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Fran Riley

Apostrophe in email address - 6 views

Email addresses are assigned and would prefer to not create an address outside the domain.

help email

Alexis Doval

Tracking email messages - 26 views

I have about 30 students who submit written work on WordPress sites. I annotate them and send links so they can view the comments. With this many students submitting work at various times, it is o...

email messages tracking

Michael Delpach

Email address exposed after importing from Delicious - 58 views

Thanks for resolving this dreaded problem sandy_diigo.

delicious email privacy

Baxter Tocher

Email to diigo - 279 views

That's good to hear, Sandy - thanks for the update.

email RSS Flipboard

John North

send links to my diigo account by email? - 703 views

I emailed Diigo about this in July and had a response from Joel Liu who said that they'll be adding it to the feature list (not sure whether this means that it's being implemented soon?). For the r...

email assigned diigo help suggestion

Noel Reid

export bookmarks : CSV file : no email alert ! - 125 views

+1 for me - no email alert [alongside my other problem with the Export facility - 'Bookmark export getting only a small number of bookmarks']

bug export email bookmarks notification spam (electronic)

Epopteia ...

send to friends works great sometimes - 7 views

They "Send" feature has been one of my favorites. It lets me seamlessly sling links all over the place as I browse. When I originally imported my contacts from gmail, the auto complete "To" box h...

email help

started by Epopteia ... on 08 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Email to Friend button not workin - 30 views

Is the bug limited to your sent copy of the message? (Does the addressee receive their copy?) Previously reported problems with sent messages include

Email Messa

Leonie Wagner

spanish spelling in comments - 53 views

Hi Bea, so I guess it´s not a problem of the browser you are using but a problem of Diigo itself. So only the programmer of Diigo will be able to fix this problem.

comments email spanish spell

Joel Liu

email history for links shared - 32 views

It's a good idea. We will add it to our to do list.


Joel Liu

How do I remove old dailt email to blog??? - 21 views

Hi Doof, It looks strange. I can see the my daily blog post job in . Could you change your diigo password to a temp one and email it to joel 【at 】 diigo do...

daily email job

Ali Nabavi

Recipients don't receive Diigo email when sharing article - 100 views

Hi Hourback, We indeed experienced the email problem last week and the problem should be fixed one day later. Thanks.

e-mail email

Tony Lai

Changing email address / username - 83 views

Please drop us an email to info at diigo dot com with more details - we will help you take a closer look

email username

Joel Liu

forwarded email problem - 22 views

If we use your email address in the from field, some mail systems may think diigo email system tells a lie and mark the email as spam. However, the good news is that it can be worked around. We w...

email forwarding spam (electronic)

Joel Liu

Stop email alerts? - 49 views

Ever group member can go to the group home page to disable email alert .

email rss

Fuzbolero .

"My posts" listing for following up on my forum posts - 29 views

ok, thanks for the quick reply. What exactly is a follow-on message in this context? Should I not get your response to me on this thread automatically by email? I didnt, that is why I ask. Keep up...

email forum notification

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