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duplicate JavaScript bookmarks bookmark post tab multiple help suggestion

started by Herbert on 16 Mar 09
  • anonymous
    Not at this time, since each tab is associated with a specific URL and Diigo is URL specific. I suppose its possible to develop (it would be a creation of multiple bookmarks in sequence). I would doubt this would ever become in high enough demand for Diigo to develop, but you never know. Until then, you gotta bookmark each tab in succession.
  • Oliver S.
    There is no such feature (yet). The fastest ways to bookmark web pages are
    * the One-click save button (takes just one single mouse click per web page)
    * the keyboard shortcut assigned to the One-click save function
    * the "Read Later" button.

    Using these options it shouldn't take long to bookmark even quite a lot of open tabs in Firefox.
  • Oliver S.
    That's what I thought was the real issue: being able to assign the same tag to all simultaneously opened tabs in one single step.

    I don't know if such a feature will be implemented into a future version of Diigo. What you could use as a workaround (or the next best alternative solution) would be this:
    1) Go to "One-click Save Options..." and temporarily replace the default tag, which is "to-be-tagged", with the tag (or tags) that would like to use for your currently opened set of tabs in Firefox.
    2) Now you can quickly bookmark all open tabs and simultaneously assign them the desired tag(s).
    3) After you are done, re-set the "One-click" tag to the default tag or set it to the desired tag(s) for another set of tabs.
  • yc c
    Before Diigo existed, I used a service called Looklater which does not exist anymore.

    It had a nice function that enabled to bookmark hyperlinks:

    You either clicked on each link or selected a portion of a page containing the links you wanted, and only the links were highlight.
    When bookmarking, you had one space to set tags to the hole bunch. (Though it didn't have a 'fetch page titles' option so the links were saved with the link text. I thought it was a bit of a problem but it did save the text/paragraph around the link, in a special area made for that, instead.)

    I used that service only for that feature (with it's automatic 'export to delicious' setting).
  • Graham Perrin
    It might be possible to do something with GreaseKit and the Diigo API.
  • sandy_diigo
    Hi everybody,
    Could you please tell us more about the scenarios why you need this feature?
  • Graham Perrin

    Brett Terpstra — developer of the
    TabLinks extension for Safari, which "copies the link information for every tab open in Safari, and outputs them as a list, based on a user-defined template" — may know how to copy the link information for tabs in the the foreground window only.

    Also, there may be some useful code in the GreaseKit or Greasemonkey communities.
  • jeffhomephone
    Can't believe this isn't implemented nine years later.
  • solidsporthale
  • solidsporthale
  • agneserick
  • Muhammad Bilal
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  • kartikrmnn
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  • shoaibintizar
    Now, simply right-click, hold and drag the selection box over any links you want to select. By default, these links will open in new tabs. Access the settings menu for either add-on by right-clicking the logo in the toolbar and selecting 'Options kanye west clothing
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