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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Export selected bookmarks only? - 98 views

export bookmarks selection
  • Peter Pan
    Is it possible to export selected bookmarks only, not all of them? For example, I may use one or several tags to get a selection of bookmarks in my collection. Then, I would like to export those bookmarks only into Netscape Bookmark Format. Can I do that with Diigo and if yes, how?
  • Peter Pan
    The ultimate aim would be for example to be able to give/send a friend or a colleague a selection of my bookmarks. A colleague might be interested in immunology too, so I could send him all my bookmarks on immunology. A friend might be interested in endurance training, then I could send him all my bookmarks on that subject. Of course, I wouldn't want to give/send them *all* my bookmarks.
    That is the idea behind the usefulness of such a feature - IMHO.
Peter Pan

Advanced search removed? - 220 views

resolved advanced_search feature search-feature search help syntax
  • Peter Pan
    I noticed that the advanced search has been removed. Is this only temporary or is this permanent? I liked this feature when the standard search needed some more fine-tuning to find what I was looking for (within my own bookmarks).
  • Peter Pan
    There were a number of options for more refinded searches if the standard search did not provide the appropriate results. But it was only available for one's own bookmarks, so one had to switch to the "My Bookmarks only" tab. Then, the advanced search was available. It is referred to in those two threads for example:

    But now I can't see it anymore.
  • Peter Pan
    Sean Brady wrote:

    > Peter Pan: I am also not seeing the Advanced Search feature, but it
    > does appear that you can still perform the searches by putting the
    > identifiers directly in the search. For example, to find the word
    > Consensus in your highlights you would type h:consensus into the
    > search box. You can use a c: to search in your comments.

    Thanks for the advice, Sean. That is at least something - although in some cases not as convient as using the search fields of the advanced search.
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