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LC Stuff

Importing Delicious Tags in 2011 - 74 views

The last time I tagged anything with "RUP" was in 2008 & it was 2007 since I used the "pocketPC" tag, yet they are listed under my recent tags. I add a new bookmark almost every day, so I doubt an...

Delicious import

Jeff Andersen

Universal Usability: A universal design approach to web usability - 0 views

    The Universal Usability site houses an unabridged, online version of Access by Design: A Guide to Universal Usability for Web Designers, by Sarah Horton, published in 2005 by New Riders Press. You'll find the complete text and illustrations from the printed book here under Access by Design Online. The online version also offers links to texts and tutorials that support and expand on the concepts covered in the book. Visit About the site to learn about the purpose and process of posting the book online.
catherine dsouza

[bug] all public highlights missing from Diigo view of - 26 views

I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it's not about the individual but it can be with everyone. stelle The Bible

highlight bug private public gpd4

Packing Service ,Inc.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Box & Re-Usable Crates - Packing Service, Inc - 0 views

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Box & Re-Usable Crates - Packing Service, Inc. Packing Service, Inc. is a Shipping & Moving solutions company specializing in Packing, Custom Crating, Loading, Shrink Wrap Palletizing & Shipping On-Site Nationwide for Flat Rates!
Graham Perrin

floating window for sticky note is always too small for its contents - 45 views

@ Diigo Please, might you fix these three bugs in the next round? The first two always and seriously affect usabili...

priority UI GUI accessibility Diigolet 3.1b900 sticky note window palette pane dialogue gpd4 963980 972777 1414458

Graham Perrin

middle click?? - 113 views

> I've never had any issues with the right click menu not appearing. The problem does seem to be random or transient (as I review this afternoon the stickies that I attached to this page on 10th N...

toolbar firefox extension usability interface GUI suggestion

Jessica Wilton

Why Does Website Design Agency Use Usability Testing Tools? - 0 views

    The website designing agencies rely on usability testing tools for ensuring the website is error-free before it is made live. Thus, the audiences can interact with clear websites.

Customer Experience Testing To Unlock Digital Success | ClicTest - 0 views

    As digital transformation progresses at a rapid pace, the difficulty in using the web is increasing day by day. The harsh reality is that businesses are spending large amounts of money to drive customers to their websites, but unable to retain them due to customer dissatisfaction. The main cause of this issue could be not properly analyzing the various reasons of customer dissatisfaction. Here comes an urgent need to consider many ways of analyzing the customer behavior. The solution is to understand customer experience significance and perform effective Customer Experience Testing. It is not only about technology, design or usability all the time but it is also about customer experience which is most important for businesses. A vital factor to be considered is to understand the customer pulse and for that, performing Customer Experience Testing is extremely necessary. To read more, visit
Packing Service ,Inc.

New Orleans, Louisiana - Commercial Crates, Custom Crates & Re-Usable Crates - Packing ... - 0 views

    Packing Service, Inc. was open in 2003, and has been a member of the BBB since 2007 with a 97% customer satisfaction rate. We combined the shipping and moving industries together under one company to provide exceptional customer service. ​Packing Service, Inc. provides FLAT RATE GUARANTEED QUOTES for: *Packing Boxes *Wrapping Furniture *Loading and Unloading Rental Trucks, Pods Containers, International Containers and Trailers *Building Custom Wooden Crates for boxes, furniture and machinery *Wrapping and Palletizing all kinds of boxes, furniture and machinery, ON-SITE *Shipping Pallets and Custom Crates Domestically and Internationally from all over the U.S. to any port in the world, with no misunderstandings and no hidden costs.
Packing Service ,Inc.

Denver, Colorado - Industrial Crates, Re-Usable Crates & Shipping by Packing Service, I... - 0 views

    Packing Service, Inc. is a Shipping & Moving Solutions company that specializes in Packing | Crating | Loading | Palletizing & Shipping Nationwide at Flat Rates!

ABC LEARN - Oracle DBA Basics | Tablespace Management in Oracle - 0 views

    What is tablespace? Oracle database are logically divided into one or more tablespaces. An oracle tablespace is a logical entity that contains the physical datafiles. Tablespaces are store in all the usable data of the database and the data in the tablespace are stored in one or more datafiles. Datafiles are Oracle-formatted operating system files. Oracle creates a datafile for a tablespace when you specify the keyword DATAFILE during tablespace creation
Graham Perrin

sticky note: tabbing order is always wrong, back-to-front - 7 views

@ Diigo Please, might you fix these three bugs in the next round? The first two always and seriously affect usabili...

accessibility inconsistency LTR order keyboard tab sticky note window pane palette Diigolet 4.0b14 gpd4 963980 972777 1414458

F. F.

I can't bookmark pages from - 50 views

Great news Graham, Thanks for resolving this issue!

# bookmark resolved

Graham Perrin

Round Two and Version 4: Diigo | U Tech Tips - 3 views

  • Round Two
  • Version 4: Diigo
  • September 29, 2009 By Adrienne Michetti
  • ...27 more annotations...
  • first time ’round, I wasn’t convinced
  • now that Diigo’s been re-vamped — version 4.0, y’all — I may have to reconsider
  • Diigo’s very clear Tour
  • Is Diigo changing the landscape of tools for collaboration, research, and archiving?
  • Share and Collaborate (which sound similar to me, but I didn’t come up with the labels!)
  • Cross-posted at Pockets of Change
    • Graham Perrin
      No comments there at the time of reading.
  • networks in Diigo are like customized search engines driven by real people
    • Graham Perrin
      A nice interpretation.
  • passionate about learning, technology, music, writing, creativity, and her Mac
  • Tod Baker September 30, 2009
  • looks and works better
  • Yes, you should reconsider
  • Library
  • groups and classes features are great for sharing
  • research and related thoughts
  • Adrienne Michetti is currently a full-time Masters student in NYU's Educational Communication and Technology program.
  • EasyBlog feature organizes discussions clearly
  • accessible for review
    • Graham Perrin
      … but not searchable.
  • an essential tool platform
  • Adrienne Michetti September 30, 2009
  • I really like that you’ve labeled Diigo a platform
  • explore the networks further, as I haven’t spent enough time
  • things seem smoother now
  • new things here and there
  • I still have a sense that Diigo almost has too many bells and whistles
  • do I need an option to post to Twitter in every method of bookmarking?
  • Does the annotation option need to show up in two different toolbar buttons?
    • Graham Perrin
      I can't visualise that part of the UI but I agree strongly that multiple/repeat of features/content should be avoided.
  • hyper-aware of usability issue
Paul May

feature request: usability change for tag selection when bookmarking from the toolbar - 22 views

When typing in a tag while bookmarking from the toolbar, I'd really like to see it automatically go to the first item in the auto-complete list. So, for example, if I type in the letters "so" and ...

bookmark toolbar

started by Paul May on 31 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

What's missing in v.3 … - 114 views

Thanks for all your input. You have good points. We are focusing on fixing bugs now. However we will consider all suggestions in the Diigo V3 improvement plan. For blinklist bookmarking, I exp...

Graham Perrin

Occasionally, a sticky note is inexplicably far too wide - issue with wrappin... - 10 views

@ Diigo Please, might you fix these three bugs in the next round? The first two always and seriously affect usabili...

bug UI sticky note width text wrap 963980 972777 1414458

Graham Perrin

Comments Requests Reccomendations - 85 views

The many subjects will be easier to follow, respond to, and to later find in this forum, if you create one topic per subject. Thanks.

comments discussion features feedback

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