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Graham Perrin

Screenshots - 12 views

Good suggestion. Thumbnails are featured in various services, but not Diigo.

diigo screenshots idea suggestion

Graham Perrin

Better tagging suggestions suggestion - 85 views

Both and are relatively sparse at the moment, those of you with an interest in tagging might ...

tagging suggestion toolbar idea

Joel Liu

Enhanced Linkrolls for Groups - 64 views

I second that useful suggestion. Mr. DiGi wrote: > Maybe nice idea: > > Enhanced Linkrolls for Groups - not only just Group Widget with members count but true linkroll with list of bookmarks.

enhancement groups idea linkrolls

Mr. DiGi

Drag&Drop vs. selecting text in Lists - 32 views

Drag&drop of items in lists is nice, but there are two problems. 1. It's impossible to select a text (from comments, title etc.) 2. We can't drag&drop more that one item (useful for bigger lists...

idea lists

started by Mr. DiGi on 17 May 08 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

New Toolbar coming sometime? (plus ideas) - 37 views

Rounding off some points from this old topic … soulgrind r wrote: > 1-Filters/Tags/Lists directly on the toolbar. (kinda like live bookmarks). > In particular, 1-click access to: > most use...

diigo idea toolbar tab suggestion


diigo button - 16 views

I was wondering if its possible to get one of those html code buttons that we can put on emails as signatures, web blog pages and ect... it would really help with advertising and getting our friend...


started by Um AbdeLLAH on 14 Jul 07 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

toolbar: open in new tab & private quickD - 19 views

soulgrind wrote: > Few easy ideas to improve the toolbar: > > 1 - It'd be good if the menu options opened in a new tab. > In almost every other extension and toolbar, if i choose something li...

idea suggest toolbar

Hilary Reynolds

Communication via profle - 16 views

Something which seems to work well on other sites is the ability to be able to leave comments on a user's profile page. Examples are and http://en...

communication idea social

started by Hilary Reynolds on 14 Jun 07 no follow-up yet
Spiral Funk

Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive 8 Tips for Better Bookmarking « - 0 views

  • While the for: tag is well known among delicious users (and specifically supported by delicious), some delicious users use the via: tag to track who provided a link. That allows people browsing your links to know who else they might want to add to their network on Ric Hayman of Aqualung proposes that this could form the basis for a reputation economy online.
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