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Bar has NO BUTTONS in Firefox with Tab Center - 16 views CALL FOR ANY ATT ISSUES- 1-833-554-5444

Firefox toolbar


Diigo Firefox plugin not able to recognize bookmarked pages - 383 views

toolbar Mozilla Firefox bug

Wo Om La

Unable to save toolbar options. - 14 views


started by Wo Om La on 08 Jan 13 no follow-up yet
Dora Bennett

Diigo in Chrome - lacking many features found in Firefox - 50 views

Is there any fix to this? sometimes i still experience this lack?

chrome firefox toolbar

Jorge Gamba

Firefox toolbar: Smart folders limited to 20 items in the dropdown list? - 27 views

Okay *you* don't want that, but what if "we" do want?, please be flexible, allow us decide, customize and set that limit. is it so hard?. I'm referring to this .

Firefox toolbar


Diigo causing ie9 to crash - 42 views

The IE platform is not very friendly for developers. It is hard for us to debug the problem. We have added it to our to-do list with lower priority. Since engineers are very busy with rolling out n... toolbar ie9 crash


Diigo toolbar not starting (IE8) - 19 views

You can use diigolet currently as an alternative.

Internet Explorer bug toolbar

Estef Fdez

Diigo toolbar not working properly - 253 views

I have to click twice on the little book icon for make the dialog box expand, other problems have gone, so its ok for me. Thanks for fix it :)

bug toolbar Firefox

Joy Anhalt

not able to bookmark - 14 views

I'm using this at work and don't have the option of trying another browser. This one of the sites I am unable to bookmark:

bug toolbar

eoin galligan

The Delicious Toolbar is the only thing that stops me using Diigo - 34 views

Well, the delicious toolbar isnt heavy at all. Until diigo has this functionality, I'm not tempted to change. Just some feedback.



Diigo toolbar did not install - 51 views

Can you please contact us at and we will send you an file for installation?

Diigo toolbar IE8 Vista help


Diigo toolbar freezes Firefox 4.1 - 35 views

Is the version of your firefox 4.0.1 or 4.1? Can you please uninstall the extension and reinstall it again to test whether the problem persists?

Firefox 4 toolbar crash freeze sleep Mac OS X

naya mb

Tags not working at all - 35 views

Hi, Since this morning, the tag filter in the diigo toolbar and on the diigo website does not work at all. My library still has all my bookmarks and the numbers of tagged items are still displayed...

bug help firefox toolbar

started by naya mb on 26 Mar 11 no follow-up yet

Too many different apps? - 49 views

We have a set of projects for Firefox undergoing.Some similar extensions have been released. FYI, Read Later Quick Note https...

apps toolbar firefox features requests


The link to 'My Library' has disappeared from my Diigo Toolbar - 71 views

Try right clicking on an empty space on any toolbar until you see a context menu with "Customize..." Click it and look for the missing icon in the window that pops up. Drag the icon onto a spot o...

toolbar Firefox problem troubleshoot


How to hide public annotations for ALL PAGES - 46 views

Please click the diigo icon on diigo toolbar, mouse over "see all annotations" and choose "see only private annotations" from the secondary menu. In this way,you can hide public annotations for all...

help toolbar


Diigo-Button in Firefox Navigation-Bar / Version 5.1.016 - 106 views

Just installed the latest The Diigo button can now be moved and takes off the toolbar. Thank you Diigo team - for the quick turnaround!

firefox diigo toolbar


Bookmarks from the toolbar - 13 views

@Yoni Blumberg Thanks for your tips. @jplumey What Yoni Blumberg describes applies the same with diigo IE toolbar.

bookmarks toolbar question

march j

Firefox 4 Toolbar - 107 views


diigo Toolbar firefox FF firefox4

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