do this.”
  • Ed Tech Ideas: I teach 3 different grade levels, and my different classes are always researching for one project or another. Students are always finding great sites, but at best, they bookmark it to their local computer, never to be seen by others. Now with our Diigo groups (I created one for each grade level), kids learn how to tag, organize, and share their finds with everyone else in the group. Everyone benefits from group knowledge, and the students learn an important skill that will stay with them and grow throughout their academic lives.
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Graham Perrin

Diigo now supports screenshots « Moving at the Speed of Creativity - 13 views

  • Diigo now supports screenshots
  • The following video, included in the post
  • Diigo's screenshot functionality as a reasonably powerful Skitch alternative
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  • Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember!
  • diigobuzz on Vimeo
    Nothing ever happened to me. I ask someone on here if i could and they said i could use it.
Shirley Miller

Diigo Support is Quick!! - 59 views

This is in response to Peter Avalos' complaint here about being disappointed at the level of support on diigo. Try e-mailing them again. This morning I was having a problem with my toolbar and I h...

toolbar diigo review resolved support suggestion

started by Shirley Miller on 15 May 10 no follow-up yet
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yc c

Email to... - 12 views

See how to edit the email

help Diigo review

Graham Perrin

I love diigo - 11 views

This service is pure genius. One thing you changed though was the ability to remove tags from a search thus widening it again. You used to have little minus icons as well as pluses.

diigo suggestion review tag

Maggie Tsai

Turning links into a library with Diigo - 6 views

  • My bookmarks are my digital memory.
  • Unclutter your mind. I’m all for not having to remember tech tutorials or the tour company we used in NYC, bookmarks allow me to archive that knowledge. They are my digital library.
  • Your browser enables you to save a link, place it in a folder, and possibly add a few tags (which you probably don’t use). Can you annotate a link? How about highlighting a portion of the page? Does it take a snapshot of the page? Will it create lists? Generate reports? How effectively can you search your bookmarks? How much more useful and complete would your links become with these tools?
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  • Hyperlinks are pieces of information, we need context. What was important about the link? What we need is a library that has information about the data we collecting.
  • How Diigo can make you more productive? Diigo’s research tools make archiving a breeze so you will build a much more complete and useful reference system. An online database that you can search and share with ease.
  • As you can see Diigo is an amazing tool that can revolutionize how you research and archive the web.
  • Welcome to Diigo Social bookmarking and a whole lot more.
  • TakeAways Bookmarking prevents us from having to remember. Our bookmarks become a personal reference library Diigo’s superior tools will help you create an amazing library.
    Thanks for the share. Maggie
    Very nice article Keith, I really like your approach to thinking about Diigo and bookmarking in general.
    Thank you Sean. I get passionate about things that make me more productive and help me create a great reference. Tech is best when it makes your life mo betta
Wade Ren

Decoding Diigo « Harsh's Blog - 5 views

  • There is no question that Diigo beats all social bookmarking services hands down. What Google is for search engines, Diigo is for social bookmarking. Diigo has got something for everybody, whether you are a casual surfer, a researcher or an enterprise, their services cover just about everything you could ask from a Web2.0 app. Bookmarking, sharing, blogging, knowledge base management, team collaboration or presentation … they have given much more than we could desire from a single app.
Maggie Tsai

Thing 13 Diigo vs Delicious | Learning with Technology - 8 views

  • First, the option to look up people in different ways such as their real name, user name or how they tagged something allows for better networking.  I also am very impressed with the idea of lists.  Although, I am still trying to figure out how to implement them, I am excited that this would be a great tool for the classroom use for research and or sharing.  In addition, I have just spent hours trying to figure out the snapshot feature.  I think I will break down and watch a tutorial.  However, I truly like to try to figure things out on my own. It seems to me I am just hitting the surface of Diigo.  Delicious does not seem to have as many bells and whistles.
  • I have always liked Social Bookmarking.  I wish we could get more teachers to network and therefore share tags.  If you had a set of tags that were standard, you could easily create websites that coincided with curriculum, standards and which time of year they were for.   Social Bookmarking is a great way to collaborate and find some great treasures.
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