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Sharing via tags - 14 views

Currently we do not support sharing via tags. The workaround is to build up a list &look out for the permalink and share the link to the designated group. What do you think of supporting the list i...

tag sharing bookmarks


Is there a way to share a list, or give access to a list, to specific people? - 77 views

Look for the permalink. As for your private list,anyone who receive the URL can access it.

list access sharing suggestion help

Jeremy Luce

How to STOP sharing to Delicious? - 36 views

I think that in Diigo 3 beta there was a checkbox. It seems to be missing from Diigo 4.0 beta. Workaround At * remove your credentials.

bug UI GUI delicious sharing

Gilmar Mattos

Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket - 1 views

    Another alternative for uploading and sharing pictures.
    Hi, could you post this bookmark instead to a group that's related to sharing of photos and videos? Thanks.
Graham Perrin

I am missing Share with Friends - 12 views

My dialog boxes for tagging sites has: Add to a List Share to a Group but is missing "Share with Friends" The help section says "(6)Share to List, Friends, Group: When you have set these up, th...



Sharing a list with a group so that they can add bookmarks to the list - 675 views

Roger, Yes, the suggestion was a conceptual nesting with links, meaning upper groups linked to numerous sub-groups. There would be no formal mechanism to create a nesting structure with groups, alt...

lists groups sharing Diigolet suggestion educator help review

Graham Perrin

Quickly Save and share with individual contact - 45 views

Thanks... I found (and find) this a bit confusing. I see how it works, but: If I choose "Share with Friends" there's no way to specify an individual Diigo contact (seems like there should be)....

bookmark sharing contacts save send help resolved review

Nathan Rein

Feature Request: Annotated Link in RSS Feed - 64 views

Yes, including Meta Pages in the feeds would make more sense. Good thinking.

feature requests rss sharing suggestion feed review

Maggie Wolfe Riley

Bug with "Top Contributors" for a tag - 74 views

WOW!! That was so fast!! you guys ROCK!! :) PLUS, I'm #4 for webdesign links - Yay! WooHoo!!! =D Ken Wei wrote: > fixed > > Maggie Wolfe Riley wrote: >> Before the upgrade, when I looked at ...

search sharing tag tagging tags topcontributors

Graham Perrin

"Unread" Bookmarks: Improved handling please! - 87 views

Cross referencing

bookmarks sharing toolbar unread suggestion 550236 958499 988878

Maggie Tsai

Bug: Annotations in Bookmarks Shared to a Group - 64 views

:-) It's ok... It's better to be "safe" than "sorry" - thanks for keeping us informed of issues that you notice. Diigo is all about the people who are in the community, and the value of th...

annotations bugs groups sharing bug resolved

Maggie Tsai

Webslides, permissions and sharing - 36 views

Hi Sangohan, Thanks for your feedback. Glad you found Diigo useful. See below. sangohan wrote: > Love Diigo! :-) - Please share and help us spread the words! > > Now let the com...

private public sharing webslides


FunCaster: Sharing on Web 2.0 No Longer Means Having to Upload - 0 views

    A widget that displays desktop content on most of the Web 2.0 sites... Makes it possible to share without uploading to any server.
Michael Farina

new group I created isn't a share-to option when bookmarking - 82 views

I don't know what all the specs are, but I'm having the exact same problem. After creating a sticky, I am only given the option of sharing it to one of my three groups. I created all three groups...

groups sharing

Maggie Tsai

How to Remove Signature Containing "My Bookmark" and "My Profile" links - 19 views

Not now. Please share with us why you wish to turn it off?

bookmark profile sharing

Joel Liu

Joel, HELP ME - 21 views

I have posted personal sites by accident on a group. How do I get those taken off??? Thank you

group sharing unsharing

Joel Liu

unsharing from group-not admin - 29 views

Sorry, you can't contact group owner now. We will improve group bookmark management later, so that you can manage your shared bookmark. If you want to do it now, please tell me 1) the group n...

group sharing unsharing

Wade Ren

Un-Sharing with a group - as admin - 29 views

As the group admin, you can just delete it. Two ways to do delete / edit: 1) check off any number of bookmarks and use "delete" in the "More Action" pull down menu 2) You can find the del...

group sharing unsharing

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