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Trent Larson

How do I search for bookmarks with "tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3..."? - 280 views

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started by Trent Larson on 23 Jul 08
  • Trent Larson
    How do I search for bookmarks with "tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3..." (particularly bookmarks in a specific group)?

    Is there a place where the search syntax is defined?

  • Oliver S.
    The search syntax for what you are trying to do is:
    tag:(tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3 ...)

    I think the search syntax was once defined in the Diigo Help Center ( but because so much changed with Diigo V3, the whole help center had to be recreated/rewritten, and it is still a work in progress and as far as I could see it currently does not contain this information.

    In Diigo, there is an "Advanced Search" for your own bookmarks. It used to be a directly accessible drop-down menu but since the majority of users just rarely uses advanced search features, the "Advanced Search" was put into a place accessible only *after* having performed a standard search. So, if the standard search does not give you the results you want, then you can refine your search with the advanced search features.

    To access the "Advanced Search", you need to perform a standard search using the search field and search button in the upper right corner of the webpage you see after being logged in. Then, you get search results for Diigo, your bookmarks only and everyone's bookmarks, which you can select by clicking on the appropriate tab. After selecting "My bookmark only" you will see the clickable word "Advanced" next to the search button in the upper third of the webpage. Click this word and the advanced search field will open. Use the boolean operator OR to find results which contain any word of your list of terms.

    By using the appropriate search syntax, you can access the advanced search features directly (as shown above for the tags). But this works just as well for all other fields, such as:
    url:(term1 OR term2 OR term3 ...)
  • Trent Larson
    Sweet! Thank you for the answer... and all the details. I had stumbled upon that once and couldn't find it again. That helps a ton.

    I'm going to use some unique IDs to mark family documents so that people can search for docs with info about members of their family, and now I can do it fairly easily without much other infrastructure with Diigo. I'm happy.

    Thanks again for the help!
  • Trent Larson
    It appears that this group-search functionality is no longer working. I can search for a single word or multiple inclusive words (eg. tag1 AND tag2), but my searches for alternative words (eg. tag1 OR tag2) do not work. For example, in the group, I'd like to find any of the following:

    1ndt-4r OR kjz6-4hg

    It doesn't even have to be in tags; I'd be willing to search for these words in the comments or highlights (or maybe even the titles). Can anyone confirm or deny?

    If this is possible, can I go further? This is ideal: tag:(1ndt-4r OR kjz6-4hg) AND content:(children AND pioneer)

    I'm trying to find a way to get back to what we had before, hopefully before my presentation this weekend. :-) Is there an advanced group search like the advanced regular search ( Give me any ideas and I'll try them out. Thanks in advance.
  • Graham Perrin
    Diigo 4.0 beta: group: search: tags: operators and parentheses

    Hi Trent

    To the best of my knowledge:

    * operators are

    * multiple word tags such as "iPhone OS" are supported

    * where two or more tags are entered without an operator,
      AND is assumed

    * parentheses ( ) are not supported. is good, and so on.

    Broadly speaking:

    * in your library, searches can be advanced; the option to advance appears at the foot of every standard search result

    * in a group, searches can not be so far advanced

    * in the community area (public bookmarks but not topics from all users) search is simple.

    Hope that helps
  • Graham Perrin
 with tags alone is good and in that example I prefer compact view (simple display mode).

    > tag:(1ndt-4r OR kjz6-4hg) AND content:(children AND pioneer) finds nothing.

    I guess that a default search with multiple words but no operators will be treated as AND. (If so: this is good, results of simple searches can be refined by simply adding a word to the query.)

    > content:(children AND pioneer)

    Re search of text within group topics,
    please enable e-mail notification for
    Search Group Topics: various search failures (single words that exist are not found)

    Re search of text within group bookmarked pages,
    please enable e-mail notification for
    Where did full-text search of groups go?

  • Graham Perrin
    > I guess that a default search
    > with multiple words
    > but no operators will be treated as AND.

    Vincent explains at point 2.
  • Trent Larson
    I see how my particular use-case is going to be a challenge. Let me try to explain and see if it's worth the work.

    We want to search through a particular subset of bookmarks. (The subset is chosen based on their ancestry; we have a genealogy database, and we find their ancestors who have histories here .) Once we've got their subset of bookmarks, we want to be able to search through that set for arbitrary words.

    I can do this kind of search in my own bookmarks by using the tags to define the subset (of ancestors) and then they can do an arbitrary text search; for example: "tag:(1ngp-1w OR 1ndt-4r) text:(Julia)" So I suppose I could make a new account and be the gatekeeper of all bookmarks; but that's the downside, because I would love to allow people to tag content on their own and add it to our group without my intervention.

    As far as I could tell, this worked in the previous version, but not with V4. So now for my questions:

    - Is it in the plans to add this? If so, is that 1 month or 1 year or 1 decade away? You can be honest. :-)

    - Is there another way to accomplish this, such as having everyone tag their own bookmarks and then doing a "tag:(1ngp-1w OR 1ndt-4r) text:(Julia)" search in everyone's bookmarks? I didn't get any success when I tried, but maybe I was doing it wrong.

    - Is there a "search within" feature I could use? I found this page when I was logged in, which seems to do exactly the kind of thing I need, but I cannot get to it when not logged in and I need to allow access to non-Diigo-registered people:

    - Any other brainstorms welcome. Would it be easier to put the tags in the description or title... or even us a different concept than the tags to find our subsets? Would this be easier by leveraging the new "Library" or "Network" concepts? (I doubt it, since we absolutely must allow non-Diigo-registered users to do this kind of search, but I'm open to any brainstorms.) I keep considering other services, but nothing else comes as close to what I want out-of-the-box.

    Thanks for any help! As always, it's good to see progress; there's definitely a lot of work going on, and I'm grateful for the active community tools and feedback. Cheers!
  • Graham Perrin

    It is useful to see the number of people who bookmarked an item.

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