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Contents contributed and discussions participated by altergrin altergrin

altergrin altergrin

Tag problems in mobile view - 17 views

tag mobile bug
started by altergrin altergrin on 28 Mar 10 no follow-up yet
altergrin altergrin

Highlights and bookmars disappearing - 76 views

bookmark bug highlight
  • altergrin altergrin
    A couple of days ago I spent four hours searching and browsing the net, did some highlights and research, and so on.
    Later I noticed, that no one of these bookmarks appeared in my Diigo. I had already such problems sometimes, but after some time, maybe a day, bookmarks was there.
    But now new, fresh, bookmarks are seen, and those - aren`t.
    Also I didn`t care very much then, because highlighted text was in my cache, or something, at least I could see it on those pages. But now all this also disappeared.
    That`s the trouble.
    Thank you.
  • altergrin altergrin
    joel wrote:
    > Did you mean some bookmarks you saw in your bookmarks list before disappear now ?

    > Please give us more accurate description and we will look into it very seriously.
    For example, I highlighted some text on this page ( ), then, before I closed firefox, I returned a few times, and read what I noticed there.
    After restarting the browser, I saw that no one of these bookmarks (besides , and this one too), appeared on Diigo.

    As I noted, this was not the first time, similar things happened before - sometimes bookmarks didn`t appear instantly, I waited for a few hours, and then they appeared. So this is the first time when I precisely noticed evident loss.
  • altergrin altergrin
    > > > Exactly.
    > > This is strange. When you see the bookmarks in, that means those bookmarks are in the diigo database, it is unlikely to disappear.
    No, sorry for my rush, I haven`t seen it there.
    The pages were marked on the toolbar ( the book was here: ), highlights were seen, but no one of them were in And I was definitely logged in.

    > >Before you restart the browser, did those bookmarks appear in ?
    No, they didn`t.

    > >This may due to some temp connection error.
    Yes, I understand. I didn`t worried much so then. But after this data loss, I became worried. :)

    > >Please let me know directly when you find the problem again ( joel 【at 】 diigo dot com)
altergrin altergrin

Tag/subTag trouble - 22 views

tag performance
  • altergrin altergrin
    I used for a about half of a year a little trick, which helped me to group relative tags, such as:
    service/image or service/docs, for instance.
    Now I cannot access to these tags.

    Could You help me?
  • altergrin altergrin
    OK, thanks for the response.
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