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Vipas Suktavornprasit

Highlight (diigo V4 help) - 1 views

  • Another way to highlight with Diigo is to turn your mouse into a highlighter pen:  Click the Highlight button on toolbar (without selecting text first).  When the highlighter pen is enabled, that Highlight button will become a Highlighter to indicate its status change. You will visually see your mouse becoming a "highlighter pen"
    • Vipas Suktavornprasit
      (Not sure whether this is a design) To enable highlighter pen without having toolbar enabled: - Locate an existing highlight. - At its Diigo menu icon (call-out icon at beginning of the highlight), right-click (mostly this works especially when there is sticky note with highlight). - Choose "Bookmark and Highlight": let the dialog pop up and do not click [Save], just cancel it and now we'll get highlighter pen! To disable highlighter pen, repeat this procedure again.
    I'd like to be able to disable Diigo for certain urls , or url patterns like* I keep accidentally highlighting text in this web app:
Dean Mantz

Diigo Blog » Create a new Diigo List on the fly - 9 views

    Creating new list on the fly
Graham Perrin

Feedback from a relatively new user of Diigo: orientation etc.. - 1 views

  • searching people by tags is useful for discovering like-minded people in the community
  • benefit from their bookmarks
  • much more useful if the results could be sorted
  • ...24 more annotations...
  • Without this
  • more cumbersome
  • also valid for the search function in Diigo
  • direct access to bookmarks tagged with the searched tags
  • much more useful for exploring new pages related to a topic
  • more detailed & better results more easily
  • I would not have come across this feature
  • filter by tags
  • My Library
  • clue that it can also be used to search for bookmarks with a tag anywhere
  • adding it under Community
  • title like "Look for" or "Discover"
  • watchlists used to provide
  • improving user experience
  • confession
  • I don't know the Diigo 4.0 beta route! (I stumbled across the syntax whilst reviewing old topics.)
  • first impressions of the three pairs below, A B and C
  • Pair A
  • Pair B
  • Pair C
  • /people/search/tag?type=tag&query=
  • /tag/
  • /community/site/
  • /community/reader/
yc c

Fytch Review at ReadWriteWeb - Fytch Blog - 1 views

  • However, we like the way Fytch has implemented their service - a bookmarklet! Finally, a company that thinks the browser itself is the future, not another downloadable app.
    • yc c
      HEY!! Maybe they don't know about Diigolet. Just the othet day I was thinking Diigolet is one of the strongest points about Diigo...
    Beyond Diigo: there is a growing number services that provide scripted (e.g. Diigolet) or installed approaches to commenting upon web pages. I find/place most related discussion in Maggie's Web 2.0 group. In my experience, none of the alternatives to Diigo offer such a rich or high-performing service.
    I really think it should be highlighted on the homepage like Fytch - Installing an extension is a decisive influence in choosing a service. It's one of the most important reasons I use Diigo - I can't install the toolbar everywhere I go. Diigolet, a mention on the first page... I think is a A MUST!
Graham Perrin

Export cache | Diigo - 9 views

  • 1-click saving
  • Speed is a factor
  • keyword search
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • saved pages somehow categorized
  • accessible from anywhere
  • export the cached page along with the sticky notes, etc
  • I'd much prefer that sort of thing in the cloud
  • specify a dated cache/snapshot for presentation of annotations
    I'd like the ability to specify a dated cache/snapshot for presentation of annotations.
Graham Perrin

CyberNirvana: Diigo: a cut above over - 4 views

  • it has a lot more features than my current favourite, Longer description when bookmarking pages.- Saving bookmarks to Twitter (if you are into that!)- Web links can be automatically saved to and 3 other social sites.- Instant bookmarking of a web page (one click save)- The toolbar has an icon which shows whether the site has been bookmark previously.- Bookmarks can be tagged read/unread status- There are highlighting and collaborative features like sticky notes and site comments/- You can import from other social bookmarking tools (,, furl, etc)- Images can be clipped and saved.- Embedded videos can be captured and saved (supporting,,,, and many others)- You can send bookmarks to major blog platforms easily (one of my favourite features)- Cached feature: archive of the original bookmarked webpage can be accessed- Diigo's Site Communities aggregate users who bookmark & annotate the same website & build meaningful reader communities.-Dashboard: A quick glance of all the latest activities from you and your friends on Diigo. Check out public bookmarks and annotations your friends have added, see what groups they have joined or created, and other interesting activities they are doing at Diigo. also shows you all of your incoming messages, friend request, group invites and more.
  • manage group of tags
  • toolbar allows easy access to the bookmarks via bundles as shown below.
    • Graham Perrin
      In the screen shot at a menu drops down to show: * bundles of tags * Diigo bookmarks within each bundle.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • by Zia
  • May 2008
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