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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Damien Clauzel


Bookmarks insist on being private, against my will - 450 views

bookmarks private public convert import Furl bug suggestion URL porn filter help workaround
  • Damien Clauzel
    During the last days, some bookmarks that I posted publicly into my library, and also into one of my private group, were switched to "private". It looks like the common characteristic was that they all have a "sexy" tag.

    The problem is that, in French, "sexy" can have several meanings and none all of them are about nudity. In fact, in the taxonomy we are using for annotating bookmarks, "sexy" is something (scientific project, software, idea, etc) that looks nice, independently of its intra-sec characteristics.
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  • Damien Clauzel
    Here are the bookmarks, with their associated tags. : moteur de recherche P2P web social web partage funky sexy veille technologique outil collaboration : veille technologique IHM recherche interface interface tactile GUI groovy sexy funky ergonomie : javascript web social web HTML CSS recherche visualisation interactive prototype sexy funky RSS PHP SQL json ajax design : web navigateur web innovation interface sexy recherche : SlideShare web social partage publication sexy veille technologique : web social suivi d'activité partage trace veille technologique awareness découverte exploration web collecte sexy funky traçage outil : musique IHM veille culturelle veille technologique HCI interface visualisation ergonomie son intuitif visuel sexy groovy funky addictif magique Flash
  • Damien Clauzel
    Again last night, those 7 bookmarks were forcibly switched to private.
    It begins to be pretty annoying.
  • Damien Clauzel
    Well, according to our experience in French academics, false positives in Diigo are /not/ quite uncommon.
Damien Clauzel

Problem : unwanted visibility switch for bookmarks - 27 views

bug sexy visibility private help suggestion
started by Damien Clauzel on 15 Mar 10 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Privacy concern? Don't worry - here is why - 108 views

started by Joel Liu on 13 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
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