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Graham Perrin

"Tag Rules" or "Tag groups" - 63 views

Re: organising tags hierarchically (groups, bundles, sub-tags etc.), topics (2007), (20...

diigo feature suggestions tags suggestion tag

Lamarck Jean

diigo v4, I don't like some features - 54 views

Thank you very much Joe for add the + and + in tags

v4 suggestions problems autocomplete

Marc Reck

Suggestion: Add to Section feature in Lists - 284 views

Yeah i would really like this as well if it's possible? I switched over to diigo from delicious so that i could have better control over the bookmarks. I group the bookmarks into the main areas u...

Diigo Lists Add Sections Features Suggestions suggestion

InfoNet by Patricia Fernandez

Suggestion: Download/Export Lists - 81 views

Hi Graham, Thanks for your response. I've looked for DOWNLOAD LISTS, EXPORT LISTS and SAVE LISTS on the Search Group Topics cage and found nothing relevant (or maybe I've just missed it). I'll tr...

Diigo Downloads Export Lists Features Suggestions suggestion

Michael Stiso

2 suggestions: comment capability in lists, and put lists on dashboard - 10 views

Here are two things that would make Diigo much more usable for me: 1) Sometimes I bookmark a direct link to a PDF file. In lieu of highlighting (since this is a PDF, not a web page), I will add no...

suggestions suggestion list comment PDF dashboard

started by Michael Stiso on 07 May 09 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Some miscellaneous suggestions from a Delicious convert - 92 views

Thanks! I am collecting suggestions and will release a bunch of improvement in the following weeks.

suggestions suggestion

Graham Perrin

Drop-down menu of tags (suggestions?) does not disappear - 40 views

1. Groups > Diigo Community > Forum > New Topic 2. below the Subject: field, type in the Tags: field 3. from the Tags: field, whilst typing, a menu drops down.† = Expected = ...

tag suggestions list menu bug resolved

started by Graham Perrin on 30 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Dr. Fridemar Pache

How to turn annotation markers (highlights) on and off. - diigo,improvement,suggestions... - 0 views

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Graham Perrin

Adding Suggested Tags - 56 views

Dataloss: caution Whilst Post to Diigo is good for gaining recommendations, it overwrites existing tags. Personally, I use the combination of Diigo Meta, Post to Diigo, Diigolet, my ...

feature tag suggestion suggestions suggest suggested recommended recommend recommendation recommendations Post to Diigo

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