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KARR 4.0 !

I Created A Group ( Diigo Feature Requests Community) to Discuss & Consolidate all Diigo Feature Requests - 45 views

diigo feature request community suggestion

started by KARR 4.0 ! on 16 Mar 09
  • KARR 4.0 !
    Hi every one

    As An Obsessed Diigo User I Created this Group to Consolidate all Diigo Feature Requests and Discuss About It.
    Share and Discuss Which New Features u want to see in Diigo site and Toolbar. I Hope It will Help Diigo Creators to View all Requests in 1 Place.

    Lets Make Diigo BEST Social Website :)

    PS. English is my 2nd Language so plz try to forget me if i make any mistake :)

    PS Again. that community is only for feature requests and discuss about them . if u hav any complain about Diigo then plz contact them here:
    or there Official FeedBack Community

    i m not a Diigo employee and Not holding any share of Diigo .

    I m a Big Diigo Fan :) :) Diigo is very fascinating and addictive . Waiting for the v4.0 toolbar really very tough :)
  • Graham Perrin
    In the group tag dictionary we have:


    If you wish to suggest any feature request, simply tag your topic:


  • Graham Perrin
    Thanks ImageShack! presents the topics that are tagged in this way :)
  • KARR 4.0 !
  • Fuzbolero .
    I choose to cross-post this here:
    (continue that discussion here)

    I wrote:

    "It is not realistic to expect "everyone" to know which keyword / tag to use - and especially not when introducing one that is nor commonly used elsewhere. At least "feature-request" is somewhat widespread in use, as is terms like "faq" etc. But with or without dash, with or without plural form, etc., makes it quite impossible to ensure uniform usage.Therefore I think that a group with a specific name, perhaps and hopefully also promoted on the help pages by the Diigo staff, will help consolidate these posts. The Diigo_HQ group is not a logical name for feature requests either. When someone skims the groups to look for where to post such things, I doubt everyone actually reads that particular group description to identify that group as the right place to post. Better with this precisely named new group, I think. "
  • Fuzbolero .
    Currently, this is the description of the Diigo_HQ group:

    "Share your review, tips, tricks, and ideas for using Diigo here, and discuss our features, ideas for new features, anything Diigo related."

    If it is agreed that we move the future requests into the new group mentioned here, then I suggest a change to the description of the Diigo_HQ group to something like the following:

    "Share your review, tips, tricks, and ideas related to your Diigo experience here - anything Diigo related. Please place specific feature requests in the and tag them as "feature-request"."

    Then, in the new group, we could have a specific sticky post about that tag with the desired tag to use in the title of that post.
    PS. Dont make that sticky post before we have agreed on the changes. For now, all this is not yet "decided", I think.

    Remains to be decided and approved by the Diigo staff:

    a) if the new group should be the place for future feature requests

    b) if we should continue using "suggestion" or "feature-request" as the tag

    c) if changing the tag to "feature-request", then the existing suggestion tag should be renamed to "feature-request"

    To make the decisions easier for the Diigo staff, it is probably nice if more users chime in here and state their opinions about these suggestions.
  • Graham Perrin
    > matching topics but the display is bugged, it shows no more than
    > six matches

    That bug is reported at

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