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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Djiezes Kraaijst

Terrance Heath

50 Highlights Per Month? Farewell... - 114 views

started by Terrance Heath on 08 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
  • Djiezes Kraaijst
    I'm thrilled at the change. I was already looking for alternatives as 50 annotations per month just is not enough for me. 1000 / year sounds more reasonable & gives some more leeway in how you can spend them: at least it allows for highlighting-spree sessions.
Djiezes Kraaijst

Highlights not appearing when searching: expand/collapse feature not working - 66 views

collapse expand highlight search search-feature searching tags
  • Djiezes Kraaijst
    When doing a search on my bookmarks, the 'expand' link does not work.
    When just browsing my bookmarks, or doing a search on only tags, the expand link does show all my highlights & comments.

    For example, the link
    shows all my bookmarks & i can expand every bookmark. It will show all my highlights.

    But when doing a search on my bookmarks, for example on the word 'jaws':
    I do get results, but cannot show my highlights, though it's indicated i have over 15 highlights.

    When searching on tags (as in , the 'expand/collapse' feature does work indeed.
    But when doing a real search (searching title, highlights, description, comments), the 'expand/collapse' feature does not work.

    I was already afraid I'd lost all my highlights and comments, but this seems more like a bug to me.

    Am I the only one having this problem? Is it something originating from Diigo itself, or is it due to my particular setup (firefox 3, linux, ...)?
  • Djiezes Kraaijst
    Great, thanks for looking into this.

    Maggie Tsai wrote:
    > Got it. A new bug triggered by some latest change - will fix
krazykiwi -

Firefox Beta 3.0.5b & Diigo - 223 views

beta firefox toolbar
started by krazykiwi - on 14 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
  • Djiezes Kraaijst
    I had the same problem with FF 3.0b5 on a linux system (ubuntu hardy heron).

    Accepting third party cookies solved this, but searching for a more secure solution I did the following:

    Instead of enabling third party cookies for all, just click the button "exceptions" above that setting, add "" and click 'allow'.

    This works flawlessly and now you're only accepting diigo cookies, not all third party cookies, which is safer & more secure than the previous suggestion (in sofar you trust diigo).

    Don't forget to disable third party cookies.

    Have fun !
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