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Graham Perrin

contact list: edit: available names are out of order (case sensitive) - 2 views

A minor issue: 1. edit a contact list 2. scroll through the list of names Issue Z precedes a Suggestion Make the list case insensitive.

order case sensitive contact list edit

started by Graham Perrin on 11 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

contact list: people's names out of order - 5 views

A minor issue: 1. My network 2. follows n people    — order is good, alphabetical 3. View: … a list Issue Within the list, people's names are out of order.

order alphabet contact list people friend follow

started by Graham Perrin on 11 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Alphabetize student list - 19 views

If it's the issue I'm thinking of, I noted the same thing yesterday. Do you find that names are disorderly both within and without the contact lists?

order contact friend list sort alphabetical suggestion

John Astad

Import Email Addresses from MSM Hotmail - 3 views

MSN Hotmail import contact help

started by John Astad on 21 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Feature request - different privacy levels for lists - 63 views

Don't worry, robots from google or other search engines can only access your public list. However, if your recipients post the secret url to public place, such as a blog, others may see your list c...

contact lists privacy help suggestion

Maggie Tsai

Summary of 4 different problems (Lists - Multiple tagging - Tag confusion - Contact inf... - 103 views

Soon. Taking longer than expected due to the amount of details and complexitiy, but it's looking very, very sharp. Thanks for your patience. We cannot wait to share the next gen Diigo with ...

bug contact error errors list lists tag tagging tags

Joel Liu

How to contact diigo?! - 21 views

James: Did you see the Create list button at the right side of your "My bookmark" page? If yes, please create a list first and then you can play the your own webslides.

contact help slide

Maggie Tsai

Why can't I add friends? - 34 views

Friends section is substantially enhanced in V3. Stay tuned...

contact friends

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