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Lamarck Jean

Scroll bar in my tags - 15 views

If you have many tags: * instead of clicking My tags   — presenting the hundreds of tags in the narrow column, one line per tag * a little higher up, click View all   — presenting...

scroll diigo suggest problems help tags suggestion

Graham Perrin

Help section is not visible - 8 views

Hi Graham, I found this link in "my bookmarks", in the bottom of the page I saw the next information " Notation: * = Private bookmark and comment|… = Clipping [?] | … = Public highlight...

help suggest

Graham Perrin

Show "about" link in hot bookmarks list - 21 views

Oh, sorry, the forum tends to break links. I'll try to fix the six examples later.

hot bookmarks about information suggest suggestion meta buzz hot link resolved

Graham Perrin

Alternate public and full mode - 22 views

Within your 'My bookmarks': a bookmark is either public or private. Within a group that is public: all bookmarks are public. Within a group that is private: all bookmarks are private. Think of i...

private public modes suggest suggestion

Graham Perrin

how about previews like - 78 views

Please enable e-mail notification for (2008-03-28), New feature: medium-size thumbnail with readable info for each bookmark

suggest suggestion thumbnail performance load

Maggie Tsai

suggestion: more useful site searching (i.e. vertical search) - 16 views

If I understand you correctly, our toolbar already has this feature: enter any keyword in the search box on the toolbar - use the pull down "current site" to search any keyword that you wish...

search-feature suggest suggestion

Jeffrez Kosal

Suggestion for new version of Diigo - 19 views

I think it would be great if you can fix these: 1. Configure my showing items per page in ma setting. (Forever) 2. Delete or modify my shared and posted bookmark. 3. Contact my member in da list....

features suggest

started by Jeffrez Kosal on 23 Aug 07 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

toolbar: open in new tab & private quickD - 19 views

soulgrind wrote: > Few easy ideas to improve the toolbar: > > 1 - It'd be good if the menu options opened in a new tab. > In almost every other extension and toolbar, if i choose something li...

idea suggest toolbar

Ako Z°om

"suggest tag" feature idea - 165 views

yes , it seems a very useful -time gaining suggest .

feature suggest tag

Graham Perrin

Adding Suggested Tags - 56 views

Dataloss: caution Whilst Post to Diigo is good for gaining recommendations, it overwrites existing tags. Personally, I use the combination of Diigo Meta, Post to Diigo, Diigolet, my ...

feature tag suggestion suggestions suggest suggested recommended recommend recommendation recommendations Post to Diigo

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