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Jorge Gamba

It's possible to extend the number of "related tags" at My Library? - 57 views

Hey! I just discovered a suggested idea at diigo's feedback, please support and vote it!. "Related tags - show more and sort by alphabet"

bug tag tags features help

Alexandre Deedler

Group features - 45 views

Greetings, Sorry to necro this topic, but I am very interested in finding a way to export all the bookmarks associated to a group and not a user. Does anyone know if there has been some progress in...

group premium features private cache


Too many different apps? - 49 views

We have a set of projects for Firefox undergoing.Some similar extensions have been released. FYI, Read Later Quick Note https...

apps toolbar firefox features requests

Suzannah Claire

Can no longer highlight Images? - 26 views

It seems i can no longer highlight an image since your premium save images feature... is this the case???

images Toolbar Firefox v.4 v.5 bug features highlight annotations

Graham Perrin

Suggestion: Snapshot maintaining layout & enterprise plans/features - 7 views

> SSL, Storage, encrypted storage... Please enable e-mail notification for: (2008-04-13), Save Elsewhere should use SSL security http://gr...

diigo features suggestion

Marc Reck

Suggestion: Add to Section feature in Lists - 284 views

Yeah i would really like this as well if it's possible? I switched over to diigo from delicious so that i could have better control over the bookmarks. I group the bookmarks into the main areas u...

Diigo Lists Add Sections Features Suggestions suggestion

InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez

Suggestion: Download/Export Lists - 82 views

Hi Graham, Thanks for your response. I've looked for DOWNLOAD LISTS, EXPORT LISTS and SAVE LISTS on the Search Group Topics cage and found nothing relevant (or maybe I've just missed it). I'll tr...

Diigo Downloads Export Lists Features Suggestions suggestion

Graham Perrin

How full text search works? - 31 views

PS, sorry about the broken hyperlinks. Reportedly a problem with the Rails technology that's used for the forums. You'll need to copy and paste the URLs, without following the hyperlinks.

full-text search features

Graham Perrin

Diigo Feature Request: (Post Which New Features u want to see in Diigo) - 119 views

> thumbnail screen-shot Please enable e-mail notification for (2008-03-28), New feature: medium-size thumbnail with readable info for each b...

Diigo feature request feature requests feature features suggestion thumbnail

Joel Liu

geek.teacher » Blog Archive » One way I use Diigo - 1 views

  • A few months back, after checking out the options available, I switched over to using Diigo.  It offers more options, and has some nice grouping features.  Also, I primarily use it because it can send links to delicious every time I make a new bookmark, and would import from delicious when I started, but delicious doesn’t offer the same options.  This way I have a backup of my bookmarks, as well as access to tools that interact with delicious.  This way, too, if I’ ever someplace that blocks one but not the other, I won’t find myself lost in the middle of a lake without a paddle. Like most of the social networking tools, I more or less exclusively use it as a professional resource.  I do the personal posting thing in Twitter to some degree because everybody does, and it’s what makes the community a way of getting to know people, but I’m really there for interacting with other educators.  This blog primarily, but not always, deals with education.  Any nings I belong to are education-related, and of the major social networking sites, the only one I’m on is LinkedIn, a professional resource.  Diigo is the same for me.  It’s all about things tangentially related to education.
Joel Liu

Bear with us, the more spoiled we get, the more we care about seconds... - 52 views

This is just a small notice for the developers to keep in mind that the more efficient they allow us to become by using this service, the more of our feature requests and adjustment wishes may seem...


Fuzbolero .

Share-to-group tick mark moves away while loading recommended tags, so I keep missing it - 25 views

While trying to save as much time (also seconds) as possible, I am often in the following situation: I only need to click on the "Share to Group" tick mark, so that the last group I posted to is s...


started by Fuzbolero . on 20 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Comments Requests Reccomendations - 85 views

The many subjects will be easier to follow, respond to, and to later find in this forum, if you create one topic per subject. Thanks.

comments discussion features feedback

Joel Liu

FR: Take plurals into account when tagging/searching tags - 62 views

I was just searching for a site that I was pretty sure I'd tagged, a photography site. But I searched for "photo" and "image" and it didn't come up. Finally I found it and discovered I'd tagged it ...

annoying feature features plurals request search useful

H.C. Chen

I miss the "capture search items" feature - 91 views

V3.1.4 has a sub-set of the old "capture search items" feature that can Bookmark the recent web page with pre-defined tags. 1. Diigo toolbar options > keyboard tab > check "Quick Bookmark (one-cl...


cuttingedge -

Sidebar wordWrap Annotations - 68 views

Hi guys, any progress on this? I think this is fairly easy to do and would be quite useful. I'm also a programmer so if you want some help or want me to implement it let me know. Arrix Z wrote:...

features sidebar

Graham Perrin

Time for localization and other suggestions - 158 views

Thomas Laigle wrote: > I'd be pleased to help with french translation if needed :) (2010-03-25) requests Diigo in french.

features localization tag (metadata) Common Tag tag bundle translate locale suggestion

Stéphane-Gabriel Mérizzi

features request: diigo tools useful for pdfs on the hard drive too, universally apply... - 65 views

Any update on the "offline" support? I would love to be able to highlight a local .htm file or else =)


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