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Fuzbolero .

Suggestion: consider default categorisation, perhaps a separate issue tracker - 49 views

feature forum request

started by Fuzbolero . on 08 Jun 07
  • Fuzbolero .
    It would be practical to be able to follow up on exactly what we are looking for, so I suggest you make a short set of default categories for forum posts (in addition to the freetagging line), so that we also ensure that all get filed under either "feature" or "feature request", not some here and some there (similarly: "bug" or "bug report".).

    Then make that a single-select, and give it a column in the forum overview, plus a way to select/filter so we only get a list of for example "feature requests". When viewing, it should be possible to click on "next" and "previous" to get move between those within that category.

    Technically speaking, we are really talking about two beasts here: forum and "issue tracker". That is a practical separation, I think. Here you only have a partially working forum feature right now, and no issue tracking (at least not available to users).

    So I suggest taking a look at how it is set up at
    Example taken from the issue tracker at
    (see , for example):

    Categories: bug report, task, feature request, support request
    Priority options: critical, normal, minor
    Status options: active, fixed, wont fix, by design, closed, postponed

    (Hm, I wonder if it would be practical for you to even consider integrating Drupal CMS here, then all such things would be readily available and you could concentrate on the development of the core Diigo community features.)

    However, it would be great just to be able to select a default category per post, even with no issue tracking features: simply a drop down that we can choose either bug, feature, task, support or "open discussion" etc. from. And a way to filter on each of those.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks for the post - agree that for a general site user forum, it'd be very desirable to have features as you suggested...

    Please do note that this diigo group forum is "generic" and used in all of our group forums. Its primary purpose is not for bug / issues tracking, but rather a place for a group discussion (Diigo group forums can be structured with either tag or category... - so while the CMS suggested here is quite feature-rich, is that an overkill for most group forums?

    Back to your post, we do use a similar system internally for bug tracking, so we do see the value of what you're suggesting here. So, I suppose the question is that should we or do we really need to consider offering a completely offtheshelves CMS system - for just the Diigo site user forum or for all Diigo group forums?

    Although understanding the benefits of such feature-rich forums would bring, we still hesitate to throw a stand-along forum out as it is, since we have a lot more plans for the groups and everything requires tight integration.

    Also, as you rightly point out, our efforts should be focused on the core Diigo platform features... afterall, user forum is a great "help" but not quite the core of Diigo - this wont' be the key contribution of user adoption. So, we must carefully balance out the nice-to-have wishlists vs. mission critical must-have's.

    Cannot go into details of all our considerations here, but I think there are several things that can improve the userabilty of current forum:

    A) here is a tip for searching

    B) two additional solutions will be available soon: 1) full text search that coupled with the existing tagging, 2) I will keep this one unwrapped for now :-)

  • Dr. Fridemar Pache

    sharing the effort of selecting, copying, pasting the given link ;-)

    -- fridemar

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