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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Soul Book

Soul Book

Too many different apps? - 49 views

apps toolbar firefox features requests
started by Soul Book on 06 Mar 11 no follow-up yet
  • Soul Book
    I like the idea of the monthly newsletter, particularly if it means some progress on improving diigo and new features - but it highlighted for me that recently the diigo team seems to be working on about 10 different apps/extensions on about 5 different platforms.... and there seems to be little connection in terms of features, names, appearance, etc..

    The quick note extension and the read later extension both sound interesting - but they appear to be chrome only, and there is nothing similar on firefox - yet a lot of firefox features seem missing on chrome.
    And the iphone/ipad/android apps have other names and feature sets as well.

    I realise this may be somewhat unavoidable - but it's also kind of frustrating and confusing. I'm a FF user.. and i've been using the diigo toolbar for years now, so it'd be nice to think i'd get to use some of these features sometime soon.

    There STILL seems to be no way to make a note from the FF toolbar!

    PS/ how come the google/apple apps all look so much better than FF / vanilla diigo? :-(
Webtwo Dozent

Diigo-Button in Firefox Navigation-Bar / Version 5.1.016 - 106 views

firefox diigo toolbar
started by Webtwo Dozent on 19 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
  • Soul Book
    Any chance of including a small version of the diigo button. I have "small icons" turned on in furefox, and all the icons are small (firefox, evernote, stumbleupon, hootsuite, amplify, etc..) EXCEPT diigo - which just displays the usual big icon.
    (they also integrate better with themes, as they seem to allow borders - the diigo one doesn't. )

    I actually like having the icon, as I hide my diigo toolbar by default (it's not needed). But it used to be repositionable, and it does need a small version.
Maggie Tsai

New Uservoice Channels available - 75 views

diigo suggestion help FAQ
started by Maggie Tsai on 15 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
  • Soul Book
    The focus of Uservoice does indicate some of the weak points of Diigo groups. (the fact they couldn't be used for this purpose, for one thing).

    I rather like uservoice, but it is focused almost entirely on Ideas/Feedback - which it does well. I think it's adoption is a good idea. But I hope diigo can learn a few things from it when it comes to making their own groups a little more user friendly. Not to say they should copy it entirely, as diigo groups have a different purpose.

    I think, in general, the compact display works better for the forum topics. Seeing all the tags and avatars isn't really needed. (and because they show the avatar of the last poster, rather than the thread starter, you often see a dozen of the same person. This might work better for smaller groups, but not really for a big group like this.).

    There's lots of ways they could improve the forums, but i don't have time to think about it in detail now. Splitting topics and bookmarks into seperate columns. Making the avatar of the first poster, but with a smaller sub avatar and summary of the last post in the thread. Having threads open inline like bookmark comments. Hiding the tags, except on mouseover. A dashboard that shows you any replies. The ability to ask Questions and mark them as answered. The ability to filter forums by language. Having bookmarks display with a mini thumbnail rather than the poster's avatar. etc...
Soul Book

Questions about new pricing levels (Free, Basic, Premium) - 131 views

diigo question ideas premium basic price
  • Soul Book
    First, I just wanted to say that i appreciate you listening to feedback and I think the new pricing levels are a big improvement that will suit a lot more people.

    Anyway, my questions would be:

    1 - For the limited caches (5/month for free, 20/m for educator), are these automatic, or user selected?
    As I understand it there used to be two kinds of caches. An automatic system one when the bookmark was created, and user created ones later. I was always a bit confused about the details though.
    I assume that now those on limited plans won't get the automatic system cache, and need to check the box for the ones they want to save. (will there be any way to see your usage in the future?)
    PS/ personally I'd rather have a monthly MB storage limit, but that's just me.

    2 - For those on Ads free accounts, do ads show up on links that they send to other people?
    For example, if a premium user sends a link to a diigo meta page to a friend (diigo user or not), would that have ads?

    3 - Any chance of adding more payment periods? Eg: 2 years, get 20% off, 3 years get 30% off. Or a 6 month period for the basic scheme.
  • Soul Book
    1 - Thought so. I just keep getting mixed up with the terminology of cached, snapshot, etc... I just worry I'm going to keep forgetting to click the cache button! ;-)
    2 - Seems like it would be a good option for paid accounts. The ads on the diigo meta take up a lot of space, and it wouldn't really seem very professional to send a link like that. So for professionals and people using diigo seriously it'd be useful (i'd guess).
    3 - It might make things too complicated, but I'd have thought it would be good marketing sense. Offering bulk discounts and limited time offers is usually appealing to people. (I know when flickr launched they did a 2 years for the price of one for a limited time. And when Steam does limited time discounts/bundles their sales figures go through the roof. Marketing 101 i'd imagine. )
Soul Book

Diigo search results in ORDINARY google search results? - 276 views

diigo search suggestion toolbar integration google bing
started by Soul Book on 07 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
  • Soul Book
    Sorry for many posts, but the going premium thing reminded me about diigo, which i'd slightly forgotten recently.

    It seems to me the main reason i'd forgotten it is that it's not well integrated into ordinary browsing actions.

    The diigo results in the diigo+google results are very useful. But I access google results from many places. From the awesomebar, from my new tab page, from links/connections in other sites, from inside gmail, etc..
    This means that, unless I happen to search from the diigo toolbar (which i only do if i remember i have a relevant bookmark), I never see the diigo results. And so I forget about them.

    What would be much more useful would be to insert the diigo results into ALL google search results pages.
    Web of trust and stumbleupon seem to be able to do this. SO when i use those services I DON'T USE those services. I use google, and those services just appear.
    With diigo I have to make the concious choice - should i search via diigo or via the usual method.

    (for the same reason, it's be nice if diigo was more integrated into the firefox bookmarks button/dialog - but that's another topic)

    (also, is there a way via the API to access the search results that are embedded into diigo+google? If there is then I could have another go at writing a firefox extension to do it).
Soul Book

Diigo toolbar button - open the toolbar - 39 views

diigo toolbar button hide show
started by Soul Book on 07 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
  • Soul Book
    I realised that recently I've totally forgotten about diigo. And i think one reason is that I closed the toolbar to get more screen space, and it's a pain to open it again.

    I have the diigo button on my main toolbar, so I'd imagine that clicking it would instantly open the toolbar (like stumbleupon, or the web developer toolbar. But instead I then have to select "show toolbar" from the menu. Then again to hide it.

    Could we make the diigo button into a true two-part button. Where clicking the diigo icon shows/hides the toolbar. And where clicking the down arrow on the right shows the dropdown menu?
Jose Luis Pajares

Time for localization and other suggestions - 159 views

features localization tag (metadata) Common Tag tag bundle translate locale suggestion
  • Soul Book
    I'd like:

    - Option to have other bookmarks default to public, but unread ones default to private.
    - Drop down list of unread items direct from the toolbar.
    - A "mark read" button to easily change it, and take it off the unread list.

    - Hyperlinks for the most commonly searched, or most recently searched tags below the searchbox.

    - The ones I click on the most. Or an option to sort the list by clicks

    Cool Extras:
    - track changes. Since you are already letting me add notes and cache pages, I'd like to be able to choose to be updated if the page changes, or if my highlights change. (kinda like a builting, before it broke).
    -screenshots would be nice, if used sparingly... such as on the homepage or dashboard.
  • Soul Book
    I also agree about the favorites. Some of mine are kinda weird.. because there are several small, different sites hosted on the same service... which means diigo thinks the main service is my favorite. Actually I've never even looked at the main site.
    On the other hand, some are pretty good.. so maybe the feature has some merit... but Top Sites might be more apt.

    I don't use groups, but having them as a tab on the sidebar seems like a logical idea.

    Screenshots aren't a major feature i'm dying for (much rather have changenotes, remembered searches, searches, unread etc.. direct on the toolbar).

    However I can't help but notice that sites like Magnolia get far more hype and attention than ones like diigo. In terms of usability and features I'd say diigo was way ahead.. but it can't be denied that, at least at first glance, magnolia looks a lot more colorful and interesting.
    I think a lot of people who use these kind of sites are people like web designers.. and they are naturally drawn to more graphical interfaces.

    I just wonder if diigo might get more hype, and therefore have more "diigo this page" icons added to pages, if it had screenshots. (like in the favorites list).

    Maybe make it an optional feature when setting up public lists (kinda like public galleries) or make it optional for some groups?
    As I say, its not hugely important to me.. i just think it might help diigo's profile.
Soul Book

Enhancements for Post-to-blog and Auto-blog-post - 109 views

diigo blog auto autoblog suggestion feature
started by Soul Book on 11 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
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  • Soul Book
    I've been using diigo for ages for bookmarks, but i've just set up a blog so i wanted to try out the Post to blog and Auto-blog functions.

    Unfortunately the results don't seem all that useable. One problem is the (unfortunately common) one that the pages don't really have much help or guidance included in them. If it wasn't for other user's sticky notes i'd have never figured out how to set up a wordpress blog, and never known what half the boxes were for.

    But on a wider note, it'd be nice to have some more options:
    (a) Setting up the auto blog I can choose to include annotations or not, but if i select a lot of posts in my Diigo Library and choose "post to blog" then i seem to be unable to exclude the annotations... and a dozen huge annotations don't make a nice blog post.

    (b) It'd be nice if there was an option/way to turn diigo tags into blog tags.
    (c) and if there was an option to choose categories.
    (d) and if there was an option to include tags in the post, or not.
    (e) and if there was an option to include "list of links TO ANNOTATED PAGES"... so all the annotations don't get embedded in the blog.. but can be seen if they click the link to visit the page.

    (f) It'd be nice to be able to set up default text for the Auto Blog Post if i want, so i don't have to edit it each time to add "here are some things i found interesting this week:".

    All around, it seems like a great diigo feature that i wasn't even aware of. (there seem to be lots of those). But it seems mostly unusable right now.
Maggie Tsai

Diigo API - Seeking advice on how to reach out to developer community - 366 views

api developer suggestion 4.0 application programming interface
started by Maggie Tsai on 09 May 08 no follow-up yet
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  • Soul Book
    Diigo API group would be very nice. It might actually get some action going, and i doubt most of the community would be interested in the posts.. so it'd make sense to separate them out.
Michael Norton

Send to Blog with blog: Invalid API - 453 views

diigo wordpress blog API help resolved
  • Soul Book
    There were some diigo sticky notes on the Send to Blog / Auto Blog Post setup page that gave me some tips. I think I ended up having to use the MetaWebblg API as the Wordpress one doesn't work. But I don't remember clearly.
  • Soul Book
    Sorry. I was in a big rush last night, so i just posted what i could remember off the top of my head.
    I think Christy is right. I don't have a account, but on my blog the endpoint is I think the "blog id" is simply what you want to call it in diigo. For me i just entered "tomdot", but I don't remember if there was a particular reason for that. I think not.
    Good luck.
Soul Book

Change Notes / Information for toolbar updates? - 27 views

Toolbar version notes changenotes update duplicate change log changelog
started by Soul Book on 20 Dec 09 no follow-up yet
  • Soul Book
    But when a new version is available, I can't see any information on it. I can't see what has changed before I install it.

    When you update extensions there is a "show information" button in the bottom right of the window, it tells you what you are about to change. Diigo doesn't provide this information.
Ellen Hrebeniuk

Where to find information on Lists? - 22 views

how-tos why-tos lists
  • Soul Book
    I think they would, as they have already put sticky notes on most of the pages.

    As you said, i think one of the main problems is the DISCONNECT between the help and the functionality.
    A better help section with more links, and more reasons why would be good.

    But i think the main thing that's needed is more help ON THE PAGES THEMSELVES. Lots of pages have features, settings, textboxes, etc, but many of them have no real explanation of
    (a) what exactly they do
    (b) what they are for
    (c) what entries are valid
    (d) examples.

    Diigo has so much functionality, but it's all spread around, and a lot of it has lots of obscure options and terms. Some nice ajax style help boxes would be great.

    This version of diigo has improved things in some ways by merging some similar features. But diigo still has a lot of functionality with similar, and sometimes inconsistently named terms. (eg: highlights, sticky notes, annotations, descriptions, etc...).
  • Soul Book
    I'm not sure the information exists, and i doubt you'll get an official answer. But I'll throw out my opinion.

    If you're a flickr user, then I'd say tags = tags, and lists = albums.
    Or if you think in terms of mp3s, I'd say tags is the metadata (genre, composer, year, etc..) and lists is the groupings. (albums / playlists).

    So it seems to me that tags describe the bookmark. Lists are arbitrary collections of bookmarks.
    So, for example:
    Apple (Fruit, Round, Green, Healthy)
    Orange (Fruit, Round, Orange, Healthy)
    Icecream (Food, Desert, Sweet, Soft, Unhealthy).

    List of favorite foods (Orange, Icecream).
    List of things for party (Orange, Icecream, CDs, Dress, ...)

    Of course, there's nothing at all stopping you tagging Apple, Orange and Icecream with "favorite things". So there's a huge amount of crossover between the two, and it's rather up to you how you choose to use them.

    If you'd like to have a look, here's one of my tags:
    and one of my lists:
    as you can see, tags might be more useful for searching, combining, sorting, etc.
    the list can't be combined/filtered quite like tags, but it can be "played" and shared a little better.

    Lists also seem to allow you to add Sections and Notes, but i don't use those. It seems as if users might be able to share a list and add to it collaboratively, but i don't use that either. Both have an RSS feed, and are in practice pretty similar.

    That's my impression of lists... ;-)
Tim Hoeck

Diigo API - 507 views

diigo bug api application programming interface
started by Tim Hoeck on 10 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
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Adam Skinner

Custom Search not working - 64 views

bug custom search
started by Adam Skinner on 28 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
  • Soul Book
    yeah. me too. hadn't used them for the last few days so i hadn't noticed.
Soul Book

Tags: Used last time -> YAY!!! Many thanks!! - 12 views

diigo suggestion resolved toolbar tag thanks thank you
started by Soul Book on 23 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
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  • Soul Book
    bump. just to make sure the diigo staff noticed it. cos it got buried pretty quick.
    Gotta say, the "last used tags" are REALLY handy... i'm using them for 80% of the pages i bookmark.
Soul Book

Couple of v4 toolbar issues - not all buttons showing, search - 39 views

bug sidebar search toolbar Firefox buttons
  • Soul Book
    First, I like the v4 update so far. However:

    (1) On my toolbar I only see [Sidebar] [Diigo] [quick] [bookmark] [read later]
    So the toolbar is 80% empty.
    Clicking the options and enabling Search, Highlight, Send, Add a filter, etc... doesn't cause them to appear on the toolbar, just in a dropdown menu ">>"
    And as the search box won't appear in the drop down menu I can't get to it at all.

    (2) I don't usually use the sidebar search (i usually use the one in the toolbar, but...) but right now it isn't giving me any results for plain text searches. Tag searches in the sidebar work, but not plaintext ones.

    (1) is IMPORTANT as it makes the toolbar rather hard to use. (2) isn't so important for me, but i thought i'd point it out.

    Generally - good work. though i'm a little disappointed a few of the great/simple suggestions from the forum didn't make the cut.
  • ...1 more comments...
  • Soul Book
    ok after a day or so (but without any obvious changes or updates) i seem to suddenly have a full toolbar of options.

    Not sure what happened there. Now i can play around with v4 properly. :-)
  • Soul Book
    Ok, it's not fixed after all.
    I can't work it out exactly. It MIGHT be a conflict with the Personal Menu AND/OR Tab Kit extensions.
    Disabling both of those seemed to get all the buttons to show up... but having either one enabled stoped it appearing.

    But it wasn't consistent. It occasionally appeared with one/both of them enabled. And it occasionally disappeared even with both disabled.

    For now I'm disabling the diigo toolbar, and I'll see if i can get by with right-click, the drop down menu, and a keyword search.
  • Soul Book
    still no results in plain text searches. but i never use the sidebar, only the toolbar.
Soul Book

Question about API logins - 74 views

api login httpauth greasemonkey firefox http-auth help application programming interface
  • Soul Book
    Is this the right place to ask about the API?

    I don't really know what i'm doing, but i'm trying to make a greasemonkey script that gets some results from diigo. I've got it working, but each time i restart my browser, the next time i use that script i have to enter my username and password... which doesn't make it very user friendly.

    The only way i can find to bypass this is to log in my username and password automatically... but that doesn't seem very secure, and means i can't share the greasemonkey script.
    (eg: )

    Is there a way to get the api to recognise that i'm already logged in to diigo? Visiting the site or using the toolbar doesn't require me to log in all the time as it remembers me.. is there any way to tap into that? or a way to get an API key or something?
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  • Soul Book
    Hmm.... a search for "api" on the right brings up nothing..

    But anyway, Its just a basic script to integrate diigo results into google results.
    I've got it working (though its unpolished so far - want to make it handle plurals, highlight entries, etc..) but the login issue makes it rather user unfriendly at the moment.

    Its my first script, so i'm making it up as i go along ;-)
  • Soul Book
    as far as i can tell its gonna be tricky. using HTTP-auth seems to require that the user log in each session.
    Diigo itself uses cookies to allow you to stay logged in, but i can't find any way for greasemonkey scripts to make use of that. Its tricky as it does seem to make the API rather hard to make use of. Maybe the dvs can give me some hints.

    "Note that Yumyum uses the web API, which requires you to log in again, with HTTP-Authentication. When you open your page for the first time after starting your browser, you will be prompted for your user name and password. This dialog is not controlled by the Yumyum script.

    Beware that yumyum may get confused if you are using more than one account - actions will always be performed on the account you first loged into to, you have to completely close the browser to reset it. This is due to the fact the web API uses HTTP-Authentication, which a) cannot be reset (no "logout" option), and also yumyum has no access to the authentication data, and cannot check with which ID you are logged into the API. I hope I'll find a way around this some day. "

    This seems to be the same problem i'm having. I'll keep working on it.
  • Soul Book
    Further questions, if any devs are reading this...

    1 - what are the API limits?

    I've been testing my script and i'm sometimes running into errors where i go over the API limit. I guess this is number of queries per second or something?

    Ideally, to get the results i want, i need to run 2-3 separate queries. Is that gonna go over the limit?

    2 - is there a way to do an OR search for tags? eg: "book" or "books"
    I'm trying to get around the singular/plural tags problem by searching for both.. but it won't work because it's an AND query.
Soul Book

rss feed for unread bookmarks? - 17 views

rss-feed rss-reader unread RSS feed resolved duplicate
started by Soul Book on 25 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
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