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Contents contributed and discussions participated by sken frith

sken frith

Request: Options for forwarding annotated page - 14 views

Firefox forward annotation request suggestion inconsistency
  • sken frith
    Diigo toolbar
    Firefox 3.08
    Mac PPC OSX 10.5.6

    When forwarding an annotated page via Diigo toolbar > Send > to Email and Diigo Friends, all annotations are extracted and placed in the email as Quotes. Currently, there is only the option to include all quotes (all public annotations and user's private annotations) or no annotations. Please allow users the option to include only their annotations.*

    Interestingly, if you click "Rich formatting" in the compose window, a new page opens with a compose email interface. The Quotes in this message section only include the user's annotations. The Quotes behavior and options should be consistent between plain and rich text forwards.

    * This behavior would be consistent with options provided with Diigo toolbar > Send > Get Annotated Link and Diigo toolbar > Send > Extract Annotations. For both actions, the user can choose to show all annotations; or Only show my highlights and sticky notes (user's public and private annotations) and/or Don't show my private highlights and sticky notes (user's public annotations).
  • sken frith
    Thanks 3spots c! I've posted this request in that forum.
sken frith

Diigo toolbar causing Firefox crash - 94 views

firefox 3.08 3.07 toolbar bug crash crash (computing)
sken frith

Bookmarks and changes to bookmarks do not persist - 30 views

bookmarks bug highlight comment data loss suggestion
started by sken frith on 02 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
  • sken frith
    Thanks for the reply, Graham. All bookmarks and urls-new and imported from Firefox- are affected for me, including this page. Bookmarked pages and their information appear in My Bookmarks. Revisiting the page by typing the url or via My Bookmarks in my main account or sidebar does not display the bookmark or saved information. Re-bookmarking the same page overwrites the saved information in My Bookmarks, but after navigating away then back, the toolbar still does not recognize the bookmark.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Diigo toolbar; performed various maintenance tasks (repair permission, verify preference files, periodic cleanup, update prebindings, clear cache files, update locate database, update whatis database, rebuild launchservices database); disabled all extensions except Diigo Toolbar; used new Firefox profile: and rebooted computer.

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be welcome. Thanks!

    Update: I've pinpointed the issue. Annotations were accidentally set to "don't show annotations" rather than the intended "see only private annotations". If this (recognition of bookmarks classified as annotations) is intended behavior, then I would like to suggest a feature request: Selecting "don't show annotations" in the Diigo toolbar should hide highlights, comments, and sticky notes, but should not mask that a page is bookmarked.

    This would be consistent with how filters in My Bookmarks behave. For example, the "annotated" tab in My Bookmarks logically displays only bookmarked pages the user has added a highlight, comment, or sticky note. If the "annotated" tab behaved consistently with how the toolbar defines annotations, it would illogically display all pages that have been bookmarked. It does not seem intuitive to me to classify the presence of a bookmark as an annotation. Without the reliable visual indicator of a bookmark, there is the risk of overwriting important data.

    Perhaps, however, I am missing an important advantage of the current behavior?

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