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Trent Larson

searching through group tags ...and: What is the syntax for searches? - 40 views

My immediate need: I'm trying to search my group's bookmarks for specific tags, but I want an "OR" search, eg. to pull up all bookmarks tagged with either "children" or "kids". How can I do this? ...

search tags help

started by Trent Larson on 13 Jul 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

How do I search for bookmarks with "tag1 OR tag2 OR tag3..."? - 280 views

> It is useful to see the number of people who bookmarked an item.

search tags help syntax boolean

Graham Perrin

Good Example Annotated Pages "in the wild" ? - 47 views

Credit to Scott Allam for identifying some busy Diigo Groups; and to Sean Brady for alerting me to search syntax wisdom. AFAIR whilst in a Diigo Groups Bookmarks interface, a c:think in...

annotations examples search syntax help resolved

Graham Perrin

Search Question - 67 views

> Searching, by me, for both like above returns nothing. Searching > for each individually returns results. Experimenting: 1. 2. http...

search search string help suggestion

Graham Perrin

search all aspects of a group, with predictable/explicit syntax, from the group's home ... - 634 views

Group search in Diigo 4.0 beta is good enough me. Minor glitches are detailed in separate topics. Tag: resolved

resolved search home API suggestion help gpd4 application programming interface

Graham Perrin

Searching for Comments & Highlights - 221 views

Bug > Search titles, tags, annotations, URLs and snapshots > VirusBarrier family fails to find my bookmark of http://blog.i...

bug resolved search syntax comment highlight


ABC LEARN - Add/changing a user group in linux - 0 views

    This command is used modify the user attributes like user id, group, name etc. Syntax: Usermod [options] username The following are the list of options to modify already existing user attributes. -d this option is used to change the working directory of the user -g this option is used to change the primary group of the user -G this option is used to change the secondary group of the user -L this option is used to lock the user account. -U this option is used to unlock the user account. -s this option is used to assign shell to the user. -e this option is used to assign specific expiry date to the particular user. -u this option is used to modify the user id of the user. -l this option is used to modify the login name of the user. -c this option is used to change the comment or assign the comment to the particular user.

ABC LEARN - Hard Link ln Command in Linux/Unix with examples - 0 views

    Hard linking a file Let's take a case, We are working on updating particular software packages on Linux machine. And unexpectedly, a couple of important files got deleted by the administrator. During this situations, hard linked files will come handy as a backup. Note: Generally, the hard link file is used for the backup purpose of small and important configuration files like /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow etc. Command Syntax: ln actual-file hard link-file Example: [root@sys2 ~]# ln abclearn hardln [root@sys2 ~]# ls -l hardln -rw-r--r--. 2 root root 16 Jan 28 19:55 hardln [root@sys2 ~]# ls -l abclearn -rw-r--r--. 2 root root 16 Jan 28 19:55 abclearn
Graham Perrin

predictable URLs for each of the tabs - 22 views

I haven't paid attention to the URLs for the tabs but in groups, we have more predictable URLs…

tab URL syntax inconsistency suggestion gpd4


Can Google Custom Search treat my Diigo Bookmarks as one of the searched sites? - 2 views

    I am attempting to include my bookmarks (found here - to be included in a Google Custom Search, but I cannot figure out the proper syntax.
    I am attempting to get Google Custom Search to include my Diigo bookmarks in its search. Is this possible?
amby kdp

Quick And Easy Guide For Python Programmers - 0 views

    Python is a powerful language with a simple, regular syntax that makes it an easy language for beginners to learn. It allows programmers to work quickly and is used for scripting and rapid application development. "Python Programming For Beginners" by James P. Long is the best one python programming book for beginners who want to learn python programming. For deeper understanding of python programming language you can go through this book.

Search just in highlighted bookmarks - 10 views

Try the syntax suggested at Regards Graham

highlight howto search syntax help

Graham Perrin

Search Diigo users of interest: advanced - 26 views

  • By Name or Email By Tags By Site By URL
  • Advanced
    Search Diigo users of interest Search Diigo users of interest
  • ...2 more comments...
    @ yuppi c I'm curious. Did you: a) easily find your way to the second type of search in Diigo 4.0 beta or b) not find your way? Tags: orientation, syntax
    @Graham - Tried to reproduce how I came here but, forgot... I just fell on it somehow. Again I can't find this page without using my local bookmark. This is the kind of page you usually get to by clicking somewhere near any search fields - from any Diigo page - but I don't see any. How do you get to 'user search'?
    Related bookmarks and topics: Search Diigo users of interest: by name or e-mail (2010-03-21) Search Diigo users of interest: By Site versus By URL: inconsistency
Graham Perrin

Search Group Topics - tips? Syntax? (Too many results) - 569 views

Please, do you have any tips on searching group topics? For this particular group, for any search, I usually find hundreds of results - realistically, that's *way* too many to consider. (If some...

resolved Search Group Topics GUI TTW help suggestion

started by Graham Perrin on 02 Nov 08 no follow-up yet
Trent Larson

group: search: some matching topics are omitted from results - 75 views

Note that my use case is not a simple AND for keywords in a group; I've put more information in the other question... maybe there's a better way to solve it...

bug fixed verified resolved thanks inconsistency search full text group topic gpd4 585885 971091 973892 thank you

Maggie Tsai

Strange tag named "no_tag" - 62 views

Problem should be already fixed - we'll release that fix along other new features shortly. Please don't be that cynical - the entire Diigo team is already working our butts off to provide you ...

bug tag

Graham Perrin

full-text searching in Diigo forum? - 161 views

davido wrote: > good idea! do you know how long that google-lagtime actually is? No, sorry, unfortunately I don't know how long that lagtime is.

forum full-text search Google boolean help suggestion syntax

Oliver S.

Advanced search removed? - 222 views

The "Advanced search" is back in Diigo v4.0. You can find it at: You can also find a link to the "Advanced search" in Diigo after you selected one o...

resolved advanced_search feature search-feature search help syntax

Graham Perrin

limit search to specific user's bookmarks - 46 views

> simple boolean support +1 Please enable e-mail notification for

search bookmark user tag OR help syntax

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