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Graham Perrin

Toolbar 4.0.2 crashing IE8 on Windows 7 x64 - 40 views

See also (2009-12-03), 'Toolbar crashes on IE8 every other hyperlink click' (2010-05...

bug toolbar ie ie8 crash 4.0.2 Internet Explorer 8 64-bit crash (computing)

Graham Perrin

Search as you type bookmarks crashed my browser - 21 views

yuppi c wrote: > can crash my browser, if not it lags. > Firefox 3.5.2 Firefox crashes and performance problems should be reported to developers of Firefox. Regards Graham

Diigo GUI search-feature bugs crash browser Firefox menu FAYT crash (computing)

Graham Perrin

Safari sometimes crashes (Chrome sometimes snaps) when I try to highlight text - 16 views

Chrome snaps, Safari crashes at when I try to highlight the string Wine emulates Windows well enough to get infected using Diigolet 4.0b14. Crash ...

Diigolet 3.1b541 4.0b14 highlight crash Safari Mac OS X crash (computing) gpd4

Kip Gregory

Diigo toolbar DLL crashing Internet Explorer 7 - 99 views

Hi Graham - Thanks for the very rapid reply. Don't have answers to everything but will do my best... Installed on Monday I believe. Re: problems with my computer, it depends how yo...

toolbar IE7 crash dll 3.1.22.dll bug crash (computing)


Diigo toolbar crashes IE7 - 73 views

I just found this thread trying to look up this problem. Yes the exact same thing happens when I open up my browser now that I have the Diigo toolbar. I have to find a web shortcut on my desktop to...

toolbar IE7 crash crash (computing)

Joel Liu

Toolbar crashes browser inside a firewall - 38 views

Hi Graham, What's firewall you use and what's the security setting? We need to reproduce the problem before we find the solution.

crash toolbar crash (computing)

Kepler L

Bug: make firefox crash when visiting long page - 34 views

I find the browser go alive when waiting for a long time. It maybe the page is too long and I add too many notes. Could you improve the diigo tool to reduce the response time and memory requiremen...

crash firefox3 crash (computing)

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