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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Bakari Chavanu

Bakari Chavanu

Diigo and sharedcopy - 16 views

comments diigo sharedcopy floatingnotes
started by Bakari Chavanu on 13 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
  • Bakari Chavanu
    I just came across, and while I still prefer Diigo, I'm wondering is there a way to borrow a feature from sharedcopy in which floating comments really float on your annotated pages? With sharedcopy, your floating comments remain visible on the page like a stickynote, whereas with Diigo, you have to click on the note icon to bring up your floating notes.
Bakari Chavanu

Forum comments and annotations - 17 views

diigo help highlight page comment annotation URL
  • Bakari Chavanu
    Okay, I've been using Diigo a lot more, and I love it. But I need some clarity on an issue. When I visit a page, make some highlights, and then add then add comments (in the comments box) at the end of an article, I lose my annotations when the page refreshes. I have to make sure that I go to the Recent button and re-download the page in which I made the annotations. Is that how it works? If I don't re-download, then Diigo assumes it's a new page.
  • Bakari Chavanu
    I mean the non-Diigo comment box within an underlying page.
    Here's a page where I was doing that:

    I need to test out the issue some more. Maybe I'm not waiting long enough for the highlights to appear. But it seems as if after posting in a page's comment box that the Diigo highlights don't re-download. Seems like Diigo reads it as a new page. I can go up to Recent in the Diigo toolbar and re-open that page with the highlights.

    But I'll test it out some more and get with you. Thanks
Ann Lusch

Disappearing content - 37 views

bug inconsistency content disappearing sticky notes sticky note highlight highligting diigo
started by Ann Lusch on 15 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
  • Bakari Chavanu
    I just wrote about this issue too. In order to get your sticky notes and highlights, you need to download the page from your library. If you go back and revisit an annotated page without linking to it from your Diigo, then I think Diigo treats the download as a new page. So what I'm doing is using the Recent button in the Diigo menubar. When clicking on articles in Recent, you're downloading the pages you commented on using Diigo.
Bakari Chavanu

Paperless Reading on Your Mac - AppleMatters - 6 views

  • When I recently stumbled upon I found the perfect solution for bookmarking and annotating web pages instead of saving them as PDFs or wasting paper and ink by printing them. and work similarly whereby you can annotate, tag, and share bookmarks with other members of the site. The site provides a downloadable toolbar for Firefox, Flock and Internet Explorer web browsers for online browsing and interaction. For other browsers, including Safari, it provides a bookmarklet similar to the toolbar but not quite as feature rich.
  • I want my desktop printer to be nearly as archaic as film-based cameras.
Bakari Chavanu

idea: smart tags - 9 views

tag suggestion
  • Bakari Chavanu
    First, I want to say again how great Diigo is. Thanks for all the work.
    Now as for tagging, I would like to make suggestion. If it's possible, I was wondering if you could figure out a way that when I bookmark an article to a particular group or category, a few tags that I've use before for that bookmark will pop-up? It would save much time for tagging. I don't like taking my hand off of the mouse to begin typing a tag. I would like familiar tags to just pop up.
  • Bakari Chavanu
    You know, I think when I'm using Diigo in my Safari web browser, the recommend tags don't show up. But no, I'm suggesting that when you click to add a bookmark to your list or group, a set of tags get automatically filled in. For example, if I add an article to my Pro Bloggers list, the space for tags should automatically get filled with "blogging" "problogging," etc. I shouldn't have to bother filling it each time. I think tagging is great, but I'm doing it less and less because it seems redundant when you're typing the same tags or even clicking the same tags over and over.
Bakari Chavanu

Diigo Blog » Highlight, Annotate, Archive, Search, Share ~ Diigo ~ the best o... - 7 views

  • So, what’s new in V4 (click to learn more)?   Building upon the strengths of Diigo V3, version 4 adds significant features, usability and flexibility: New user interface — Users of version 4 enjoy an all-new web interface that reinforces Diigo as a powerful personal and team research tool. The three main areas — My Library, My Network and My Groups — relate to the key value propositions of Diigo: Research, Sharing, and Collaboration.  New display options — compact, standard and power edit — also make the rich feature set more easily accessible.
    • Bakari Chavanu
      It's because of Diigo, I might switch back to Firefox because I want the full menubar features.
  • This is like building a personal wayback machine of important webpages.   Some examples of uses for this new features are:  archiving of online receipts, promotional ads, client media outreach (for marketing and PR) archiving and reporting, and a wide range of time-progressive reporting of online data.
  • Integration, filters, sort options, greatly improved support for tags, highly focused search results, group snapshots and other refinements make Diigo group work both productive and enjoyable.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • iPhone® application — users can now access their Diigo libraries from the iPhone and iPod touch®, plus download for offline browsing! (Coming soon ~ pending approval by App Store)
    • Bakari Chavanu
      Very nice. I was wondering the other night if there was an app for Diigo. Will it have annotation capabilities? That might be a lot to ask.
  • Whether you are a consumer researching products to buy, an individual investor researching stocks on the Internet, a teacher gathering materials, a student group collecting information for a group project, a PR professional collecting client-relevant information, a recruiter scouting for talent, or a workgroup staying on top of competitive intelligence, Diigo can dramatically improve your productivity.
  • Now, if you only these niggling things can be added/fixed in the Firefox toolbar: - Different sort order for different tags/lists. - Complete, scrollable list of bookmarks under each tag/list, not just last 20 or so. - Option to open bookmarks in a new tab. - Tags/lists now overflow with no way to get to tags/lists that are hidden out. - Better sidebar with full tag browsing (like the Delicious plugin). I would highly recommend looking at the Delicious plugin for Firefox - it addresses these issues and is the main reason why I haven’t moved fully to Diigo yet.
Bakari Chavanu

Recommended Tags? - 51 views

tagging tag recommend Diigolet 3.1b572 resolved post
started by Bakari Chavanu on 25 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
  • Bakari Chavanu
    Recommended tags don't show up when I'm bookmarking a page. Is this because I'm using diigo on Safari?
Bakari Chavanu

Diigo Launches - More Than Just Bookmarking - 2 views

    • Bakari Chavanu
      What's the point of highlighting every single sentence. And how can we get rid of someone else's highlights?
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