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Sharon Huston

API Feature Request - 21 views

I'm developing on a college classroom assignment on link curation. The goal of the assignment isn't for students to collect links, but to organize them. Of course to make this possible they need ...

suggestion api educator

started by Sharon Huston on 09 Aug 12 no follow-up yet

Power Note requests for bookmarks: more lists, tags, notes on bookmarks - 35 views

How about letting us see more then just the last 20 bookmarks? And combining all of the separate apps into one app that has the name "Diigo" on it? All of these separate apps gives Diigo an identit...

powernote suggestion feature

Cryo Dream

"Page already bookmarked" feedback on Firefox Diigo button (as in Chrome add-on) - 25 views

I just "returned" back to firefox, been using Chrome for about a year. I missed the customizability via add-ons, which are way lacking in Chrome. The problem I'm having is, that I've gotten used t...

Firefox suggestion

started by Cryo Dream on 08 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
Olof Bjarnason

Floating notes good, but could be better - 12 views

I really love the "Add floating note" thing when I right-click a piece of selected text. For one thing, it is much easier to spot than highlighted text (which can be confused with other things in ...

suggestion Firefox FloatingNotes

started by Olof Bjarnason on 27 Apr 11 no follow-up yet

My Library (web) >> ALWAYS open in NEW tab please! - 76 views

Because of this issue (links from the toolbar and Smart Folder are opened in current active tab) I decided to switch back to delicious bookmarks and FireFox toolbar. Even though It is "not compat...

suggestion bug help Firefox Mozilla

Louis Thomas

Two way (bidirectional) sync or offline editing - 249 views

Did you find any service? i'm interested in bidirectional sync, and i have no succes in found one!

bookmarks diigo sync bidirectional two way offline edit organize manage library API suggestion question

Christine Freeman

How accessible is Diigo for people with disabilities? - 20 views

I'd like to use Diigo as part of an online course I'm designing. I've been looking for info on the extent to which Diigo is accessible to all, include people who are blind and use screen readers su...

accessibility suggestion educator

started by Christine Freeman on 02 Feb 11 no follow-up yet

suggestion : keywords - 15 views

in delicious there was the option to give a keyword to a bookmark, which severely rocked. diigo should also implement this :) (for those who don't know the keyword option: it's the same as the key...


started by anonymous on 03 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
Tyme 2.0

suggestion : stop self promo ! Add "apply to join" in "follow me" settings - 12 views

Hi , I would like a " Apply to join -- approval required " in the "follow me" settings Some people do self promotion bookmarks ( They BM a lot of their pages ) with following "featured users"...

suggestion diigo stop self promotion follower following settings

started by Tyme 2.0 on 29 Dec 10 no follow-up yet
Tyme 2.0

suggestion : allow followers to send a message - 7 views

Messaging Settings existing : Who can send a message to me? Only My Friends All Diigo Users add : My friends and My followers Thanks


started by Tyme 2.0 on 28 Dec 10 no follow-up yet
Tyme 2.0

suggestion : a clipboard for member / list / group - 4 views

I would like a clipboard or write board for : member ( private AND public one ) list group a place where we can clip notes, BM, image ,, ETC.. a good way to be more collaborative ... ( it cou...


started by Tyme 2.0 on 28 Dec 10 no follow-up yet
Tyme 2.0

suggestion : a widget for Netvibes - 30 views

Like there is one for Delicious, Flickr, .. I would like a widget for Diigo Thanks

suggestion diigo rss netvibes

started by Tyme 2.0 on 28 Dec 10 no follow-up yet

Is there a way to share a list, or give access to a list, to specific people? - 77 views

Look for the permalink. As for your private list,anyone who receive the URL can access it.

list access sharing suggestion help

Saul Wainwright

Is there a way to add a list to a group? - 18 views

I would like to be able to add an existing list to an existing group. How do I do this?

lists groups suggestion help

started by Saul Wainwright on 30 Nov 10 no follow-up yet
Marv IN

Diigo's current stance on online curation? - 6 views

Good evening/morning, I would just like to inquire where Diigo's current stance on online curation is? How much of the features are planned for premium users and how much are open to free users a...

suggestion webslides

started by Marv IN on 24 Nov 10 no follow-up yet

a better alternative to Diigo Sidebar would have to be Google Sidewiki - 199 views

Why an alternative? Because Google Sidewiki has a voting system of useful comments which prevents you from seeing all the spam, but there still are some issues with it like: 1. what if a good comm...

alternative sidebar suggestion issues voting

started by anonymous on 04 Nov 10 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

Basic plan : no price for month ? - 37 views

I just would like to know why there no price for a month in basic plan only year , but if don't want to sign for a year ? Basic is the first step to try "bonus" plans , but sign for a year is...

suggestion Diigo premium basic sign price cost freemium tiered service

Maggie Tsai

New Uservoice Channels available - 75 views

Thanks for everyone's feedback. Your comments are noted. Indeed Uservoice and Diigo group forums are designed with a different purpose in mind. As we all use more, some useful enhancements wi...

diigo suggestion help FAQ

Graham Perrin

Textview - 38 views

> leverage something like Readability +1 (and when I first tried TextView, I wondered whether it uses any code from Readability). > envision a workflow  +1 Inciden...


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