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Bar has NO BUTTONS in Firefox with Tab Center - 17 views CALL FOR ANY ATT ISSUES- 1-833-554-5444

Firefox toolbar


Diigo Firefox plugin not able to recognize bookmarked pages - 389 views

google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google google g...

toolbar Mozilla Firefox bug

Dora Bennett

Diigo in Chrome - lacking many features found in Firefox - 50 views

Is there any fix to this? sometimes i still experience this lack?

chrome firefox toolbar

Jorge Gamba

Firefox toolbar: Smart folders limited to 20 items in the dropdown list? - 27 views

Okay *you* don't want that, but what if "we" do want?, please be flexible, allow us decide, customize and set that limit. is it so hard?. I'm referring to this .

Firefox toolbar

Empathy Heals

i can't click okay in options for firefox extension - 7 views

i am opening "options" and changing settings, and then trying to click "okay". the dialog box does not close and my options are not saved. if i click on the x and open options again, the settings i...

help bug Firefox

started by Empathy Heals on 26 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
Steven Hotelling

Any chance the search functionality from chrome will be ported to the firefox addin? - 18 views

Jeremy, If you have the FF "Diigo Toolbar" installed, you should have the search box there IN the toolbar to search both Diigo & Google concurrently. ~Steven

firefox search google

Estef Fdez

Diigo toolbar not working properly - 256 views

I have to click twice on the little book icon for make the dialog box expand, other problems have gone, so its ok for me. Thanks for fix it :)

bug toolbar Firefox


Adding a quick access filter isn't working? - 54 views

Happy to know this problem has been solved. If you have experienced any other problems,please kindly let us know.

bug help Firefox Mozilla

Cryo Dream

"Page already bookmarked" feedback on Firefox Diigo button (as in Chrome add-on) - 25 views

I just "returned" back to firefox, been using Chrome for about a year. I missed the customizability via add-ons, which are way lacking in Chrome. The problem I'm having is, that I've gotten used t...

Firefox suggestion

started by Cryo Dream on 08 Aug 11 no follow-up yet
Lisa Scott

Diigolet not working after installed - 140 views

I am having the same problem (both Firefox and Safari for Mac). I am a teacher and signed in with a student account to test installing Diigolet. The button appears on the toolbar, but the Diigole...

Firefox Mac OS X

mei yang

How the save pictures function works underline? - 23 views this web page explains the function I described above better... I am trying to look through the source codes of Diigo 5 to get the a...

help Firefox

Shaun N/A

Unable to import Firefox 4 bookmarks into Diigo Bookmarks - 58 views

So i've been trying to import my firefox 4 bookmarks as a html file into Diigo but after waiting for say, 10 minutes, Firefox throws up a blank webpage. If I go back and check in my library, none o...

Windows XP bug help inconsistency bookmarks import firefox mozilla

started by Shaun N/A on 17 May 11 no follow-up yet
Olof Bjarnason

Floating notes good, but could be better - 12 views

I really love the "Add floating note" thing when I right-click a piece of selected text. For one thing, it is much easier to spot than highlighted text (which can be confused with other things in ...

suggestion Firefox FloatingNotes

started by Olof Bjarnason on 27 Apr 11 no follow-up yet

Help, my bookmarks keep opening in the sidebar instead of my main Firefox window! - 14 views

Thanks for the follow-up.The problem can not be reproduced. To assist us debugging the problem, can you please follow these instruction and then send your firefox profile? 1 disable other add-ons...

firefox diigo bug

Paul Jinks

Firefox 4 - problem editing bookmarks - 32 views

Hi Daniel Thanks for the reply. Everything back to normal here too. I think I caused the problem myself by syncing firefox profiles on different computers using Dropbox. Not sure what the details...

Firefox4 Firefox edit


My Library (web) >> ALWAYS open in NEW tab please! - 76 views

Because of this issue (links from the toolbar and Smart Folder are opened in current active tab) I decided to switch back to delicious bookmarks and FireFox toolbar. Even though It is "not compat...

suggestion bug help Firefox Mozilla

naya mb

Tags not working at all - 35 views

Hi, Since this morning, the tag filter in the diigo toolbar and on the diigo website does not work at all. My library still has all my bookmarks and the numbers of tagged items are still displayed...

bug help firefox toolbar

started by naya mb on 26 Mar 11 no follow-up yet
Daniel Gauthier

New Firefox 4 addons in dire need of esthetics overhaul - 23 views

Awesome Screenshot, Read Later and Quick Note addons are welcomed novelties to Firefox4 but the icons don't fit with some themes like Nuvola. Diigo's icon becomes too big. Likewise for basic Diigo ...

addons firefox graphics

started by Daniel Gauthier on 10 Mar 11 no follow-up yet
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