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prosody context(e

If post/topic/highlight/annotation style labeled/organized/etc different than how peopl... - 8 views

Is it preserved how each individual user wrote it, or can it be lost, flagged and deleted? If I make my writing/topic/annotation style public, and it is differently thought/labeled/organized th...

integrity censorship control tags tagging taxonomy topology diigo openness flagging deletion creativity

started by prosody context(e on 27 Dec 12 no follow-up yet
Emma Duke-Williams

Export just a tag. - 48 views

I've got a lot of items in diigo; and we now have a system within the University library that allows us to generate reading lists, from both books in the library & other sources. I've got about 3,...

export tags subset

started by Emma Duke-Williams on 01 Aug 12 no follow-up yet

problem with filtering by tag - 11 views

Can you please advise some tags as example?

tags groups lists

Jorge Gamba

It's possible to extend the number of "related tags" at My Library? - 57 views

Hey! I just discovered a suggested idea at diigo's feedback, please support and vote it!. "Related tags - show more and sort by alphabet"

bug tag tags features help


Tag search on Group - How?? - 18 views

Having tested just now,the "Search in this group" function is working when enter tag names and also searching in "title,*tags*,annotations or url". There may be some delay.

tags groups search

Hans De Keulenaer

Erroneous listing of bookmarks under group tags - 13 views

Sandy - I have now deleted the group tag 'solar' from all posts in the energy group. Yet, 17 bookmarks remain listed using the link None of ...

groups tags bug

Bobby White

Tags not appearing in global searches - 48 views

Wow, I'm so so bummed about this. I had no idea. Let me explain my use case. OUTSIDE of groups, I want faculty from various universities (unknown, in some cases) to be able to network around bookm...

tag tags problem

Baxter Tocher

Tags will not delete! - 169 views

@sandy_diigo Nope, I'm still having problems. For example, the tag "firefox:toolbar" has no bookmarks associated with it (I've just deleted them all), but the tag still appears in my tag cloud here...

tags delete

Virtual Me

the list feature - 47 views

Also, at the left of the list, we should have visibility for the most common tags for that particular list. I use lists practically for all my projects. I create lists way ahead I actually start ...

tags lists filter view

Rob Webb

"has no public tags" can't see tag cloud - delicious import - 57 views

Thank you so much! That's fantastic news! I appreciate it

bug tag cloud delicious tags import public


What's the difference between lists and tags? - 135 views

Lists and tags can both be used to organize items. List is similar to folder while tag is similar to label.

lists tags difference


Diigo tags not being transferred to Delicious - 9 views

Can you please give us some bookmarks whose tags are in question as examples?

bug tags delicious transfer

Julian Qian

Can I import bookmark tags to "My Tags" in diigo? - 31 views

Sorry, I find all tags has been imported into "My Tags". It seems some hours is needed to complete this job. -_-!

delicious bookmark tags

Kala Parva

Linkroll not functioning - 35 views

Dear Sandy, Thank you and the Diigo team for the quick response. It works fine now. Cheers Santosh

Linkroll Tags Error


My tags are not working - 34 views

I can't click on a tag and run the list of all items associated with the tag. "ALL" items checked. I have a list of tags and items (mostly bookmarks) associated with those tags when I see my tag l...


started by Jason on 26 Mar 11 no follow-up yet

Changing Tags - 14 views

You can replace tag "Delicious" with "Diigo" on the following webpage.


Suzana S

Tagging & bookmarking - 40 views

The fix is simply to drag the bookmarking window until the tag field appears large enough. It seems to be a bug.

tags bookmarking

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