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Graham Perrin

Search as you type bookmarks crashed my browser - 21 views

yuppi c wrote: > can crash my browser, if not it lags. > Firefox 3.5.2 Firefox crashes and performance problems should be reported to developers of Firefox. Regards Graham

Diigo GUI search-feature bugs crash browser Firefox menu FAYT crash (computing)

Oliver S.

Advanced search removed? - 222 views

The "Advanced search" is back in Diigo v4.0. You can find it at: You can also find a link to the "Advanced search" in Diigo after you selected one o...

resolved advanced_search feature search-feature search help syntax

Djiezes Kraaijst

Highlights not appearing when searching: expand/collapse feature not working - 67 views

Great, thanks for looking into this. Maggie Tsai wrote: > Got it. A new bug triggered by some latest change - will fix

collapse expand highlight search search-feature searching tags

why is stalin

Bug - Can't customise web search - 34 views

When I edit the customise_search page to add new search engines, even though I click "save all", my changes aren't saved and if I reload the page or try a right-click search on a webpage I just get...

bugs search search-feature web-search bug

started by why is stalin on 24 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Searching on Partial Tag Strings - 63 views

Hi Geoge, Thanks for your suggestion. 1) You can find "tag-feature" by searching "tag" in the upper right search box. 2) How about showing up similar tags in the search result page? Then a user ...

search-feature searching tag-strings

Joel Liu

Bookmark search drop down very buggy - 38 views

Thanks. 1) We will improve it. 2) It worked in FF, but not in IE. We will fix it later.

autocomplete bookmarks search-feature

Daniel Eldridge

Search, Advanced Search, Date Search?? - 83 views

Hi Joel, I agree with you that the "My Bookmarks" page is crowded; but the problem is that the "tabs" are really just searches. I hope you can change the UI so that the tabs do more than just perf...

date help query question search search-feature sort-searching

Graham Perrin

how does "search bookmarks" (and Advanced Search) work? - 138 views

> a boolean logic "history NOT tibet" that is not currently built into Diigo. Diigo 4.0 beta introduces (at least) some boolean stuff to the groups interface. Example:

advanced_search search-feature stemming wildcards boolean help

aabb aabb

Weird Search Results plus a request - 70 views

> Also a request - I'd like to know more about the search function's logic, so I can decide how to construct my searches. Should I use boolean terms? Wildcards? Quotation marks? Does full-text sear...

search search-feature searching

Julie Radachy

Short Blurbs in Searching - 28 views

It would be great if, when searching for a specific topic within the bookmarks, we can see a short blurb of what is on the site, similar to what Google does.


started by Julie Radachy on 24 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
Antonio Montesinos

What about using wildcards on searching ? - 33 views

Hi, I think that it should be possible to use wildcards when searching, at least on Diigo's web page if you don't want to implemment it on Diigo's toolbar. Maybe you argument that it would slow dow...


started by Antonio Montesinos on 08 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

is advanced search gone? e.g. full-text, not just tags? - 37 views

Here it is We should have made it more accessible.

full-text search-feature

yc c

How to add Kartoo search? - 92 views

Kartoo is a flash-based search engine, so I can't do the diigosearch thing to get the URL for the customized diigo search. Is there a way to add kartoo to the search list?

search search-feature searching

Maggie Tsai

suggestion: more useful site searching (i.e. vertical search) - 16 views

If I understand you correctly, our toolbar already has this feature: enter any keyword in the search box on the toolbar - use the pull down "current site" to search any keyword that you wish...

search-feature suggest suggestion

Tom Hamsher

Request:New window for "Search" result. - 26 views

I also have seen this since about 2 upgrades back. Cannot even middle click to force new tab. (Control click does work) Firefox and Diigo 1.0.2007100601 mahsaito wrote: > Hi, > The Di...


Mah Saito

The search feature sometime has mistake in Japanese word search. - 14 views

Hi, maggie_diigo. Thx for your answer, OK! I wait V3!


Joel Liu

Problems with Diigo Toolbar - 111 views

Picardo: Please check Firefox window ==>Tools ==> Options ==>Privacy ==> Cookie ==> Exceptions to see whether was disabled. If the cookie is ok. We need to profile to see what happe...

diigo firefox search-feature toolbar

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