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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Sean Brady


Difficult to use Chrome and Diigo - 128 views

Google Chrome problems shortcomings
started by pcguy999 on 22 Feb 11 no follow-up yet

Would you send me your feedback on using online Research tools? - 54 views

started by suzetteruys on 07 Feb 11 no follow-up yet
  • Sean Brady
    You need to put this in a form on Google docs. :)
Sean Brady

So many little Diigo integration - 292 views

  • Sean Brady
    Looking around on the Chrome web store I see:

    Read Later Fast
    Quick Note
    Read on Phone
    Awesome Screenshot

    All of these apps appear to be authored by Diigo, but none of them seem to actually integrate with Diigo. The Read later and Quick Note are particularly interesting since they seem to be natural fits for Diigo. Any plans to get all of this actually integrated with Diigo?
  • Sean Brady
    I commented on the feedback forum as well, but I thought I would share the same opinion here. The ability to sync with Read Later Fast (RLF) is nice, and makes the app useful now. When I archive something in RLF it is marked as read in Diigo, very nice. If I delete in RLF it is deleted in Diigo, very nice. Now the next update will hopefully enable at the very least the ability to tag and make public items in RLF. It would be even better if the full power of the Diigo extension in Chrome was available on the item I am reading. To be able to annotate, and share all from the RLF UI would give you a killer app.

    As it stands, I have reinstalled RLF and am going to move the items from Read It Later List into Diigo. I will give is a whirl and see how it goes.
Sean Brady

Private Sticky Notes Visible to All? - 41 views

  • Sean Brady
    OK I just saved a page to Diigo and included what I thought was a private sticky note comment, however if I log out of Diigo and visit my library page ( I can see the private note.

    Perhaps this issue is already known, can anyone from Diigo comment? I have made A LOT of private comments that I thought were private, I hope they are.
  • Sean Brady
    I should also not that if I look at the meta page the sticky is not visible, so privacy is working there. I hope someone from Diigo can look into this quickly.
Sean Brady

Chrome Extension/Google Integration - 34 views

chrome google
started by Sean Brady on 18 Dec 10 no follow-up yet
  • Sean Brady
    I really, really like how you implemented this. Totally unobtrusive. The small delay while the diigo results are displayed is noticeable, but not at all an issue I think. The number display is enough to know if I want to jump to Diigo to get results. I think it is an awesome touch to add a link to the settings dialog right on the page. Overall great work.

    If I had to suggest a feature I would suggest trying to actually match results in Google to results in Diigo and somehow denote that a particular link on Google has already been saved. The ability to save to Diigo directly fromGoogle might be useful as well, especially for read later things.
Sean Brady

Twitter Favorites - 39 views

diigo twitter
  • Sean Brady
    Like this new feature. I have not played with it much, but the concept is great.
  • ...1 more comments...
  • Sean Brady
    How often does Diigo poll for new favorites?
  • Sean Brady
    A couple of comments. 1) It looks like I cannot edit the additional tags for my Tweets once I set it up. It would be nice to be able to edit them. 2) It would be very nice if, when saving a tweet as a note, it would include a link back to the source tweet.
  • Sean Brady
    1) On editing the tags I just type new ones and it will use that going forward? I don't see the tag I set up listed on that edit page. 2) Yes, however providing a link back to the source tweet would still be useful as often the context of the Tweet is helpful. The new Twitter UI does a nice job of setting the scene for individual favorites.
Antony Earthling

Share to Google Reader/Buzz - 92 views

Google Buzz Google Reader share bookmarks integration
  • Sean Brady
    This is not a very direct route, but you could take the RSS feed from Diigo and feed it through Feedburner. From Feedburner you can enable the Socialize option which will allow you to send your Diigo links to Twitter. Twitter can then feed into Buzz. I am sure there are other paths like this that would work as well.

    I do love the share option in the Chrome extension though. It makes it very easy to post items to Buzz. Combine that with the nice display of annotations and you end up with a great tool for personal knowledge sharing.
  • Sean Brady
    Yea, i dont think you will get annotations that way.
Sean Brady

Textview - 38 views

  • Sean Brady
    Text view is a great idea, but can you explain a bit more how it is implemented and functions? From just a quick look it seems that a) pages must be cached before it will work, b) it does not seem to work at all for some pages, even ones that are heavily text. c) Does not seem to work with multi page articles. IMHO, if your offering is not at least as good as the, open source, Readability tool it will be hard to get me to use it.
  • Sean Brady
    I am guessing that this is intended to work with the Read Later feature of Diigo? I would really like to see you re-think the implementation here. Why not leverage something like Readability (which already handles multi-page articles fairly well) that will let you show a readable page without caching? This type of tool is useful not only for going through a list of saved "to read" items, but also during initial reads. I can envision a workflow where this feature was added to the Chrome extension as a new button. I bring up an article, i open the extension (which I often do so I am ready to highlight), and I click on the Textview button. Today I click on the readability extension in Chrome for any article but the shortest. Relying on a cached page removes this type of workflow as an option, and to be honest in totally unnecessary.
Sean Brady

Chrome and Adnroid - 35 views

diigo chrome android premium
started by Sean Brady on 06 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
  • Sean Brady
    Ok so I put down for a year as premium, mostly because I have gotten good value over the last several years. I will now be looking for enhanced development in the areas that I use the most which are Chrome and Android.

    The premium features page lists a couple of coming soon items for Chrome. Any target dates? As always I am interested in trying out any beta releases you may have.

    You have ideas for iPhone, which is fine I suppose, but I would really like to see Diigo consider feature parity with Android. I am not sure what the iPhone app can do, but I would like to hear people refer to iphone/android as the least from a functional standpoint.
Sean Brady

Chrome Update - 16 views

started by Sean Brady on 03 Feb 10 no follow-up yet
  • Sean Brady
    I don't recall anywhere that you can add to to multiple groups/lists.
Sean Brady

Chrome Extension - 255 views

  • Sean Brady
    I noticed that you updated the Chrome extension page with a new note about functionality. I just wanted to add a couple of thoughts as you are thinking about changes to the current extension.

    I know a lot of people are asking for a toolbar, and that toolbars are not an option in Chrome. Hopefully, you can think about the functionality that you want to bring directly into Chrome and develop a new UI that does not rely on a toolbar. On a related note I am sure it is enticing to wait for some sort of sidebar control to replicate that functionality from IE/FF, but I hope you don't.

    IMHO, Chrome is a different type of browser, very minimal and you need to think about your extension in terms of that minimalism. Toolbars ands sidebars just don't fit into what Chrome offers.

    With that said:

    1. Consider an overlay like the extension has. This would be especially nice if you could find a way to collapse it.

    2. Try and bring in the core functionality and skip the rest. While the toolbar does many things, the extension really just needs to provide a way to a) bookmark, b) annotate and c) review markups & meta info.

    3. Add something new. Would be awesome to see HTML 5 or Google Gears implemented somehow with the new extension. Something that could set it apart from the other browsers.

    4. Integrate with the rest of Chrome. Can you integrate with bookmarks and bookmark sync? Can Diigo be enhanced with the Omnibar?
  • Sean Brady
    I have been thinking about it. I think th emost obvious thing would be the ability to sync bookmarks, and annotations offline. I am not sure there is much value in it though. I have been poking around the Chromium site looking for inspiration.
  • Sean Brady
    I just noticed that a very basic function of the Chrome extension does not work, and that is the ability to change the icon based on whether or not the current page is bookmarked.
Matt JM

Killer Feature Request: Import RSS Feeds as Bookmarks - 346 views

aggregator bookmarks feature feed request rss semantic tagging suggestion import bookmark
started by Matt JM on 01 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Sean Brady
    Joel, that would be interesting. I am not a huge user of favorites, but I do read a lot of links each day. I think I could change my habits to use favorites as a way to save bookmarks though.
Graham Perrin

sidebar arrangements - 88 views

sidebar suggestion Diigolet meta RTL China Chinese LTR right left script western review 20091005 586073 958302 gpd4
started by Graham Perrin on 30 May 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
  • Sean Brady
    I think a sidebar that obscures content is ok, as long as it retains the current hide feature that the Diigolet does today.
Andrea B

No Annotations/Highlights - 17 views

annotations highlights
started by Andrea B on 29 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
  • Sean Brady
    Hi Andrea. I am curious which browser you are using to store and browse your bookmarks and if you are using the Diigo toolbar or the Diigolet? You need to be running the Diigo software in order to see annotations on the page.

    As far as other people seeing your highlights, they need to be running the Diigo software in order to see your highlights. Alternatively, you can send people what is known as an annotated link. You can get the annotated link for an item by clicking the share option on your My Library page.
Maggie Tsai

Diigo V4 is live now! - 134 views

Diigo V4 spam (electronic)
started by Maggie Tsai on 29 Sep 09 no follow-up yet
  • Sean Brady
    I like the new groups, a river of information is more preferable to me. So it's not a total loss, again to me. I was a long time user of Ma.gnolia, and worked very closely with Larry and Todd on the site. It was a sad day when the problems occurred, but I didn't lose a single bookmark. I made a backup of my bookmarks regularly. I do the same thing on Diigo. IMHO, the only place on the web that you should assume that a) the backups will always work, and b) the design, structure and functionality will never change is on your own hosted site. While I have been disappointed with some of the decisions that the Diigo team made with 4.0, and would have preferred that they go a different route in some cases, I feel that overall the site is far more functional to provide a place for me to store bookmarks, annotate them, and share that stored and annotated data back out.
Jesse Kim

Tools for Google Chrome? - 1516 views

chrome google_chrome Opera sidebar toolbar suggestion
started by Jesse Kim on 03 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Sean Brady

Diigolet vs. Bitly Sidebar - 71 views

Diigolet sidebar suggestion 4.2
started by Sean Brady on 22 May 09 no follow-up yet
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  • Sean Brady
    I am a Google Chrome user, and rely quite heavily on bookmarklets. The Diigolet is a passable solution for accessing Diigo, but it is certainly far from perfect. I have been using the Bookmarklet created by the URL shortening service recently and I have to say that is a very slick, fast, and useful bookmarklet. This is really not a comparison, more of a request to suggest that the Diigo team take a look at what is doing with their sidebar bookmarklet.

    I might also add that having Diigo offer a nice bit of analytics with their own URL shortening service would be awesome as I would not have to both shorten on and save on Diigo.
KARR 4.0 !

Diigo Feature Request: (Post Which New Features u want to see in Diigo) - 119 views

Diigo feature request feature requests feature features suggestion thumbnail
started by KARR 4.0 ! on 15 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
  • Sean Brady
    New features are great and all, but many of the issues in the forum are problems with existing features.

    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Sorry. There are too many feedback in my email inbox:( recently while we are making a new version. I will put more effort in the forum. BTW, if you see less activity in the forum, it means we are developing new features:)
Sean Brady

Communicating the Diigo Roadmap - 76 views

suggestion 552532 586543 956718 956654
started by Sean Brady on 22 Feb 09 no follow-up yet
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